Best NFL Safeties of the 2018-2019 Season

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1 Harrison Smith Harrison Smith is an American football safety for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.

''The NFL's best all-around safety with the range and size to hang tough against elite tight ends when called upon in coverage. Joined Buffalo's Jordan Poyer as the league's only defenders with at least 70 tackles, one sack and five interceptions in 2017.''

2 Earl Thomas III Earl Thomas III is an American football safety for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

''Didn't skip a beat last year after suffering a broken leg late in the 2016 season. Ranks second among all safeties in interceptions since 2011 with 20.'' Now the question is what do you do if your Pete Carroll can you keep this talented player, or is he gonna move onto another team, or retire like Kam Chancellor?

His speed, range, tackling ability kind of blow me away. To me he is a generational player. He is far better and more complete than Berry

3 Jamal Adams

''Adams was one of the best safeties to come out of college in recent seasons, primarily due to his leadership abilities and intelligence as a football player. Adams lived up to the hype in his rookie season, and I believe that the safety pairing of Adams with Marcus Maye will get a lot better this season thanks to the addition of Tremaine Johnson to the Jets secondary.''

Jamal leads NFL safeties in almost all categories except for interceptions, crazy he's not #1. One of the few players who can completely shut down Gronk.

4 Eric Berry James Eric Berry, nicknamed "The Fifth Dimension," is an American football safety for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

''The Chiefs defense never recovered after Berry was lost for the season with a torn Achilles tendon in Week 1 against New England. His return is essential to boost a unit that ranked 28th in yards allowed.'' Yeah when he went down that was a devastating blow to the Chief's defense, and it showed.

5 Micah Hyde

''The Bills made one of the best free agent acquisitions in recent seasons when they signed Micah Hyde. Hyde played a key role in ending the Bills' horrendous playoff drought, and he could be even better this season. Letting Hyde walk has been a disaster for the Packers.''

6 Malcolm Jenkins Malcolm Jenkins is an American football safety for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League.

''Kept the Eagles' defense strong as it navigated through growing pains at cornerback and the loss of linebacker Jordan Hicks (Achilles). Known for big plays with four interception returns for touchdowns since signing with Philadelphia in 2014.'' Heck of a player, but more you protest is gonna put you much lower than it should be.

Malcolm Jenkins should be number 1. He has played at a high level since he started. He has more interceptions than Micha Hide, Eddie Jackson, Jamal Adams, Eric Berry, Kevin Byard, Derwin James, Tyrann Mathieu, Adrian Amos, and Kareem Jackson. #FlyIgglesFly.

7 Eddie Jackson

His instincts and speed are as transformal to the Bears as Mack is. He is the key to the secondary allowing the corners to be ball hawks and making paying qbs doubt there abilities to hit a receiver

EJ has a nose for the ball and is super fast so covers sideline to sideline. All-Pro talent for years.

Best cover corner. No doubt. And sic ball skills

8 Kevin Byard

The most complete safety in the league. I truly watch him every Sunday. Goes 110 percent every play. Always in the right spot, has a knack for where the ball is. And is also a very good aggressive tackler. And a phenomenal leader.

''Shame on Deion Sanders for not recognizing the name of one of the NFL's top young safeties. Byard came into his own in his second NFL season, tying for the league lead in interceptions with eight.''

First off, Byard is by far a better ball hawk than 99% of the other safeties in the nfl. Leads the NFL in INT for the past two years. Nothing more needs to be said.

9 Tyrann Mathieu Tyrann Devine Mathieu is an American football safety for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

''Signing Tyrann Mathieu at the price the Texans did was one of the best moves of the offseason. He will be in the All-Pro discussion at the end of the season, as long as he can stay healthy. HIs versatility is a huge reason why he is in the top five of these rankings. Don't sleep on "Honey Badger".'' I'm not his gonna make the Texans secondary a lot more difficult to go on the deep ball this season.

10 Derwin James

He is easily the best safety in the league.

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11 Haha Clinton-Dix Ha'Sean Treshon "Ha Ha" Clinton-Dix is an American football strong safety for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

He stepped in last years terrible passing defense, and a guy who has been solid for the Packers, and almost never hurt so far which is impressive if you ask me even if his name sounds hilarious.

12 Jabrill Peppers

He is one of the greatest young safeties in the league and now apart of a great organization and he is on pace to become the best safety in the league. If he continues to play at this level, the New York football Giants will make it to the superbowl next year.

13 Keanu Neal

''No defensive back has forced more fumbles in his first two seasons (eight) since Dave Whitmore in 1990-91. A sure-handed tackler as well with 113 stops in 2017.'' Hard hitter who coughed up most footballs in his two years not too bad if you ask me.

Fearless classic NFL hard hitting, great tackling safety. Can make moves on the ball.

Has a knowledge for the game equal to greats like earl thomas and eric weddle. Pure playmaker.

14 Devin McCourty
15 Adrian Amos
16 Jordan Poyer
17 Landon Collins Landon Collins is an American football safety for the Washington Football Team of the National Football League.
18 Darian Stewart
19 Eric Weddle Eric Steven Weddle is an American football free safety for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.
20 Budda Baker
21 Damontae Kazee

Serious ball hawk still developing his skills.

22 Xavier Woods
23 D. J. Swearinger

Firey, Intelligent... A player that endeavors to always "make a difference" and make informed defensive calls. He's a STUD!

24 John Johnson III
25 Eric Reid Eric Todd Reid is an American football safety for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League.
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