Top Ten Reasons Fat Women Are Better Than Skinny Women


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21 They Don't Make Fun of You for Your Weight

They always do. Every fuller girli ever met, was always making fun of my weight, and telling how skinny I am and that I should eat something. That really don't make any sense since I am a normal weight and actually eat like a elephant.

22 They Have Big Feet

Fat woman have big feet it's so curvy and attractive

23 They're Confident



24 They have more estrogen
25 They Are Natural

So, if you're born to be skinny it means your abnormal?

What? This is hideous... Thin girls are totally natural and normal, much prettier and hotter than fat ones

26 They Focus More on Your Personality

The thing about fat girls is that they do often get judged by haters, but aye haters are gonna hate, however because of this fat girls get to notice someone with a nice personality really fast. ( Big girls deserve respect they live through all the negativity of those who are very self centered. )

27 They Won't Whine About How Fat They Are, Unlike Skinny Girls
28 They Explode

So see when they try to crap, they explode

He is so wrong

29 It's Easier for Them to Keep Warm

Everyone says I'm skinny but I am defiantly not skinny. - Catlover2004

30 They are Restless Lovers

Some have some insecurities so if they get one true love...they tend to love restlessly.

31 They Have Lower Standards Because Less Guys Want Them
32 They Know How to Cook

Um, are you stupid? I am a thin girl and I can cook much better and tastier than a lot of fatties I know.

Thinner girls can also keep their man healthy

Lol yep

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