Reasons to Love Demi Lovato

This is a list of reasons to love the talented singer and actress Demi Lovato

The Top Ten

1 She has an incredible singing voice

I love Demi! She's just really a great person. Her personality is hilarious and sweet. She's a wonderful person and talented singer. I aslo like her acting career. Love you, Demi!

Her, ariana grande and Katy Perry are the most beautiful women out there

True,no one should bash her

It is so so so... true because...I just love here voice it is beter than mine

2 She is a really good role model

Her story inspires millions of people and she's saved so many peoples lives with her songs and kind words

She has a good heart and powerful voice

Wow... Her voice is amazing! Just amazing

Yep that's y imma lovatic

3 She has her own unique style and she doesn't copy others

I love how original she is

Anyone can have their own style using autotune : ) - keyson

I think keyson has a point.

4 She is a very talented actress

As well as being amazing at comedy, she showed that she can also do more serious stuff like in Glee

Lovatics forever! She is so inspiring and probably the only celebrity who is that popular and still finds time to think about making her fans happy

5 She has a huge fan base with a lot of people that look up to her

Yup I look up to her because she is so passionate & inspiring! I'm a Lovatic! - Curti2594

She is so sweet and love her lovatics no matter what and she is inspring

6 She smiles a lot

She have the most beaultiful smile on the all world

7 She is very friendly towards her fans
8 She has been through so much, but now she's stronger than ever

She is a true warrior and I love her for it

9 She is very smart
10 She's such a beautiful person

The Contenders

11 Her music
12 Her laugh

Her laugh is absolutely adorable. When you're down, the first thing you should do is watch a compilation of her laughing. Trust me, you'll die from laughter. I love her so much, she is my world

13 Fame hasn't change her

Unlike Ariana Grande, Demi can be famous AND nice

14 She's funny

It's not like she cracks me up or something, but she is kinda humourous.

15 She's relatable
16 She has kissed Naya Rivera

They are both so lucky to get to kiss each other

Naya Rivera is amazing!

17 Not singing playback like Selena Gomez

Yes, but she's using too much autotune in her songs.

18 She is Hardworking
19 She quit using drugs
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