Problems with Most "Why This List is Inaccurate" Lists

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Most of the time, the writer of the lists include their opinion, not actual flaws in the "inaccurate" list.

True. - Powell

They are not always researched properly.
Just because the writer doesn't agree with the writer of the "inaccurate" list does not mean it is an actual flaw.
The writer might replace facts with "yellow journalism" making the list inaccurate and biased.
The writer sometimes insults the original list's creator, calling them a "moron", "doofus", or just a plain idiot.
Sometimes, the writer of the list will make death threats to the original writer.
The list can be used as a source for trolling.
The list, at times, can corrupt or worsen a fandom.
Many of the voters that are unable to respect opinions could start arguments.
The voters could get offended easily.

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The "this is inaccurate lists" does not have any facts
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