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There are a lot of fandoms out there, some are really damn popular.
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1 Harry Potter Fandom

This is the series that first got me into actually reading books passionately for the first time! So complex, and yet still easy to follow and make connections. Great humor, HUGE cliffhangers that make you want to read even more, and most of all the most lovable, relatable, complicated, unique, and iconic characters I have ever known!

I am a full form potterhead . I really don't know what my life would be without this . hogwarts is like my other home . I hate the fact that its over but still love it

I will always be in the Harry Potter fandom.
I even remember the UK sweets not the imported candy. Remember the old chocolate frogs with the hologram cards, I think the chocolate frogs were even bigger, nicer every flavour beans not flavor it was flavour. You could get them in Asda, Tesco, Morrisons or the corner shop the imported ones are in Waterstones and WH Smith.
They were originally going to do a play about Harry's life before Hogwarts maybe they should've done that instead of Cursed Child. Harry's life before Hogwarts the 1980s a poor child abused orphan doesn't know a thing about his real life.

Harry Potter has got me through so many issues, and has taught me and many others so many lessons. I turn to the wizard ins world when I'm stressed, upset, out scared. It's as if I love the world I'm having issues in, and enter a more exciting world we're my problems melt away. Harry Potter has taught me to except everyone for who they are, and that everybody has a story, so never assume with knowing. I have made realationships through Harry Potter that have lasted me for SO many years. The Harry Potter fans are a community if creative, realatible, and welcoming people. Harry Potter is the best fandom in the entire universe because everybody has something to relate to. Wether you like sports, fantasy, reading, drama, comedy, adventure, mystery, or anythng else you can imagine Harry Potter is for you. Harry Potter is THE BEST fandom.

(Go Hufflepuff)

2 Doctor Who Fandom

All I got to say is that I made friends with this fandom. And the hope and happiness that radiates off of it bounce back and forth with the darkness of it.

This show has obtained what no other series ever will; immortality.
Doctor Who gives us everything, everything that ever has existed and everything that ever will. It gives us time and space and a character that is constantly changing and developing. It gives us the wackiest ideas but it's one of the most believable things I've ever watched. I know the Doctor, despite the fact that he's a time travelling alien with two hearts. There will never be a time when a hero like the Doctor won't be needed.

The other fandoms may be impressive, but have they lasted multiple generations like Doctor Who did? Except for Sherlock Holmes, I don't think so. Our protagonist doesn't have lazer vision like some others or that sort of super powers. What does she have then? An extra heart, to teach us mortal monkeys about compassion, which I think is wonderful and what makes us a wonderful community and fandom. Go eat some jelly babies y'all

Doctor who easily deserves to be on the top whovians are everywhere.. they have a good Grammer and knowledge. Whovians are the masters of time and space we know why can't one change time what is paradox what happens when one changes time. We are the coolest fandom we talk like the doctor and always take bananas to a party. And oh were Fantastic absolutely Fantastic.

3 Supernatural

Sometimes toxic shippers destroy this fandom but we are way too much in love with Misha it is unreal. Some episodes are scary but at least I know how to kill things off.

Supernatural is definitely my number 1 pick, I absolutely love this T.V. show and I really stoked and also sad for the 15th season, I just bought it by the way. But it's amazing how it's been on for 15 years, I know it's not the longest show ever, but still, it's long. I love supernatural

Supernatural is literally one of the biggest fandoms on Tumblr and can literally take over any and every post that has no whatsoever relevance to Supernatural. And the bond between the cast, crew and fans is exceptional and strong as hell. They have started from the bottom and literally risen to the top, well almost but still. I am proud to be a part of the SPN family even if I am the most irrelevant and most unimportant out there. And I really love the way that Jensen and Jared act out their roles, and at times become them, and with the effort, tears and sweat that they have poured and gave in the show that they love, so I truly hope that they will finally be given an Oscar. I'm bummed that this isn't at the very top but I am happy nevertheless. SPN family forever.

