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61 The fact that they nickname themselves as "Bronies"

No, JacTheBrony, you and your fandom have been constantly ruining the internet by posting your crap everywhere, and then acting like special little snowflakes when we rightfully get angry. So that's why you have no room to talk. So don't even think of coming back to this list. Go be a disgrace to society somewhere else.

That isn't a bad thing, if that is instead of focusing all of your hate towards bronies, hate on furries, Whovians, Potterheads, and any other fandoms you can find because you clearly hate them all just because of a title, which is also sad, I pity you, you must hate yourself because you have a name. No? You don't? THEN STOP HATING US! WE DID NOTHING TO YOU! - JacTheBrony

Oh. its you. JacTheBrony, I mean JacTheIdiot

62 Pegasisters

Pegasisters are simply immature virgin women who need to grow up and get a life.

Just like you and the other people who are hating us on this site need to grow up and learn to do something better for your life instead of living in a world of hate. Grow up. - JacTheBrony

Pegasisters probably grew up with original versions. Bronies are weird and probably hated the originals.

Pegasisters are not bad as bronies

I hate them all.

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63 Brony Artists Turn Everything We Know and Love into Ponies

I saw Harry Potter transformed into ponies. As much as I am okay with people liking My Little Pony, I sometimes can't stand ponified characters unrelated to My Little Pony. How would you feel if Harry Potter fans "Potterfied" My Little Pony characters. - anonygirl

True and no one likes JacTheBrony

JacTheBrony your still on here you ball of slime?

Fnaf, minecraft, undertale and tf2. Those are all awesome and have good fandoms, unlike the haters of them and mlp. -DMT

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64 They Blame Furries

Bronies are furries too.

Umm no offense but YEA FURRIES

Blame furries, blame them of what exactly? - JacTheBrony

Leave the furries alone! What did they ever do to you? :,( At least they keep to themselves, unlike those attention-whore bronies!

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65 They Try to Pass Off Ripoffs As "Crossovers"

You can't find anything like fallout without some pony version in it. One person went as far as to make a book and sell it for profit. Oh, and by the way, stop with the "not all of them" phrase, because we're ear-marking the bad ones. Please, stop with the "crossovers" as you call them, because it's illegal.

Stop covering lies with lies man

Don't see anything wrong with that. They say who were they inspired from, they credit the franchise. So what?

IKR those idiots ponified wings of fire by tui t sutherland and its not even that popular
P.S. that's my favorite book

66 There is No Escape from Bronies

There is, ignore them...

You're right, no matter what people do or say we will live on, no doubt about that. Hating on us does nothing but make themselves look like asswholes - JacTheBrony

Play Tf2 and you will see a brony instantly

I just accept the fact that they like My Little Pony. - anonygirl

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67 They Make Things that Were Not Pony-Related About Ponies

Too many non-MLP related things out there! I mean look at fan fictions, pictures, and mlp games that were not related to the show. WHO ON EARTH STARTED THIS IDEA TO CREATE SOMETHING NOT RELATED TO THE SHOW?!?! And don't come up with an excuse jacthebrony!

Yeah, I love MLP. But I'm pretty annoyed when bronies do this. True many fandoms also do things like this. But the scale of how rabid and obsessed bronies do It is too much. And anime or fnaf related things are usually the victims of this. No offense, I also love the japanese mlp but even that there are millions of ponified anime and vocaloid things, MLP will never be an anime. Sorry and no offense. I love MLP too, but this annoys me a lot! - MLPFan

68 People Try to Become Ultimate Bronies When They Become Bronies

I was a brony once but when I saw all the destruction and carnage they made I quit and joined reality (lol good one)

What do you mean by that? - JacTheBrony

Not all of them.

This is what happened to me when I saw my little pony and now I think I need to be the ultimate brony

69 "Love and Tolerate" Meme

It's all they ever say. And This is the worst meme ever.

