Top 10 Most Powerful Religions In the World

Hello! This List Talks About Diffrent Religons That Have Been Powerful Over a 2000 Years Ago

The Top Ten Most Powerful Religions In the World

1 Islam

I am Muslim and I'm proud of that and Islam is a religion of peace not violence. Many people don't understand that ISIS and Terrorist are giving Islam a bad name and destroying Islam. But even though most people are against Islam, it is still a fastest growing Religion and by 2050 Islam will takeover Christianity. Allah (swt) will always protect Islam and Muslims people.

Islam is really a powerful religion. Islam cannot be defeated because ALLAH the Almighty protects this religion. Thanks to Allah that Allah chose me as a Muslim. Allah is with Muslims.

Thanks to Allah The All Mighty that he chose me as Muslim... I also know that many other are jealous of it because they know that there own religion does not exist and also there was no one Perfect then our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)...

I still don't get why people are hating on Islam. First of all. Islam is NOT a terrorist Religion.
Second of all.
Have you even tried to read or study about Islam? If not then you have no right to judge our religion.
Third of all

U.S have high crime rates and its not a muslim country. And those criminals aren't muslims either.
There are criminals in every religion whether Its Islam,Hinduism or even Christanity
You started to think all Muslims are evil just because of few Muslims

2 Hinduism

Hinduism is World's Oldest religion...

You see, Hinduism is real, it is science which is believable, just google 5 real things of Hinduism and you will be shocked. But be sure karma is real.

Hinduism is the most powerful religion in the universe, no of ways present in the Hinduism to promote the people in a good way is tremendous, lord Shiva is the personality who is expanded all over the space and even more an inch...

I am a proud hindu. Though there are many gods in our religion yet we believe them to be one. There is no such thing as an evil person in this religion, the only thing considered to be bad is the evil deed done by him and there's still a bright chance of forgiveness for him if he asks earnestly for it as well as if he repents for his bad deeds. I love my religion and I am thankful to be born as a hindu. God bless.

3 Christianity

Almost all Christian nations have something in common - high standard of living & better economy. The rest of the world tries to imitate their lifestyle, a naked truth.

I'm sorry to tell you this but this is not exclusive to all Christians. - khuz61

If I'm going to the place that's the best...then I hope God is not like in the Bible. I believe the Bible is man-made, and that humans cannot send themselves to a place they don't even believe in for not believing.

This is a good religion but Hinduism is better I am Hindu.
From India I like all religions all the gods are real

Christian believed the only and true God and life after death

4 Sikhism

The power of Sikhism has neither decreased through the centuries nor it will in the future, for Sikhism is the soul of strength, kindness, unity and equality. GOD IS ONE, there's no 'best religion', this is what we practice and preach. Haters have always lived but the one who has hatred for Sikhism has never survived. Our gurus don't talk about themselves but they talk about the divine God in all the scriptures, this shows how humble they were. May people understand the truth behind this religion for this is something to be treasured.

I love Sikh religion because they was help poor man.

This is the brave religion of lions

Sikhism is very help full and no believe in upper caste and lower caste

5 Buddhism

I am a proud disciple of the Lord Buddha, and he is a great mentor. I have no objections with other religions, but I must say that Buddhism is the religion that reveals the correct path to end all suffering. This life is a cycle of birth. We are reborn again and again, and there is no end to suffering, unless we follow the teachings of Buddhism, and once we do that, we are free from all suffering.

Unlike other religions, which are based on One God (the creator and the most omnipotent), we buddhists follow a completely different path. We take Lord Buddha as a Supreme Being - the teacher of gods and human beings alike. He taught us that we most follow the ''Five Precepts'' to escape suffering.

The Five Precepts are mentioned are:
1. Do not drink or take any alcohol, or any drugs or even smoking.
2. Abstain from sexual misconduct.
3. Abstain from telling lies.
4. Abstain from killing animals or any living things.
5. Abstain from stealing or taking anything ...more

Buddhism does not need advertising. Those who are claiming that their religion is the perfect, obviously have not encountered buddhism. It is one of the few religions in the world that does not rely on divinity. If the world is heading towards science and reason, buddhism is what it is heading at.

Most peaceful religion

I love the teaching of Buddha and I will always follow Buddhism

6 Catholicism

There would be no other Christian religion were it not for the Catholic Church, the first Christian Church. Other Christian denominations keep splitting up and going off on their own - you don't like what you see in your christian church, start another one. The problem with that is that they become incoherent, not focused, and less of a spiritual force.

The Catholics literally have their own country, and that country has so much renaissance art that they could sell it all and make the US economy look like some pocket change

I'm sad by this Catholic comment. Especially mentioning the art. The Vatican had art but that is not the basis for its Christian faith in Jesus Christ. Many times we as Catholics are the worst examples of our faith. God please protect us from our "intelligence" please gives us your wisdom.

The BEST! Unfortunately a few people out of a billion+ members are misguided but I am a proud member! I love really helping people and practicing my faith

7 Satanism

This should have been one of the worst religions ever because I know Iblis (Satan) is not god. - Aaronwahed

THIS religion alone is the MOST powerful as it is continually forcing Christians, Catholics, Jews, and Muslims to kiss Allah's and Jesus's ass for all eternity in terror of going to their made-up "bad-place". It is hilarious actually! I love seeing them all 5,000,000,000 people shriek and quake in terror of going to a non-existing jail for all eternity! It truly shows how weak they truly are unlike the other 2,000,000,000 other people on this world! HAHAAHAHAAHAHAA!

Just about everyone on this planet does not know that Lucifer aka the god of light is the one who really controls everything holy in this world. Blind fools. He is the one who brings peace, joy, and knowledge. THE TREE IN THE GARDEN PEOPLE. I'm happy that the apple was eaten. And yet everyone hates him...sad...