The SPN Family is really special because it truly is a family, there isn't another fandom that I have been a part of where the cast and crew are so good to one another and their fans. I love the way way that J2M treat their fans, and so many times where they share personal accounts to be able to relate to their fans. I love all the conventions that they do and spend so much time with their fans, I truly think it's amazing how mucuh they do for the show because I honestly think they love the show just as much as we do.

4 Anime Fandom

I'm not gonna lie anime literally changed my live. I was Always interested in the style later I started to watch a real series. I got more into it then a normal cartoon. Anime makes me just wanna live in the anime world

I don't get why people get disgusted by us weebs/otakus. This fandom had nothing wrong in it (cross out the toxic fans) and they thought this was a form of obsession?! Sure I have my waifus but I'm not actually that obsessed that I have to comment on literally everything or anyone's comment if I saw a BTS pic and just shout "ARMY" and all that. Please don't kill me kpopers-

This is personally my favorite fandom---I've been in love with anime since I was quite young, and watched the rather unrecognized, as well incredibly quaint anime "Princess TuTu". This particular fandom is also my favorite, for I find it to be one of the most versatile fandoms of them all---Holding entertainment for people of all ages and personal tastes. There's some crappy anime out there; I won't lie, but there are many truly amazing anime for every anime screw-up.

Some incredible storylines, some jaw-dropping animation, and some undeniably lovable and quirky characters...

Anime is my #1 fandom, hands-down.

I was worried with having to pick one of the most popular anime's like Dragonball, Naruto or One Piece, but it seems that this list includes the anime fandom as a whole, which is great! I don't know about numbers, but anime livers are very dedicated (obsessed) with their shows, and they aren't afraid to add to their fandom numbers. For example I love Fairy Tail, OHSHC and Assassination Classroom, but when I started watching Danganronpa I realized I love it just as much. All anime is very different and that gives it the opportunity to attract a wide audience, making for some pretty questionable fangirls, but a big fandom nonetheless!

5 Star Wars

I've loved the fandom since I was little! Probably one of the first I joined. I'm probably between True True fan and True fan since I know a lot about it!

its awesome with mind blowing twists ! first I hated it but I was definitely wrong . don't like the prequels but the originals are awesome and the sequels are ok

My absolute favorite fandom and the prequels as well as the original trilogy are fantastic. KOTOR AND SWTOR are amazing games. Sad and disappointing that the sequal trilogy is badly made tho...

My dad introduced me to A New Hope once I was old enough to not be scared of the booming, powerful music and loud but awesome sound effects :) . I automatically wanted to watch them all!

6 Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is simply the best. Great actors, best effects, best soundtracks, the best developed plotline, everything is just GREAT.

The book-readers and show-watchers get akin extremely well where the book-readers do not give many plot spoilers.

Best ever show and book series ever to exist, if you haven't seen/read it; GO WATCH IT NOW!

The book readers and show watchers get along better than other fandoms

7 Phan (Dan and Phil)

Dan and Phil are without doubt my favorite Youtubers. I remember over the summer I had been going through some really tough times and they would always be there to cheer me up. One time I had been crying a good amount because I had an absolutely crappy day, I was watching their videos and I kept thinking, "This will be the first time you guys don't cheer me up," but I clicked on one of the Phil is not on fire videos and I couldn't stop laughing. They've taught me so much, make me laugh and smile when I thought it would be har to, and have been the only people able to cheer me up. I love those two nerds, they mean the world to me.

Dan and Phil change lives, they do. So many people underestimate the power of media and YouTube, people underestimate the Phandom. Dan and Phil are real and I think that that's one of the reasons people connect with them so well. Over 8 years they have shown us their lives and hoped that we liked them even though they were absolutely terrified of being judged. Dan was a college dropout because of this no one believed he could actually accomplish anything. Phil was bullied, - if you have ever seen any of Phil's videos you'll find that so hard to believe because he is an absolute angel - as you can imagine being bullied is horrible and it makes you feel like you're not worth anything but Phil kept going. They're just normal people who make such a difference to people's lives.