It's also true. They say this and it doesn't even mean love and tolerate. It's more like "annoy and harass everyone who doesn't like the show."

Love and tolerate!? It's more like "annoy and try to kill everyone who doesn't like the show."

Its like a quote on drugs and sex

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70 They Think They're Smart When They Make a Point In an Argument

Generally anyone would feel confident or smart when they make a point in an argument - JacTheBrony

Not all of them


71 They Are Ruining My Little Pony and Making It a Bad Show

I totally agree and understand, I used to like watching the show but since bronies ruin it with memes, turning characters into ponies, and many other horrible things they do, I stop watching the show, mostly because of the show's fanbase.

They ruined my childhood in 5th grade! I'm in 6th grade and I regret being a broney!

It was never a good show it's terrible

They really are doing it, this stamp pretty much explains a reason why:

And to whoever mentioned Care Bears, yes, the 80's Care Bear series is so much better than My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I'd rather make friends with the Care Bears (their movies are better too) than with one of the ponies, except maybe Fluttershy, Pinkie or Celestia (only good characters now in my opinion).

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72 They Are Brainwashed

Most of them are

That's not what they meant JacThebronie.

JacTheBrony that's not true your brainwashed too

They deleted my comment,but still JacTheBrony is a butt that is brainwashed

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73 FanFiction

They ruined the show with fanfiction. For example, cupcakes.

It wasn't a Good show it's TERRIBLE

Dude, every fandom has fanfics, get over it, if you don't like it then you don't have to read/watch/listen to it. - JacTheBrony


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74 They Ruin Peoples Lives

They ruined my hope for humanity!

When I was 10. I got addicted to mlp. I feel like a idiot

V-this guy ruined my hope for humanity

JacThebronie stop being a Jerk.

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75 Sexist Stereotypical Women

Ok, on this topic, it's very simple. Lauren Faust, the creator of the show, was feminist. The show is designed to be feminist. Your argument is invalid.

1. Them ponies are all girls. No boy in the mane 6.
2. They are all Stereotypical Women, Girls and a few Men.

You're forgetting about spike, although he isn't technically part of the mane 6, he might as well be because he is directly related to all of the mane 6 - JacTheBrony

I almost forgot to tell JacTheBrony to shut up

#stop JacThebronie

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76 They Invaded TF2

They Keep spraying pictures of ponies, naming themselves pony names, give the weapons pony names. And say pony stuff into the mic and chat box. UGH!

There is a beautiful button called MUTE, use it, also another one called BLOCK, use that too, and for the pics, pay no mind to it. - JacTheBrony

I'm reflecting about how can someone buy 6 Villain's Veil, paint it as the color of the characters and rename it to "Twilight Sparkle's Panties" (all them have "panties", LOL) and add some stupid description. Also their sprays are terrible, they mostly have porn.

And making pony mods (character textures) to TF2

Wow JacThebronie, whatever we do you still end up being a Jerk.

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77 They Spam Things About MLP

They spam abot MLP and they keep posting links of YouTube episodes of MLP
Well that was my worst day ever!

Don't click on them. There problem solved. Now no more complaining unless you're just seeking attention then please do, it's only amusing to us. - JacTheBrony

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78 The're Butthurt

Being butthurt requires anger, the only time we do get angry is when people make us angry, such as anti bronies, or in this case, people on this site. - JacTheBrony

Stop saying not all of them!

When you post something against mlp they post it again but with another image saying shut up that means that brony or bronies are so butthurt then they talk and lie that you're butthurt this happened to me while ago then they make a post of lying "how to deal with butthurt"

It also requires sadness JacThebronie.

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79 They Shove MLP Down Our Throats V 3 Comments
80 They Ruin TV / Videogames

It hurts man I fell your pain I loved enderman but now I don't feel the love anymore because of the bronies

This one should be #1 on the list. They ruined many things. Including my favorite. Minecraft's enderman.

They always ruin my favorite games!

Spelled Brony wrong.

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