Top 10 Quirkiest Plushies


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1 Condom Plush

In my opinion, these cute things are baby dolls for baby haters. - Muffet13

They look very Cute for Something Based on an R-Rated Product. And Side Note, It Looks More Like a Fire Hydrant. It Looks Like Something That I Would See in a Chibi Version of Rescue Heroes. - Rainbowkid38

I totally agree! They are adorable! - Muffet13

They even come in a range of different expressions! - Muffet13

2 Squishables

There are so many of these cute little guys, it’s hard to choose! - Muffet13

3 Killstar Darklord Blackout Plush Toy

A Bahomet plushie sounds interesting - ElSherlock

Who doesn’t want a demon goat plushie? - Muffet13

4 Cute Custom Teddy Bear Gift

You can put any text on his t shirt! - Muffet13


5 Giant Lion Stuffed Animal

A life size lion, but without all of the zoo responsibilities! - Muffet13

I have never seen a big plushie like this before - ElSherlock

Yeah, I know! GIANT LION! - Muffet13

€"With great lion comes not much responsibility”
(I just had to do that) - Muffet13

6 Zelda Plush

Link and Tingle are also available! - Muffet13

7 Flippable Plush

A Christmas gift with a cool feature! There are LOADS more plushies with reversible sequins available! - Muffet13

For Christmas - ElSherlock

8 Asriel

Looks cute - ElSherlock

Lance and Ralsei from Deltarune are also available! - Muffet13

Sans, Papyrus, Temmie and Toriel are also available! - Muffet13

9 Feisty Pets

Interesting plushie - ElSherlock

A simple squeeze turns them from cute to feisty! Lots more animals are available, along with keychains, figures and collectibles! There’s even books! - Muffet13

10 Plush Shiba

Want a cute dog without all the mess and responsibilities? Here you go! - Muffet13

Shiba Inu are great dogs - ElSherlock

I know, right? - Muffet13

The Contenders

11 Squeezamals Squeezamals

They are stuffed animals filled with memory foam so that they feel like a squishy

I LOVE Squeezamals - Muffet13

12 Budsies Budsies

They turn drawings into plushies! - Muffet13

13 Pillow Pets Pillow Pets

They can be a pillow or a stuffed animal

I LOVED these as a kid! - Muffet13

14 FlipaZoos FlipaZoos

They are reversible so each one can be two different animals

I have a bootleg Squeezamal that’s like a Flip A Zoo - Muffet13

15 Giant Microbes Giant Microbes

They are stuffed versions of diseases

16 Happy Nappers Happy Nappers
17 Ugly Snugglies Ugly Snugglies
18 Fugglers Fugglers
19 Flashlight Friends

They have a flashlight in them

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1. Condom Plush
2. Squishables
3. Killstar Darklord Blackout Plush Toy


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