Here is an example from a tweet that dan posted "when people get shaky during their speeches I just want to drift us to them like a ghost and gently hug them so they know it's ok"

Here is an example ...more

Dan and Phil changed my life. They're witty, creative, relatable, and I can never stop myself from grinning whenever I hear their voices. The phandom is made up of people who are all the same way- some of us coming to make friends, some of us because we've been in really, really bad places and Dan and Phil saved us. Through their videos, we found a community that's always there to help, that's accepting, and that creates the most amazing (and sometimes horrifyingly silly) phan inspired works. Dan and Phil's lives have been documented for over 8 years now, and watching two people grow up, quite literally, has been an astonishing experience for me. I've watched two nerds with bad haircuts, insecurities and horrible webcams become successful and confident, and nothing has ever inspired me to be a better person more than that experience.

Dan and Phil changed everything for me, I can't bear to imagine what would've happened if I didn't click on one of their videos. At the time, things where going horribly and I was convinced that my parents,sibling and my friends all hated me and I was getting suicidal thoughts, the only thing keeping me going, was the internet, more specifically Dan and Phil. I kept thinking to myself 'they promised it would get better,' and I trusted 2 complete strangers on the internet, more that my actual family, if they weren't here for me, then I wouldn't be here at all. Thank you for not giving up on me Dan and Phil

8 Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's four members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and people associated with them.

It's not just a band anymore, it's a family. It's an emotion that holds so many of us together. We can't love the band by hating any of them. Because for us, they're all one. And they'll always be.

I love you guys! You've actually done great with music and with your life. I hope we'll hear you guys at least one more time. All 5/5. Because it's One Direction we head on to! 💙

One direction is the best fandom in the world and I am proud to be a part of 1D family
Niall means Happiness
Louis means Strong
Harry means Kindness
Liam means Protection
Zayn means Freedom
And One Direction means home...

One Direction is not just a band and this fandom is not just a fandom, we're family and we support each other 100% and I know for that I'll never give up on one direction cause they've helped me and so many other directioners. love ya💙.

This fandom is not just a fandom, this is a family that will support you. Of course this is the best because we stan 5 kings. Once a Directioner, always a Directioner. <3

9 Gravity Falls Gravity Falls is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation that first aired on Disney Channel, and then on Disney XD from June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016. The series follows the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel in the fictional town of Gravity more.

Alright strap in this might get long;

I LOVE Gravity Falls! The characters are so relatable( I can relate to Dipper the most, despite being a girl ), and their personalities really pop! The plot was gorgeous, and I love how it was executed! The codes, the secrets, the Easter eggs, the, if I may " ciphers", are all so well hidden!

I heard from a friend at drama that it was ending back in 2016 and I couldn't believe it!

Then, the ending. The fact that the Pines family managed to defeat Bill was mind blowing! And his last words? Theories, theories everywhere!

The last cryptogram feels like a punch in the gut when first deciphered/ read ( " Photos bleached by summer sun, the tales been told, the summers done. In memories the Pines still play, on a sunny summers day.) When Gravity Falls ended my soul went with it.

To end this, my top 3 favorite characters( in no particular order )

Bill Cipher, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines.

There is not even a word to describe how AMAZING and FABULOUS and AWESOME and INCREDIBLE and BASICALLY HOW GLORIOUS THIS SHOW IS. This show is WAYY too good for any of those words, and it should be in first spot. There are MILLIONS of reasons on why this show is so great, and I definitely can't list all of them in one small comment.

