Most Popular AAF Teams

The Alliance of American Football is the latest of the many football leagues that have tried to compete with the NFL. The AAF is set to kick off on February 9th, 2019, a few days after the NFL’s Super Bowl. Believe it or not, this league actually has my interest. It has potential. Anyway, there are currently 8 teams at the time of me making this list. I have observed their small but growing fanbases, and have gotten a general idea on who the most popular teams are so far.

The Top Ten

1 Birmingham Iron Birmingham Iron

Better enjoy the league while it lasts. Sounds like the league is going to fold pretty soon - Randomator

Probably my favorite because of the recognizable names - SirSheep

The people of Alabama are always hungry for football, and the Iron may bring that to them. I myself am kind of swaying towards backing up the Iron, simply because of some Green Bay Packers roots there. Their head coach, Tim Lewis, was a first round pick for the Packers in 1983. Then there’s Scott Tolzien, who went to Wisconsin in college and was a backup quarterback in Green Bay from 2013-2015. I’m also interested in seeing Trent Richardson there, a former first round pick that has played in both the NFL and CFL. - PackFan2005

2 San Diego Fleet San Diego Fleet

The Fleet have been the western conference’s most popular team so far. They chose NFL journeyman quarterback Josh Johnson in the quarterback draft. However, he is currently starting for the Washington Redskins so they don’t have to suffer through the misery of starting Mark Sanchez. But once the Fleet get Johnson back, he’ll be the best quarterback in a league of outcast players. - PackFan2005

3 Atlanta Legends Atlanta Legends

Out of the eight teams the AAF announced for their inaugural season, I have noticed the Legends have by far the biggest fanbase so far. In general, they lie in the eastern conference, which has been more popular so far than its western counterpart. Interestingly, Michael Vick is their offensive coordinator. Vick has deep Atlanta roots too, so this should be interesting. - PackFan2005

Oh boy some real competition now huh? - htoutlaws2012

And not even a full season in the AAF is shutting down all football operations. It was fun while it lasted - Randomator

4 San Antonio Commanders San Antonio Commanders
5 Memphis Express Memphis Express

It was hard to choose between if Atlanta or Memphis was more popular. They have both garnered quite a bit of fans as of now. Also interesting, former Chicago Bears linebacker Mike Singletary is their head coach. But, we all know what happened when he tried to coach once. They may have made a mistake hiring him. - PackFan2005

Zach Mettenberger

6 Orlando Apollos Orlando Apollos

They were arguably the best team in the short lived league - Randomator

The Apollos are one of the Best teams in the AAF with a record of 3-0.

They are the least popular eastern conference team, but still not the least overall. - PackFan2005

7 Arizona Hotshots Arizona Hotshots
8 Salt Lake Stallions Salt Lake Stallions
9 Blank

Just a blank space due to there being only eight AAF teams. - PackFan2005

10 Blank Again

To bad they didn't get the chance to win the championship - RawIsgore

Definitely my absolute favorite of all time - SirSheep

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