Top 10 Reasons Donald Trump's Plan to Ban TikTok from the United States is a Bad Idea

Donald Trump plans on banning TikTok from the U.S. as he believes it has national security issues. It was the saving grace during social media's massive downfall over the recent years. There are many who despise it and many who love it. Banning it from the U.S. would cause serious chaos in all sorts of ways. Here's why. R.I.P. TikTok 2016-2020.
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1 A Ban Won't Save America from Harm

It might tho.. Watch the social dilemma or some other documentary about how social media affects the world. Social media apps (TikTok is one of the most popular ones) contribute to suicide in teens and kids. Also, the challenges can be VERY harmful.

I bet you forgot about the challenges? The marshmallow challenge, the fire challenge, the taser challenge, the plastic bag challenge, the skull-breaker challenge and many more. All of these have been fatal for the idiots that tried them.

TikTok became a hugely successful platform for the world & even the U.S. It was downloaded billions of times & provides pure entertainment. It provides pretty much the best usage of easy-making videos & effects along with filters that no other app will ever compare to. It ate up Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, & such & it keeps entertainment alive as well as even our society. Plus it’s the 1 thing getting us through quarantine in the COVID-19 pandemic. It was announced President Trump's banning it from the U.S. this year & not only will that mean the end of the good days of social media for the U.S. it'll mean all sorts of chaos will take place in the U.S. Not only boredom & misery, but even worse-case scenarios such as America giving China its money (for downloading it in the 1st place), many tech & stock markets & revenues further collapsing, an economic war & suicide. Many will lose their jobs in the wake of the ban (I know that sounds kinda pointless) & many will never be able to ...more

it was so close to getting banned

2 There’s No Evidence of China Spying on the U.S. With TikTok

TikTok has faced backlash for being mentioned as a "national security threat" & China's plot on tracking & stealing data from U.S. users. President Trump states Chinese apps are an example of China spying on U.S. citizens & tracking their information. All apps collect data, but Trump think Chinese apps collect data from China & track us from their communists. It recently turned out there's no evidence of China spying on us with their app & TikTok stated they "try to keep us & our information safe", which implies it's a safer app than Trump thinks. Although it (like all other apps) is known for stalkers & cyberbullying (which's especially common in the U.S.), it has no proof of China spying us or our information. Not to mention it isn’t available in China.

China has banned Google and YouTube, it's kinda revenge.

3 It's the Saving Grace of Social Media

To some people. I know plenty of people who would agree with me that vine and/or YouTube are much better. We all have opinions. Just because one opinion is more popular doesn't make it a fact.

It's a known fact social media platforms used to be so much better back then. MySpace was a huge success in social media before its downfall, same with Facebook, Flickr, YouTube along with Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. Nowadays platforms such as YouTube went way downhill after Google+ bought it, its copyright system got messed up, Fred stopped being a thing, the classic editor & studio along with direct messaging was removed, Susan Wojciki became the new CEO, drama climbed high, the whole platform relied too much on shock value & money rather than entertainment & the FTC invaded it with their COPPA law. Other platforms like DeviantArt went WAY downhill when users started fighting & posted pornography, Facebook went downhill when it moved its messenger board in the mobile version & focused more on marketing, Snapchat went downhill as well with the new layout downgrade (leading to many users including Kylie Jenner quitting & a $1.6B loss in revenue). Instagram ...more

What really? Tiktok is either people obsessed with sexuality, or annoying dances

Wasn't Vine before Tiktok? What happened to that?

4 Many Technology Markets & Revenues Will Collapse

TikTok helped many markets climb further into their workplaces. Many people even got jobs with the help of it. Many people are making a living & money as well. Charli D'Amelio & Dixie along with Addison Rae, Bryce Hall, & many other users became who they are with the help of it. Now Trump decides to ban TikTok from the U.S. near the end of 2020 & that means such markets will collapse & the whole revenue of general social media & even technology will drop to historic lows, especially granted nothing will ever replace it. Yes I did mention Apple, Google, Microsoft & even better companies like SpaceX will be affected historically. Yet even the good companies might go out of business. Trump isn't making America great again, he's making it worse.