Many people may say that this show is overrated, but they have obviously not appreciated this incredible show. So, I am simply going to list some of the top reason son why Gravity Falls is utterly and completely amazing. I am definitely going to start off with that great plot, characters, it being actually realistic, having a proper sense of how long summer actually is ( as compared to Phineas and Ferb) and it suitable for all ages. There is amazing detail in the show, with the well-written storyline that captures the atmosphere and the character development perfectly. The voice acting is not a part to skip out on, as it captures the thoughts and ...more

Gravity Falls. Us Fallers, I think would agree that we need to be on the top of the list. Alex Hirsch rips out souls and replaces them with... 'Feels'... They hurt so much... But the plot line is unique, slightly overstepping Disney's Kid-Friendly boundary and it references plenty of shows. Pretty good if I do say so myself. Then again, now that I think about it, my opinion isn't very special. So, please, feel free to not vote.

Fallers are crazy. The shipping in this fandom is insane. It is super hard to be in a fandom of a Disney show, since Alex Hirsch (creator) tries to put in more adult stuff for mature viewers, but gets shut down. The memes by this fandom are HILARIOUS, nearly as funny as the show. (If you have never watched girlfriend, find it, but start on season 1). Fallers may be nuts, but it is only because we love the show so much.

10 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

The most amazing part of MLP is that it never insults the viewer, never shows females OR males as being stereotypical. It has 6 strong female leads that are genuinely interesting, and never give off the 'boys can do it, so I can do it too' trope that female leads are often saddled with. The writing is clever and intelligent, never dumbing it down for it's 'target female demographic'.

The songs are super catchy and well written as well. The result is a 'girly cartoon'? Nope. It's a program about 6 strong female leads with mass appeal. If all shows 'directed at young girls' were like this, we would have more female leaders in all fields in this world.

This show, it literally had been with me since I was in kindergarten. It had taught me that friendship is important throughout my lonely childhood, taught me to get out of my comfort introvert zone and start making good friends, which this show made me had lots of friends until now, and they taught me the elements of harmony that are important elements for a good relationship to bond, which I got most of my friends because of it, and it got me through dark times too (in which is probably embarrassing if I recall it). Sure it's a kid's show, but it will forever thrive.

I love this fandom
I was a part of it from the start and will be till the end . I'm really sad that g4 has ended It was amazing
Some people think It's only colourful ponies walking around and do nothing but no this show is showing us friendship . The way they all solve their problems will show us how to solve ours too . Some of their problems are pretty relaitble to some of ours this show helped me with me depression and showed me how to make more friends
You should give it a try like I did
It changed my life and now I'm feeling better than ever

So far, My Little Pony has been my favorite fandom. It really shows the value of friendship and when I say value I meant 'magic.' Even though I'm sort of an introvert in school and never really wanted to talk to anyone, My Little Pony... really changed me. I was once a naughty teenager who just, you know... but when I finally watch this show, it... taught me such manners. I started acting generous and nicer and I really wished my family would watch the show, too 'cause there are really good things and lessons that they're missing on! I recommend this show, and it may seem boring and childish when you watch from season one but... it still have many great values. This little pastel pony T.V. show is an inspiration to me and...yeah. I'm sorry for other fandoms, but.. I think MLP is the best compared to my other fandoms.

The Newcomers

? Diabolik Lovers Diabolik Lovers is a Japanese visual novel franchise by Rejet. The first game was released on October 11, 2012 for the PlayStation Portable. Three more games have been released since them with the first two games having been ported for the PlayStation Vita with the subtitle "Limited V Edition". more.
? Deltarune Deltarune Product Image

I loved the first game and this one is just as good

The Contenders
11 Marvel Fandom

I love Marvel. It's the coolest. The first movie I had seen was Ant-Man and the wasp. I loved it so much that I went to see all the 24 marvel movies. I cannot tell which one is nice, as all of them are equal for me. I would like to give 100/100 to Marvel (Avengers).

its amazing! I only like the avengers but still... the end of the infinity saga is what was a tear jerker as this was the first fandom I ever joined

A universe that's full of lovable characters that you always want to root for. Has an awesome story. Easy to see why it is the #1 movie franchise in the world

This is the only fandom besides Portal which has actually touched my heart so deeply that I MOURN for lost characters as if I've lost a friend. I don't understand? Someone send me a psychologist.

