Top 10 Most Powerful Religions In the World

Hello! This List Talks About Diffrent Religons That Have Been Powerful Over a 2000 Years Ago

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1 Islam

I am Muslim and I'm proud of that and Islam is a religion of peace not violence. Many people don't understand that ISIS and Terrorist are giving Islam a bad name and destroying Islam. But even though most people are against Islam, it is still a fastest growing Religion and by 2050 Islam will takeover Christianity. Allah (swt) will always protect Islam and Muslims people.

Islam is really a powerful religion. Islam cannot be defeated because ALLAH the Almighty protects this religion. Thanks to Allah that Allah chose me as a Muslim. Allah is with Muslims.

Thanks to Allah The All Mighty that he chose me as Muslim... I also know that many other are jealous of it because they know that there own religion does not exist and also there was no one Perfect then our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)...

Islam is the most practised religion on the world

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2 Hinduism

I am a proud hindu. Though there are many gods in our religion yet we believe them to be one. There is no such thing as an evil person in this religion, the only thing considered to be bad is the evil deed done by him and there's still a bright chance of forgiveness for him if he asks earnestly for it as well as if he repents for his bad deeds. I love my religion and I am thankful to be born as a hindu. God bless.

Hinduism is World's Oldest religion...

Hinduism is powerful because you don't have to punish for leaving the religion or sell your religion like a cake to others. There is no punishment for questioning Hinduism. In Hinduism, heaven is not the ultimate part. Hinduism teaches be respectful and helpful to others.

Best thing is that if you have any confusion or question no one will blame you they will answer your question by their wisdom.

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3 Christianity

Yes I believe that the Christians are the most popular and the most recognized to me I love being a Christian I believe that the Christians will prevail and the only people that believe Jesus Christ is alive today and Christians

I do believe that Christianity is a world renowned religion! I have a strong built relationship with God and Jesus and I know personally that He loves everyone single one of his children. I know that there are other people out there who are not Christians and I am so happy that they have found peace and love with in their God too, even if I don't believe in their God and they don't believe in ours, us Christians should always have love for others around us, including the people with other religions! xx

Almost all Christian nations have something in common - high standard of living & better economy. The rest of the world tries to imitate their lifestyle, a naked truth.

Happy to be a christian

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4 Sikhism

The power of Sikhism has neither decreased through the centuries nor it will in the future, for Sikhism is the soul of strength, kindness, unity and equality. GOD IS ONE, there's no 'best religion', this is what we practice and preach. Haters have always lived but the one who has hatred for Sikhism has never survived. Our gurus don't talk about themselves but they talk about the divine God in all the scriptures, this shows how humble they were. May people understand the truth behind this religion for this is something to be treasured.

I love Sikh religion because they was help poor man.

This is the brave religion of lions

Proud to be Sikh. Our gurus told to help needy people.

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5 Satanism

Just about everyone on this planet does not know that Lucifer aka the god of light is the one who really controls everything holy in this world. Blind fools. He is the one who brings peace, joy, and knowledge. THE TREE IN THE GARDEN PEOPLE. I'm happy that the apple was eaten. And yet everyone hates him...sad...

Wow Satan is with you but with me is Allah.

Eat ass and prosper

Ok, yeah, islam and Christianity are very powerful BUT they are NOWHERE near as powerful as this religion is. This religion tells the ultimate truth that Lucifer WILL win over Jesus and Allah and since I'm a Satanist I have ultimate power over everyone except the other Satanists and Lucifer himself. Same goes with the other Satanists on this world.

The other two religions mentioned here only have power over everything via terrorism, lies, and brainwashing.

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6 Buddhism

I am a proud disciple of the Lord Buddha, and he is a great mentor. I have no objections with other religions, but I must say that Buddhism is the religion that reveals the correct path to end all suffering. This life is a cycle of birth. We are reborn again and again, and there is no end to suffering, unless we follow the teachings of Buddhism, and once we do that, we are free from all suffering.

Unlike other religions, which are based on One God (the creator and the most omnipotent), we buddhists follow a completely different path. We take Lord Buddha as a Supreme Being - the teacher of gods and human beings alike. He taught us that we most follow the ''Five Precepts'' to escape suffering.

The Five Precepts are mentioned are:
1. Do not drink or take any alcohol, or any drugs or even smoking.
2. Abstain from sexual misconduct.
3. Abstain from telling lies.
4. Abstain from killing animals or any living things.
5. Abstain from stealing or taking anything ...more

Most peaceful religion

I love the teaching of Buddha and I will always follow Buddhism

Buddhism is no. 1
And I proud my self that I am a buddhist

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7 Judaism

Jain is the best religion for ever for everyone

Also Islam, Christianity, Catholicism...etc were based on Judaism but in different names!

Jews have been the first monotheistic religion. We MADE Christianity. Jews are in power, everywhere. Keep lying to yourselves. Should be #1

I love Jainism as it promotes Ahinsa

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8 Catholicism

The Catholics literally have their own country, and that country has so much renaissance art that they could sell it all and make the US economy look like some pocket change

Most powerful and dedicated

It's the most international

I ♥ the Pope

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9 Shintoism

I'm 13 and became one at 12! Extremely proud!

10 Jainism

It is the religion believe in nonviolence and Live and Let live. This is scientific and believe in karma and self discipline. No one is creator one will enjoy as per his good or bed deads.

Jainism is world's Oldest Religion & It is to Deep as per as all religion

The best I can say

Jainism is best relegion..

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11 Mormonism

Since this is the true church that christ set up, I'm willing to bet my life that this is the most powerful religion

I am a Mormon, and I believe that our religion is very strong and should be well known just like Christianity.

To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operates the only true religion in our Universe. The LDS Church will grow intil it fills the whole Earth at which time, Jesus Christ will return and reign at the Head of His Church and rule the world during the Millenium.

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12 Protestantism
13 Zoroastrianism
14 Norse

Norse is better than all the others combined

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15 Scientology Scientology
16 Taoism
17 Wicca Wicca
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