Top 10 Quirkiest Plushies

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1 Condom Plush Condom Plush Product Image

They look very Cute for Something Based on an R-Rated Product. And Side Note, It Looks More Like a Fire Hydrant. It Looks Like Something That I Would See in a Chibi Version of Rescue Heroes.

In my opinion, these cute things are baby dolls for baby haters.

They even come in a range of different expressions!

I totally agree! They are adorable!

2 Squishables Squishables Product Image

There are so many of these cute little guys, it’s hard to choose!

There’s a plague doctor

3 Killstar Darklord Blackout Plush Toy Killstar Darklord Blackout Plush Toy Product Image

A Bahomet plushie sounds interesting

Who doesn’t want a demon goat plushie?

4 Cute Custom Teddy Bear Gift Cute Custom Teddy Bear Gift Product Image

You can put any text on his t shirt!

5 Giant Lion Stuffed Animal Giant Lion Stuffed Animal Product Image

A life size lion, but without all of the zoo responsibilities!

I have never seen a big plushie like this before

€"With great lion comes not much responsibility”
(I just had to do that)

6 Zelda Plush Zelda Plush Product Image

Link and Tingle are also available!

7 Flippable Plush Flippable Plush Product Image

A Christmas gift with a cool feature! There are LOADS more plushies with reversible sequins available!

For Christmas

8 Asriel Asriel Product Image

Sans, Papyrus, Temmie and Toriel are also available!

Lance and Ralsei from Deltarune are also available!

9 Feisty Pets Feisty Pets Product Image

A simple squeeze turns them from cute to feisty! Lots more animals are available, along with keychains, figures and collectibles! There’s even books!

Interesting plushie

10 Squeezamals

They are stuffed animals filled with memory foam so that they feel like a squishy

I LOVE Squeezamals

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11 Pillow Pets

They can be a pillow or a stuffed animal

I LOVED these as a kid!

12 Giant Microbes

They are stuffed versions of diseases

I love these!

13 Happy Nappers
14 Fugglers
15 Giant Snorlax Bean Bag
16 Maskimals
17 Huggle Buddies Hideaway

Technically happy nappers

18 Plush Shiba Plush Shiba Product Image

Want a cute dog without all the mess and responsibilities? Here you go!

Shiba Inu are great dogs

I know, right?

19 Budsies

They turn drawings into plushies!

20 FlipaZoos

They are reversible so each one can be two different animals

I have a bootleg Squeezamal that’s like a Flip A Zoo

21 Ugly Snugglies
22 Flashlight Friends

They have a flashlight in them

23 2-Sided Aggretsuko Plush Pillow

You can change it from normal to rage

24 Plush Slippers
25 Gudetama Egg Super Ultra Big
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