12 Moonwalkers

These phenomenal Moonwalkers have always been a loyal and defending fandom. They are always there spreading the facts on Michael Jackson they are spreading love. Moonwalkers are extraordinary, they are kind, adoring, and caring. I've never seen a fandom such as this one. I'm proud to say I'm part of this family, they mean a lot to me. They aren't friends... They more! They are my family. Moonwalkers you'll always have a special place in my heart, always. I'm delighted and honored to be part of this family. They are always united fighting, keeping the faith, and proving the innocence of man that is the meaning of our love for him. Through harsh and tumultuous times they are still together, the love they have for each other. We are not a fandom, we are family. Forever a Moonwalker

We are more than a fandom. We are a family. United we stand and every single one of us is strong and loyal. The mental health that we activists sacrifice to fight for the truth to show the world who he really was as a person cannot be compared to any other fandom in the universe. Michael was an extraordinary performer and the manifestation of love as a person, we are the most loyal and we will always protect each other. Michael singlehandedly taught me and other fans so much, he changed the world drastically, and put all of himself into trying to make the world a better place, only to be torn down and hated. In his name we fans carry on the legacy and do everything to make the world a better place. We are number one, and always will be.

This Fandom is the best because in other fandoms are fights between many people many times and in this all Moonwalkers enjoy, talk about Michael, and we don't fight any time, and have very good times, and you can know too much things about Michael and remove all the stupid ideas you had of Michael, example that he was homosexual, he was a pedo or he bleached his skin, like that stupid lies that people think knowing he had 2 sons and 1 daughter, all his accusstions are for getting money, and he had vitiligo, I believed that lies before I was Moonwalker, but now I know that all those things are nothing but lies. Join this fandom, I bet you won't regret it

He is the only one who did care for all may it be people, animals and nature. He was a gentleman who was trashed by fake allegations and also he has to go beyond his limits to prove he was innocent, the time I saw a photo of him with handcuffs I was hit aback, couldn't stop myself from crying. I wanted him back but no if he would be back, the will again scratch his heart. I don't want that. I will protect his legacy untily last breathe. The best ever man I have seen in my life is Michael Jackson. He is the example of the most strongest person on earth. The king of pop, the king of people, the king of peace, the king of universe. And yeah Mj haters, they are much much less as compared to his die hard fans. We love you, and I am proud to be your fan.

13 Star Trek

Honestly, why is this not higher on the list? I know that many people would disagree, and say that "Star Wars is way better known blah blah..." but Star Trek delves into so many amazing universes and theories!
One of my favourite fandoms, I think.

I can't even voice how much my life has been influenced by Star Trek. I feel like after watching it, no matter who you are, you always seem to get a feeling... a feeling to be a little kinder and move more towards the future that it depicts.

I love it, even though I'm not really part of the fandom. The idea of going to space and meeting all these new species... It's pretty amazing because that could happen in the future. You never know

There is a reason why this series has been consistently on television through new shows and reruns since 1966. Everyone can relate to it, and the future it portrays is one everyone can hope for.

14 Kpop

Lol I disagree that the title should be changed from 'Kpop' to 'Bts' because bts is not the 'best' or the only kpop group out there. Yes, I'm Army, (Although Bts used to be my ult, it's Exo and Nct now.) I feel like other fandoms need to be appreciated more. Anyways, besides the toxic stans, the kpop fandom is probably one of the best out there. The memes are on point and the people can be soooo nice. I went from being disgusted by kpop, to loving only Bts, to eventually becoming a multi-stan with love and respect to every group.

they made my life happier when times was sad and it felt like the world was ending they helped me to love myself again and it hard tell people why I love them so much but I don't know if any other ARMYS agree with this...

Kpop, in my opinion, deserves so much more recognition and credit than it does already. There's just something about connecting with different cultures and people through music that makes the experience so amazing. Getting into k-pop is like falling into the deep pit of no return, it's so hard to get out of and completely overwhelms you. It's absolutely thrilling and so so addicting. It makes you try new things, appreciate different culture, emotionally connect with people, even idols and people you've never met before. It's helps you realise and discover more about yourself, it's not just about the music when you're in this fandom. I'm truly proud to be a part of this fandom.

