Top Ten Products That Could Be Invented for Clumsy People

Are you very clumsy? Well maybe you could make a fortune by inventing one of these products.

The Top Ten

1 Stair Safety Harness

Do you fall down stairs a lot? Then maybe you should get a safety harness and attach it to the ceiling to keep you safe from your clumsiness. - PianoQueen

2 Shatterproof Phone Screen

You always drop your device and crack it? Well, why not just make your screen impossible to crack. - PianoQueen

Yeah, nokia did this - Martinglez

3 Trip-Proof Shoes
4 Automatic Food Slicer

Do you have marks from cutting your meat? Well, now you'll only get injured by pressing the button on the slicer. - PianoQueen

5 Phone Case Attached to Wrist Straps

Please let this happen - KingSlayer93316

So you didn't buy that shatterproof phone? Well now you can't drop it because the case it attached to your wrist! - PianoQueen

6 Grip Gloves

You always drop everything. Grip gloves could help you not drop things! - PianoQueen

7 Mini Object Sized Hover Board

Objects always fall on you. Now they can't if they are hovering above the unstable surfaces. - PianoQueen

8 Face Cushion

Always fall on your face? Well now you can protect it because you have face cushions. - PianoQueen

How do I see then? I would be glad if it was some so
Sort of see through material. - Fandom_Lover

9 Wall-Alert

You're about to walk into a wall. Oh no! Suddenly an alarm beeps and tells you to turn so you don't kill yourself. - PianoQueen

10 Balance Cup

Now you can't spill because your drink won't knock over. - PianoQueen

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11 Waist Cushions
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