Satanism sucks, Jesus will curse every single one of u people, you people are scared of the truth, you are under false god, Satan is not even a god, he is GOD'S REJECTED SERVANT

8 Judaism

Ashkenazi Jews are the product of several centuries of selective breeding for literary and mathematical ability in Europe. They are the most intelligent and versatile race on earth.

They have such a small religion but look how many noble peace prizes they won!

Jews run everything, boyo.

Jews have been the first monotheistic religion. We MADE Christianity. Jews are in power, everywhere. Keep lying to yourselves. Should be #1

9 Brahma Kumaris

Brahma kumaris gives people the actual meaning of true self and realisation of what we were and what we can become if we walk on the right path.

Only teachings of one GOD SHIVA is taught here

True knowledge is given by the teachers in this organisation and most importantly its free of cost.
And there is no idol worship here.
Must join this organisation and follow it to become what you want to.

Established by God Shiva in 1936, Brahma Kumaris organization imparts true Godly Knowledge which helps us to discover our true SELF and our Creator God. The Spiritual knowledge, Rajayoga meditation taught at Brahma Kumaris leads to self transformation, discovery of positive qualities and helps one to lead a very Happy, Peaceful and Blissful Life.

It is very good organization. I am very happy with this organization. I suggest the one who don't know about this organization please once visit u will get a clear picture of this organization.

Spirituality is beyond all religions that's what supreme soul (god ) teaches us.

10 Iglesia ni Cristo

This is the only true Church that established by our Lord Jesus Christ through prophecy.

This is the true church, the only church that is OWN BY ALMIGHTY GOD and Lord Jesus Christ

CATHOLICISM are Christians only, don't split.

I think this a true church

The Newcomers

? Mandaeism

An Abrahamic religion that reveres John the Baptist. the holy text is the Ginza Rba - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

? Church of All Worlds

The Contenders

11 Jainism

It is the religion believe in nonviolence and Live and Let live. This is scientific and believe in karma and self discipline. No one is creator one will enjoy as per his good or bed deads.

The best I can say

Jainism is world's Oldest Religion & It is to Deep as per as all religion

Jain religious is very old and scientific.

12 Mormonism

I am a Mormon, I joined this church when I was 16, and I can say that this church is not only powerful in its actions, but it is powerful to the people and the souls who follow it. I have found that I have a better outlook on life and I am happier and I credit that to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has been a powerful tool to me in becoming more Christ-like and becoming a better follower of Jesus Christ. What other church can do this but the only true one in this world?

Since this is the true church that christ set up, I'm willing to bet my life that this is the most powerful religion

I am a Mormon, and I believe that our religion is very strong and should be well known just like Christianity.

To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

13 Jehovah's Witnesses

I truly believe in this religion, there isn't any forcing of people to do something they don't want to do, they don't ask for money, if u want to give that's fine but your not told you have to in order to get in the good graces of god, check out this religion & u will see how good people can be!

Definitely the Truth in a form most of mankind can grasp.

Making The Bible alive.

14 Shintoism

Proud of this.

A very poetic folk religion of Japan - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

I'm 13 and became one at 12! Extremely proud!

15 Zoroastrianism

The First True Religion!

The 1st monotheistic religion in history - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

16 Protestantism

W With all the religions in the world today Catholic Church is an old established Christian church and they did some great in-depth research To the Baptist Church and found it to be one of the oldest known to man today

This is a religion where u are able to be connected with god and when u are connected with god u have a better life and a life that isn’t something u have to live forced by someone or something it can be a life where u want to live everyday. When u have god in your life you will feel more confident. God is one of the important things in a persons life and once u accept him u will be a new born not physically but spiritually and u can be forgiven every time i’m not saying just believe in god because u get forgiven i’m just giving an example of how good and generous our god is.

17 Scientology

Religion is Religion but when we die we all gotta face our maker no matter what religion you are we are going to face the big man whether we good good or bad in life they sell got to pay for our sins

How do you know it would be a big man? It could be a woman it could be 10 different ones. The Greeks or the Egyptians could've been right.
Or it could be nothing its all over NOOO!

18 Norse

Norse is better than all the others combined


Brothers and sisters! We will drink and we will feast until the day of Ragnarök! And then we will follow the Allfather into battle!

19 Sunni Islam

Founded by prophet muhammad

It was not dounded by prophet mohd. totaly wrong infor.ation. please chz your facts. ots misleading

20 Taoism

This philosophical religion has influenced Chinese civilization for millennia - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

I found the truth in taoism. Taoism nowadays are considered as philosophy than a religion, because its kinda restricted in its mainland, but this religion gives you proofs. This religion tells you to be focused more in life, health and society rather than worry about praying, hell or heaven. We are put in this kind of world to run this world as a good human, not to pursue something afterlife or to be frightened about hell. In this religion, openminded and consciousness is number one. We can freely left old chinese tradition, because religion is not part of that.

21 Wicca
22 Ravidassia
23 Members Church of God International
24 Nontrinitarianism

This religion is truly based in the Bible. All of it's teachings follows the will of God. It is like an enhanced version of all christian religion with respect to the accuracy of teachings/beliefs of Gods will. As you can see on its name, the word "Members" humbly states that this religion doesn't claim as the original one that Jesus Christ had built long time ago which was already gone. And this Church was built to continue that Church build by Jesus Christ.

25 Theravada

Is the best religion in the world! Theravada Buddhism is really peaceful and have good teaching

It is the most powerful religion in the world!

26 Baha'i

Best and true religion in this world is Islam. Proud to be a muslim.

A beautiful Abrahamic religion that calls for the unity of mankind and the unity of religions under a unified God - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

27 Nichiren Buddhism
28 Raelism
29 Universe People
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