The title should change from Kpop to ARMY because BTS is not kpop . Kpop consist of a lot of bands and solo songs . I'm also an ARMY . I'm proud to be part of this family . Nothing can come between the love of a family and nothing come between our love for BTS.


15 Lord of the Rings Fandom

J.R.R. Tolkien's work really sums up the things that I find beautiful in the world. Courage, righteousness, selflessness, hidden strength, loyalty, and even gentleness are shown throughout this complex and riveting story. The characters are each unique and lovable in their own way. Also very complex, I loved reading this series three times!

I'm a member of numerous can Come and Lord of the Rings is by far the best! The story is so wonderful, original, complex, and heartbreaking. I can't believe some people have never seen this or read it! It's the One fandom to rule them all!

Love the books, the movies, and the fandom. Plus you know, we’re the friendliest fandom because we’ll have you over for second breakfast any day at four

MY first fandom without realizing it. My dad got me into this one. To this day my phone is still called Legolas.

16 Sherlock Fandom

Sherlock deserves to be an it higher up. The fandom is both insane and amazing, being able to pick out the tiniest details in the show thanks to the long hiatus and coming up with the most extravagant theories. The long hiatus however does has its downsides as we crave for more benedict and Martin as Sherlock and John.

We have so much to us! Don't put us so low! We have action, mystery, tears, gay ships, good fiction, insanity, and so many quotes. We may not hi-jack like supernatural (as no one else ever could) but we are one of the greats. We help form the "Superwholock" tri fandom group of, honestly, crazy people. We deserve a higher number. But...
No rush.

Sherlock is the best fandom ever. The plot, story, chemistry between the characters and of course sassy Sherlock, makes the show the wonderful adventure that it is. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are perfect cast. Martin gives the role of John Watson a serious, but also very funny side. He is wonderful with his expressions. Benedict is wonderful as Sherlock plus he is crazy hot! His long deductions is amazing played. Long live the Sherlock fandom!

Sherlock is Modern version of the original book by the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is about a man who solve tedious crimes and calls himself a 'Consulting Detective', with Dr. John Watson (Ex-Army Doctor) his flatmate. The main antagonist is Jim Moriarty, the most dangerous man in England, who helps other criminals. This fandom is very popular especially in Tumblr, why is it not in Top 10?! I mean the plot, theme, and the tension between characters are very symbolical! SHERLOCK IS <3! Another thing is that famous and talented actors are there! Like Benedict Cumberbarch, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves, Amanda Abbington, Mark Gatiss, and most of all Andrew Scott! A PERFECT COMBINATION! Even if it's underrated, this fandom has many lessons even though it's just composed of 10 episodes. I got to say, Steven Moffat is very creative on making a modern version of the famous British fictional character.

17 Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

What is not to love about these books? The series had me hooked from beginning to end, which is saying a lot for someone who isn't an avid reader. You will fall in love not just will the story but with every singe character, all of which feel like family by the end of the series. Not only are the books incredible but the people in our fandom are some of the most accepting and kindest people out there. Not to mention the 'Heroes of Olympus' series which Rick Riordan blessed us with at the conclusion of the 'Percy Jackson' series which is just as good if not better then the originals, something I believe not a single other author has managed to do.

I love these books so much. My sister made me read them in fifth grade and since then I've read every book by Uncle Rick. They're so relatable and he makes the characters so real. I have yet to find a plot hole in the series. And gods, the diversity... we have an African American girl, and Asian boy, and Italian gay boy, a Persian girl, a Native American girl, the list goes on. Sure, Percy's white and straight, but whatever.