5 TikTok Has the Best Algorithm on Social Media

Many social media platforms had good algorithms back then & especially true for YouTube. But then they went downhill & Twitter’s algorithm is no more than mediocre at best. TikTok’s on the other hand helps give your videos the views, likes, comments & such in the most superior way possible, making it the best place to get famous nowadays. It’s algorithm provides users with free entertainment non-stop & gets the party going. The party won’t stop (until it gets banned though).

6 Music Will Become Less Relevant

That is not true. From Broadway musicals, to radio stations, to commercials, television, and film, music will always be relevant. Most of the songs that trend on TikTok aren't even that good compared to others. Look up 'say so' or 'wap' or 'cannibal' or one of the other songs that are or were trending on TikTok, and compare those to some of your favorite songs outside of TikTok. Listen to the Dear Evan Hansen, or Hamilton tracks. Listen to a great band like Queen or the Beatles. Compare and contrast. See which ones you like better. I'm not trying to insult anyone's taste in music, but give these things a try and see how you like them before you go and say stuff like this. Music will never not be relevant.

Music was so great in the classical period, the 30's-40's-50's-60's-70's-80's-90's & 2000's. Even the early 2010's were better than it is now. While there are some good songs playing today 83.333+% of all songs playing today are garbage & rely on shock value & money yet cheat the chart systems. Ever since then many ran out of ideas of good songs & many are even overdoing on recycling old songs rather than making something new & fresh. We became bored of finding good music. Then TikTok impacted the music industry like no other platform did before. It revived the popularity of old songs & some argue it helped make some of the newer songs of this generation good like Dua Lipa's, Carly Rae Jepsen's, Taylor Swift's, Lady Gaga's, Ariana Grande's, BTS, Blackpink's, Selena Gomez & such. Once TikTok gets banned from the U.S. music will decline in popularity in a whole new record & music will fall from relevance.

probably the only reason I agree with, but yeah, I don't know why people would rather have a Stuck With U vs. Gooba #1 war every other week vs. have TikTok produce stable hits. Sure it's cringe but the charts would still be pretty disastrous without TikTok

I'm all for that, seeing as most music absolutely sucks nowadays anyways.

7 TikTok’s Educational

I don't think twerking and strange dances are educational.. What do the harmful challenges teach you? Afterlife 101? What has TikTok taught you that you actually needed to know in life? I seriously doubt that many people have ever used TikTok for a relevant reason other than to dance.

Oh yes, it's VERY educational 👌. It teaches kids to act like strippers and do idiotic challenges that may result in serious injury or even death. Such an amazing app filled with so many great role models like LovelyPeaches and Addison I right guys?

Believe it or not, TikTok’s not only entertaining & musical, it’s also educational & helped teach people of many ages, races & religions all sorts of things. Yet even a fraction of Elon Musk’s education was learned from TikTok. Yet without it, many won’t learn many new things, even with school work. Not to mention other apps are more for either entertainment & money yet some like Twitter focus so much on politics.

Khan Academy is objectively better than tiktok if you're using it as "education"

8 It Became the Most Downloaded Mobile App on Earth

TikTok originally came out in 2016 as before merging with ByteDance to become what it is. Since then it was downloaded a whopping ~2.1 BILLION times! Surpassing every other app, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, & even apps like Google Play, Roblox, Fortnite, YouTube & Facebook. Yet in 2019 it was ranked behind WhatsApp for most downloaded until the end when it surpassed WhatsApp. Yet it’s only been around for ~4 years & grew ~2.1B downloads since then. It’s the fastest-growing platform on social media & the internet & the most downloaded mobile app on Earth. A ban will take ALL THAT HISTORY away from the U.S. & as far as we know, nothing will ever beat it or replace it in many matters including the number of downloads. All proving how successful it became worldwide.

9 TikTok is making more money than any social media

I have no idea why

True & without TikTok, we’ll be more poor & social media will plunge downhill.

10 TikTok Relies Mainly on Entertainment, Education & Communication

Many social media platforms rely on communication. Some like Facebook & Twitter rely on news feed. Some like Flickr & Instagram rely more on photos & videos. But TikTok stepped up in entertainment & even education. Not to mention, it also relies on communication (which is a key in social media). Yet, TikTok helps us communicate & entertain ourselves at whole new levels at the same time. It doesn’t keep us too focused on politics like Twitter does & it doesn’t over rely on money or copyright paranoia © like YouTube does nowadays. It helped grow a community of entertainment & education. Once it gets banned, the community’s gone.

