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21 Famous for curves and boobs

Yes she's really pretty but how many times do you hear a person say 'I love Demi so much because she has curves! ' No! You hear them say 'I love Demi so much because she has an incredible voice and is an inspiration to millions

She's famous because of her A-list voice, her inspiring story that helped millions of people, her main roles in successful Disney movies, and her multi-platinum singles. Her looks are just a bonus

Shes was famous as a child before she became curvy and if she is famous for the curves why is she a singer and not a model for all you haters... shut up

Not true honey but can I say her curves are smoking! - Maddy_s

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22 She's perfect

Y'all I just laughed so hard at this honestly it's pathetic. These reasons aren't even logical what the actual

She is so PERFECT! - Maddy_s

23 She's an attention whore

Totally, it feels like everything she does screams "Pay attention to me! I'm important! "

Oh my gosh... This is why people are too afraid to speak out about mental illness. People like you are responsible for the many people who suffer in silence

Demi does love attention. Anyone who cuts themselves wrists dose it for attention!

Seems to have grabbed your attention! - Maddy_s

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24 La La land

I not going to stoop to your stupidity

La la land is amazing

I'll do you a favor and cut off your ears, you'll be like the next Van Gogh, but with no talent whatsoever and with both ears missing


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25 Flirted with Darren Criss

So what's the big deal? I'm a fan of darren and I'm totally, I repeat TOTALLY fine with it.

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26 She is a bastard

You're the one to talk...

Your telling me

Selena is the bastard. Not Demi.

Your a bastard honey - Maddy_s

27 Because she made fun of someone else for being fat

LMAO she never did that your just making up false reasons because you have none! - Maddy_s

Lmao, is this person serious? That girl that said Demi called her fat also said she 'ficked her vagina.' No one can be this stupid

28 Rude to her fans

Yes, I remember being a huge fan of hers. (That is until I finally met her.) She was so rude..


No shes not u bettwr think abt this again

Just look at the story about a fan's meet and greet with Demi Lovato, what a bitch! - KianaLexi

29 She was on Barney

This is an odd reason to say you hate someone. - RizaLovato

You serious right now? I'm actually starting to think that you're either just joking around or suffer from a new disease that causes people to act more stupid than the normal idiot should

Barney was a great show for young kids that lasted many years. Demi just happened to be on it, starting her career and making the show 50 times better! - Maddy_s

Why should ANYONE who was on BARNEY receive sympathy for ANYTHING from ANYONE?

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30 Can't sing to save her life

Demi is one of the best singers ever. Selena Gomez can't sing.

Plain cruel. Leave her be

But she sings to save other people's lives

Haha you make me laugh are you tone deaf or something she is one of the best singers that has ever been born! she sings to save others lives - Maddy_s

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31 She told Disney she didn't want to be in Treasure Planet 2, or play Captain Amelia in the live action version

So whats your problem with this did you want her on it or something? I thought you hated her - Maddy_s

32 She assaulted a dancer.

Idiots these days don't even know what kind of effects drugs have on you. Yes, she punched her backup dancer, but once she did that, she decided to get help. Jeez

She assaulted another dancer and blamed on drugs.

She did but straight away she went to rehab! - Maddy_s

33 She always skips the high note in Stone Cold during her live shows

She has never I always watch her live performances and why watch them if you hate her by the way - Maddy_s

If you hate her so much, why are you listening to her live performances..?

34 She pretends to be mentally ill and then ignores people with actual problems

Haha your pathetic she was mentally ill and she commented on one of my post helping me to get out of my mental illness! - Maddy_s

She IS mentally ill

35 Because she sings

You don't like people who sing? That's not really her problem. - RizaLovato

Is there a problem? - TheTopSheep

I have to admit she is a good singer

So dose half the world bimbo! - Maddy_s

36 She's part of Simon Cowell's evil empire of lies. V 2 Comments
37 She tries too hard to be cool.

The first rule of cool is you shouldn't have to try.

She doesn't she is just cool... COOL FOR THE SUMMER

You tried too hard to find a reason to hate on her

Day she is cool for the summer! - Maddy_s

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39 Liam fancies her V 1 Comment
40 She copies other artist's songs V 1 Comment
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