When I was in 3rd grade, a classmate forced me to read the first book. I loved it, and read the others. She's one of my best friends now, and we are in seventh grade. I love the representation- Hazel in African-American, Nico is gay and struggles with it, the struggles with ADHD and dyslexia-I have ADHD, a severe case, and it was SO RELIEVING to FINALLY have a character with the same struggles I did. Then, of course, how on earth could I write this thing without mentioning the ships? Percabeth is #couplegoals, and as much as I loved jasper, (Piper and Jason), I though it was great when they broke up because it shows that not all relationship is perfect. And then, of course, he died, but lets not talk about that...
There are also all those other books and characters Rick has written about-I love Alex, the transgender shape-shifting child of Loki in Magnus Chase, and Samirah, the Muslim Valkyrie-This series helped me grow up and helped me make a lot of great friends. I will forever ...more

Percy Jackson is by far my favorite series. The characters are so amazing, and are all three dimensional. There is so much representation, and are filled with jokes that will have you laughing for days!

18 Spongebob Fandom

That's that funny fandom where you can never get bored
I actually got a lot of inspiration from this fandom, including some architecture projects (that's by biggest hobby) like drawing their houses and I have so much fun

I used to watch SpongeBob when I was six years old.

SpongeBob is awesome and this fandom is awesome.

*cough cough* fred and sadie are together *cough cough*

oh my cough is back

19 Pokémon Fandom

The comment on the bottom is mine, I'm aware that I spelled "just" wrong. Seriously though, hasn't this game attracted to you too? My first was Pearl, I got that at age nine and accidentally lost it even though I loved it so much 'cause, well, you know kids. Waiting for a remake of it just makes me feel so impatient, I want to watch a let's play of Pearl but I think I'd rather save my hurting nostalgia moment for when I freak out at the remake and immediately buy it and start playing it!

This show give entertainment for kids and grownup alike. It brings back childhood memories to the adults (like old characters like Misty, Brock, and so many more) and it brings new fandomers to a good concept of what life would be like if these creatures were here. Also it shall bring people together with the new Pokemon Go with live trainer battles and such not.

Everybody knows about Pokémon, and everyone has either watched the anime, played the video games, collected the cards or bought merchandise. As well as that, it has the best community, everyone is super friendly and there is so much love in the fandom.

Pokemon- The most nostalgic game you will ever play. No matter where you go, there is always at least one Pokemon fan. Literally, try it.

20 Hunger Games

Why isn't this at least in the top 5? Hunger Games is an inspiring and well written story that teaches us so many good lessons, like standing up for what's right, and being brave. Plus, Katniss is an amazing role model- people say she's not as brave as others like Tris Prior or Hermione Granger, but she is even better in my opinion. I mean, she volunteered for a fight to the death to save her little sister. She survived the Games and saved her district partner too, and she stood up to the Capitol even when the odds were never in her favor.

One of the best well written series out there. Great world building, characters, and unique ideas. Definitely one my kids will be reading

The Hunger Games is about being strong and standing up for what you believe in. It has aspects of love and violence but at the end the of the day it's about a big sister taking care of the people she loves, the fight for survival, and the ways in which the govement is unfair. It discusses serious world issues such as world hunger and pauverty.

Hunger Games is the best book series I have ever read. And, sorry if this sounds rude, but Harry Potter isn't even close to as good as Hunger Games.

21 Super Smash Bros Fandom

I love this fandom! My favorite pairing for this fandom is Snake and Samus!

Been in here for ages, always loved to play it with my brothers.

This game is amazing and is very important to me and stuff

Also good game

22 Minecraft Fandom

I'm a big Minecraft fan, but oh my. This fandom is atrocious. It's full of kids who rage at everybody who hates Minecraft! I do like this game, but I hate the fandom!

If there is one game I'm totally addicted to, it's this one. There's just so much to do, especially with the new update. Most of it is very fair and it teaches you a lot of ways to create and survive, I even heard lots of schools play this for education.

This Fandom has talent that I've never seen in my life. They dedicate music, art, and time into any work they make for this show

... This fandom is like really old but pretty underrated because not many people actually joined the FANDOM.

