Top 10 Predictions for the Sunday Week 4 of the 2017 Regular NFL Season

After an awesome week 3 how will we follow up with week 4. As absurd as these sound who knows I can get these right.
The Top Ten
1 Odell Beckham Jr. has 250 yards, and 3 touchdowns in a must win situation against the Buccaneers

OBJ over-celebrated typical, but hey they got a spark somehow they need that to beat the Bucs from a potential elimination early on. Yes that's right I'm going to say it if somehow the Giants are still winless after 4 weeks then you might as well rule them out. - htoutlaws2012

2 Chris Carson has 200 yards, 2 touchdowns against the Colts

This Carson guy is on the rise to be the #1 running back in Seattle, I see him finally showing up in prime time against a bad Colts team that has no need to win anymore than maybe one more game down the road. - htoutlaws2012

3 The Vikings Lions match up will be close, and come down to another screwjob finish

I was so pissed what happened in Ford Field Lions got hosed, and you know it they were one run away from beating the Falcons it would of legitimized the team, but now the referee go no your a mule sit back down because we're the lions. With that said it should be a very close tight game that will come down to the same exact seconds, but find another stupid mythological rule to make the Lions are 2-2 that would not surprise me. - htoutlaws2012

4 Cam Newton will have 6 Interceptions against the Patriots

Cam Newton has looked terrible this year, he has regressed even worse then we fought now he is without Olsen, and Benjamin needs to find a way to step up for the team otherwise its gonna be one dimensional with McCaffrey getting all the catches. Those tend to get for pick six's to the house which do not end well when the games over. - htoutlaws2012

5 Raiders get shut down for the second straight week in a row

Raiders got outcoached by the Redskins, now they travel to Denver, and could potentially get dominated by an angry Broncos team that lost in a flag controversy to the Bills. - htoutlaws2012

6 Carolina's defense will give up more points then the Patriots's defense

New England's has been the most disappointing by far this year giving up the most yards, and points out of any team yes even the Saints which is stunning to me, but you know what Carolina will not find a way to contain the GOAT Tom Brady as he is throwing the ball all day no problem. - htoutlaws2012

7 Texans vs Titans will be a shootout to 40 a piece

Texans secondary is not all that this year, Titans secondary is not like it was last year this should be a must see game in terms of fantasy points, and excitement finish. - htoutlaws2012

8 Drew Brees lights up on Miami's defense giving up 400+ yards

Dolphins looked terrible against the Jets, and Drew Brees could make it a ''hell'' of a lot worse in London. - htoutlaws2012

9 Jaguars's defense gives the jets fewer than 10 points

The Jags looked dominate in London now your facing a team that by means do not need to necessary win, but could try, but not hard enough in which the real Jets offense will struggle. - htoutlaws2012

10 DeMarcus Lawrence gets 4 sacks against Rams

Lawrence has become a leader up front in the Cowboys defensive front. Getting 4 sacks would not surprise me if he brought a lot of pressure to Jared Goff. - htoutlaws2012

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