Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Kardashians

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1 They All Have No Talent Whatsoever

Honestly I've never seen an ounce of talent come from them. They got famous because of porn and their bodies. On the show they complain and whine and just live that "classic Hollywood life". It disgusts me. The Jenner girls are becoming just like them. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THEM. - ephemera

Normal people get up in the morning and go to work, but no, the Kardashians have no idea what a job is. So if I were to meet all of them, I'd be like: what kind of a job do you have? They'd be like: what the hell is a job? They also have no talent whatsoever, they do absolutley nothing for the public attention they get.

They are just plain no good for anything. I don't know why people watch them. - lundjohn

Why are they famous in the first place

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2 Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model.

She the worst out of all the Kardashians. She's very annoying. Have you heard her song "jam"? Here voice is terrible. She sounds like she's choking on some things.

Worst singer in the UNIVERSE

Ugliest woman alive. - railfan99

She's annoying,plus Kylie Jenner.. They both are totally ugly and got no all!
They make sextapes because that is what they r good at.. They cannot sing,dance and have no inspiration tips.. They r totally junkyard dogs and I hate the whole crap family

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3 The 72-day Marriage
4 They're Greedy

They take any endorsement that goes their way, Kim once got paid to open a public toilet in New York. Seriously. And they've had a few lawsuits because they're terrible at keeping to their contracts.

5 They Are the Complete Opposite of Humble
6 They Take Over The Front Cover Of Magazine's

I cannot walk past a magazine rack without seeing them on the front cover with some sob story.

There is poverty, wars, and pollution going around in the world, and they want to tell us about Kim's sob story's

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7 Most Are Made of Plastic

They might as well be singing 'i'm a barbie girl' in their barbie dreamhouse. they may as well be a breed of plastic barbie doll-aliens who will someday go back to the planet of barbieboleb and won't we celebrate!

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8 They Always Have The Front Cover Stories On The News

Can we please have not one Kardashian in the news for once.

9 They Are All Attention Whores

I can see why Kate Middleton get attention, well that's because she's royalty. But the Kar"TRASH"ians, HELL NO! I just don't see what they do to become famous.

I think you accidently added an unneeded word, Attention?

10 They're Famous for No Reason

I ran track in third grade and I have a pet dog, do I get a reality show.

They r famous for the keeping up with the kardashians show.

Yeah. What you do is more than what Kim does. I'm serious. She's a lazy asswipe so...yeah.

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11 You Can't Escape Them V 1 Comment
12 They Pay for Media Attention
13 They're Spoiled

They r really talent no inspiration nothing..except some crap sextapes..
The kardashians and the Jenner's r totally annoying, plastic and crap people

14 Kanye West
15 They Have Their Own TV Show
16 The Show " Keeping Up With The Kardashians"

I can't stand this show. It seems like every channel I turn to, this stupid show is on.

17 They Think We Care V 3 Comments
18 That 72 Hour Marriage
19 They Think They Deserve To Go To Broadway
20 They Glorify Pettiness
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1. They All Have No Talent Whatsoever
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1. They're Spoiled
2. They Have Their Own TV Show
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