23 The Amazing World of Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball is a British-Australian-German-American-Irish children's animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network.

I take my daily maxim from Gumball, the most intelligent stupid person at the same time lol.

Loved the show. Will always be one of my favorites

I like this show very underrated

It's the best show ever!

24 Rock/Punk Bands

Queen is definitely the rock band I adore the most for many reasons (I don't know where to start 😂❤).
I admired them since I was a child because I remember my dad showing me their performances and I was just impressed by Freddie Mercury's strong voice and their songs (every Queen song sounds different from each other). After watching the Bohemian Rhapsody movie (I watched it more than 3 times now) I became a real fan of them, this movie is probably one of the best I ever watched. Then, I started a fan page for Queen and got contact to other fellow Queen fans and the best of all: I joined some projects, for example somebody collected many names and messages on a poster and laid it into memorial places for Freddie Mercury like the Garden Lodge in London. Such aspects give me the feeling of family, not just a fandom. By saying I am a Queen fan, I mean that I admire the entire band for sure, not only Freddie. He probably would not be the same with out Brian May, Roger Taylor and ...more

IT IS THE BEST. My Chemical Romance puts a lot of emotions into their music as well as hard work. Including my other favorite bands such as Panic! At The Disco, Twenty Øne Piløts, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Anthrax, Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, Thrity Seconds to Mars, Sleeping With The Sirens, Mindless Self Indulgence, Pierce The Veil, and Black Veil Brides. Unlike other music, they put in effort to make this and write this so other people can know that they aren't alone, that 'you aren't the only one who feels that way'. Its like they're saying that 'come and be "emo" with us. Come and join together to help each other because you are not the only person who feels that way.' It makes you think that there would always be "someone" there to help you and tell you, its okay to be emo, its okay to be different because it makes us feel unique and special, or extraordinary. People are different, we are not to judge people by their looks or music taste, we are to judge them by their ...more

I don't know what world you've been living in where Britney spears has a bigger fandom then punk rock. What's next, fitz and the tantrums? (Who's that might you ask? Exactly.)

Yes! All time low and sleeping with sirens and panic at the disco is LEGIT!

25 Attack on Titan Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama, is one of the most popular Japanese anime series to be released. It was first watched in Japan during 2013 and was dubbed in English to be watched in America in 2014. It is best known for its emotional moments, more.

This anime is honestly my life at the moment. It's filled with lovable characters, an awesome storyline, epic plotwists and an amazing soundtrack.

While the community is sometimes a little let's say, competitive, over their ships, the majority of people who I've met in this fandom are extremely kind and welcoming.

Not to mention, I've been able to enjoy this brilliant anime with my whole family; my mum, dad, brother and sometimes even my grandparents! It's ultimately brought us closer together and I'm so grateful to Hajime Isayama for creating this epic series!

Honsetly, This anime got me into anime. Literally you will fall in love with AoT. It has spread across America and I personally love it. I think it's a close tie between Death Note and AoT. You will have so many theories and there is so many secrets that you have to wait for. It's a very different concept you are used to. It is very gruesome. They will show you the deaths. Meaning people getting eaten alive by Titans. The plot is where the small amount of humanity is left and they are protected by walls. One day a Colossal Titan that is bigger than the wall, knocks down the wall. Eren and his foster sister Mikasa sees their own mother getting eaten alive by a Smiling Titan. Eren vowes to destroy every last Titan for revenge for his mother's death. I am completly obssed and it is one of the greatest anime you will watch!

The fandom is great! It's hilarious and very heartbreaking, many people are behind while others are keeping an eye on Isayma's every move (me right there) the fandom will mostly consist of Marco jokes, Armin jokes, Erwin's eyebrows of glory, Eren being on his man period all the time (my baby), and Levis fabulousness.

The best anime I've ever watched, watch until the end of season 2 and remember the word Eremika, even if you don't like anime you'd like it, it's how I got into anime.

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