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11 Smartphones Will Become Less Relevant

No they won't. Let me just go on and list a few things that smartphones are used for.. So, there's communication, mobile games, looking up information on websites, streaming videos/shows/movies, and I could go on, and on and on. Social media isn't the most important thing in the world. I don't agree with the ban, but Jesus Christ, smartphones won't be less relevant.

Once TikTok gets banned from the U.S. many people will get so bored even with their cellphones/smartphones they'll use them less or not at all, therefore putting companies at risk of going bankrupt & out of business, as TikTok brought fun & communication to whole new levels that other platforms won't ever achieve.

At least we got more "zombie" people slowly sticking out the glue from their smartphones.

But they already were super relevant before TikTok

12 TikTok Allows Videos With Copyrighted Music Unlike Other Platforms

Pretty much every app never allowed copyrighted music on videos. MySpace was 1 thing, but now it’s garbage. Other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Instagram involve music that’s required to be copyright-free (except for the Reels sub-app) & such platforms take down videos with copyrighted music. TikTok on the other hand provides copyrighted music for its creators to put onto their videos, not to mention covers of the original songs as well. The artists' names are included therefore they're credited. Another app, Triller, provides such music as well & so does Instagram’s sub-app Reels, but they do no justice to TikTok’s immersive quality of entertainment.

Mainly because it's in China, where several knockoffs get made.

13 There’s a Greater Chance of World War 3 Happening

TikTok is the biggest-growing app on Earth & the #1 app that’s keeping marketing, entertainment & social communication alive yet once Trump bans it, America will be a free country without TikTok & as other yet communist countries (except India) still have TikTok, the U.S. will 1st of all give much of its money to China & not only that, but a political clash towards China will certainly be nasty & affect markets therefore putting survival toward a fall. Yet since the U.S. is a country of freedom unlike many others, a ban will be seen as an attack by Trump toward our country, therefore promoting China to attack it more. Therefore we’ll do whatever it’ll take to beat China (along with stop them from targeting America with weapons, which COVID-19 is) bringing World War 3 on the rise. More likely than not, WWIII would involve a war between the U.S. & China.

If it were Barack Obama or even Joe Biden, you'd be praising them. Donald Trump is not a warmonger.

World War 3 has been planned since the 50s. How will banning an app cause a WAR.

14 Many People Will Lose Their Jobs

TikTok helped many people make a living & even jobs. It’s not just some weird app, it has benefits & even educational value & once Trump band it from the U.S. many will list those jobs & become poor. Not to mention giving China all that $ & committing an economic suicide in the wake. It even impacted Elon Musk in a great way that benefited his jobs. He & others may face their biggest job fate once it gets banned.

Wait, TikTok is a job?

15 Everyone Will Give Up on Entertainment & Social Media

I know this might sound biased, but it’s true TikTok is the most exciting & hottest app out there & the main thing keeping people entertained & even on the internet. But once it gets banned, nobody will ever have that much fun again anywhere on the media or in life. It’s been ranked as being like going out to parties or on vacation every day as everyone using it loves it. Yet people make friends there & more so than anywhere else. It’s been proven a successful app & nothing compared to it. It was recently known that when it got banned in India, people there gave up everything & starved themselves to death in the wake. That’s how good TikTok really is. A better app won’t be possible no matter what & no matter the technology. It was a 1 of a kind platform that would only be made once in history.

16 Donald Trump Doesn’t Care How Miserable People Feel When It’s Banned

Donald Trump wants TikTok banned from the U.S. & it’s the hottest app ever made. So hot that it’s beyond-fun for over 2 billion people that downloaded it & without it, undeniable misery will strike along with boredom & go out of control yet may even become deadly. India’s that way after the ban there. There won’t be another platform with a fun-factor anywhere close to TikTok.

17 It's Pointless to Ban Any App or Website

Especially an app that broke so many records & made monumental history in just 4 years. Nothing will ever top those moves when it comes to social media apps.

People will just use VPNs

18 It's a Possibility That He Wanted to Ban TikTok Because of Teens and K-Pop Stans Possibly Tanking His Tulsa Rally.

Donald Trump cares a lot about his crowd sizes because he brags about having a bigger audience. He is a sad little man.

19 That Would Make All the Tiktokers Find a New Home on YouTube

It shall spread

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