Top Ten Reasons to Hate Fans

The Top Ten

1 They hate changes

Sometimes they will even accuse a certain installment for disgracing its own series.

That goes for you, Star Wars fans; That's right, I'm looking at most of you.

I'm a little surprised that this made it on number 1.

I'm looking' at you, Star Wars fanboys!

2 They are rude

Some of them are so rude, they even want you dead! Literally! If so, don't EVER listen to them! Because they are not even like you at all!

You guys think that being rude is fun or makes you cool? I don't think so!

You think being disrespectful entertains you?

Being nice is boring!

3 They can't accept people's opinions

On the "Top 10 Most Overrated Sci-Fi Movies" list, with "The Empire Strikes Back" listed in, PositronWildhawk says he prefers "Return of the Jedi", but some visitor with no account told him to "shut up", and disrespected him in the most elitist and pretentious way possible. That's one of the things that prove how dangerous fans are, so please be careful with your opinions.

They will treat their own as facts and claim they are smarter than you!

They will use theirs as a propaganda!


4 They have no life

It's kind of ironic that people believe reality is cruel when they made it the same way on the internet.

God made the real world, we made the internet, especially to avoid humanity. Reality is indeed cruel.

Reality is cruel.

Reality sucks.

5 They curse
6 They go on anti- (what fans love) lists

Just wanted to leave a friendly reminder that this goes both ways. Fans should stay off hate lists and haters should stay off praise lists.

If you don't like any of our hate lists, then get out of there!

7 Have bad taste

They don't have a bad taste as regards cartoons,rather as regards fanart,fanfictions and fanvideos! The net is putrefying because of those scandalous adventure time fanworks many people post and like! Please accept the characters the way they are instead of changing them!

8 Tell us to get lives
9 They are obsessed with likable characters

Any main character, or any likable character in general that gets trashed on will automatically have the hatred towards the ones responsible for it.

According to them, any likable character that gets trashed on will automatically have the hatred thrown to the one responsible.

Ponies from My Little Pony getting popular = FLAME WARS!
(It means fans get into fights over the ponies)

10 They have overactive imaginations

The Contenders

11 Think that haters have no talent just because you hate something
12 They don't know what they're talking about
13 They ruin the internet
14 They demonize unlikable characters
15 Say you're jealous

It's very ironic for them to say that because they are pretty jealous too.

16 They have fantasy prone personalities

I think that means they are not being who they really are IRL.

17 They are very biased
18 They think fantasy worlds are better than reality

I agree that fantasy worlds are better than reality in every way and every other way.

It could be true though, but remember:
Reality Comes First!

19 They represent bigotry

Console fanboys are the biggest example of this.

20 They are hypocrites
21 They are very stupid
22 They are egotistical
23 They make things overrated

They give things too much praise.

24 They are very pretentious
25 They get jealous of things
26 They take things way too seriously
27 They hate things for petty reasons
28 They can't make opinions
29 They fight over nothing
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