Reasons to Hate Electronic Arts

Why do we say that EA is horrible? Maybe, these reasons will explain everything. Here's some advice. Don't buy a game that is 100% made by EA. Buy a game that is like this.
Developed by:EA
Published by:A different company
Developed by:A different game
Published by:EA
If you hate EA like a lot of people do, stop buying their games no matter how awesome the say they are. By the way, go look up 'If Electronic Arts Was 100% Honest With Us' on YouTube & you'll see how much EA doesn't care about us.

The Top Ten

1 They make you pay for everything
2 EA only cares about money.

EA makes great games but the company is trash. - WorldPuncher47592834

The only one I know is 100% true - keyson

Obviously a known fact.

3 They have the worst franchises

I'd have to disagree with this one. EA made Mass Effect, Battlefield, Sims, Plants vs Zombies, and much more. - Not_A_Weeaboo

4 They keep making DLC packs
5 They ruined Star Wars: Battlefront
6 They ruined great series'
7 EA treats their customers like garbage.
8 No Elder Scrolls or Zelda
9 The fanbase is absolutely terrible
10 They release the same thing over and over again


The Contenders

11 EA treats their workers like slaves.
12 Horrible customer service

They truly suck

13 Most of the EA games require an Internet connection.

Um no, they don't. Need for speed games do NOT require internet connection. You must be talking about The Crew, but it has no affiliation with EA. It is by Ubisoft. The person who made the didn't realize this fact. - SelfDestruct

14 Origin sucks.

I had to turn off Vpn to use Origam. Here's the weird part: I DON'T USE VPN! Origin sucks 0/10

15 They Gave Mass Effect 3 And Depressing Ending
16 Their DLC requires money, not skill.
17 They removed children from the Sims 4
18 EA ignores its customers.

I told them I bought sim coins on the sims on my ipad for the best amount of money and that never came true and I still havo no reply after 2 or 3 years..

19 They never fix any bugs in games
20 Some of Their Games Get Rehashed
21 EA buys their scores from IGN.
22 EA doesn't even care about their own video games.
23 They Think Console Wars are Good
24 They made Mass Effect 3 have a terrible ending.
25 Their games are broken
26 They dissed Call of Duty

'Frosbite 3 and Battlefield 4 put Call of Duty:Ghosts to shame.'

Come on,what's with the hate anyway.Just stop.STOP.

27 They ruined Spore and Maxis
28 They shut down Pet Society

Pet Society was one of my favorite Facebook games of all time. Until it shut down. EA is so (greedy and) cruel! >:( - Lucy1402

29 Mass Effect Andromeda

I hate that game - Gehenna

30 Electronic Arts says stupid stuff like console wars being good.

On July 1, 2014, IGN announced that EA stated that console wars are good for the gaming industry. HA! That's stupid. Console wars are never good. Here! Let's end the console war like this. PlayStation 4 is better than Xbox One. Wii you beats both. Nintendo 64 is the best console ever & PC conquers all of the consoles. THERE! How do you like that EA? Someone tell EA & IGN that the console war is over, PC gaming is the best & the Nintendo 64 won. We have the best gaming console ever! Nintendo 64. Suck on that, Electronic Arts. Console wars & EA sucks. PC gaming beats both.

31 They buy good game companies and ruin them
32 EA didn't take advantage of the Nintendo Switch

Known fact. Period. - ZeroBlaster

33 They Ruined The Ultima Series
34 They Shut Down The Origin Develop Company
35 No More Wing Commander
36 No More Command And Conquer
37 They Shut Down Maxis And Destroyed The Sims

Can't believe they did that :( - Gehenna

38 They tried to buy Valve in 2012
39 GoldenEye: Rogue Agent was a cash-grab
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