Top Ten Reasons to Love My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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1 The characters

I love all of them so so so much! Especially Fluttershy! Rainbow Dash may be a bit overrated but I think she's cool!

There's lots of great characters!

I love Spike! He's so cute! The ponies are really great, but the non-pony characters steal the show, like Discord and Queen Chrysalis. - Discord


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2 The Animation

Why are there so many mean comments on here? I have never seen MLP, but honestly? You guys are putting a negative comment on every item! - Turkeyasylum

Yeah, they are. The haters are spreading. Just ignore those hateful comments. - Pegasister12

They have very well made animations so they should be ranked first on the hub even though I'm a boy

I Love The "My Little Pony" Animation. Reminds Me Of "Peppa Pig" Animation.

It's better than most modern cartoons which are just plain and boring.

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3 It teaches you about friendship

Friendship is something that children can learn on their own. They do not need some show to teach them a bunch of lessons, and besides, instead of teaching children about how to make friends, they just teach children why it is good to have friends, so you won't learn anything about it, and won't have any friends. - DarkenedBrutality

Friendship is something kids can learn on their own - EpicJake

You're kidding right? Picture this: If you made a list called "Reasons to love Sesame Street" and one of the reasons was "It teaches kids about numbers and shapes" and I wrote "Numbers and shapes are something kids can learn on their own" would you feel disgusted? If so, remember that is exactly what you're doing here. - Puga

This is the good part. A cartoon that actually secretly learns you things

Proverbs 18:24 from the bible is all you need to know about friendship, not this show.

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4 The songs

I love the vampire bats song, and I successfully learned "Glass of Water" and I can sing it just as fast as Discord does! - Discord

Guys leave Cosmo alone.

All of the songs are awesome - kmyeakel

Great songs

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5 The Bronies and Pegasisters

Are fandom has been over hated by overused stereotypes.
That they anti bronies look like more of hypocritical, angry, immature, Sexist, racist, homophobic, autistic hating, fat shaming, and dumb bigots

Yeah, we have a HUGE fandom. - Pegasister12

He have the greatest fanbase


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6 The Equestria Girls film series

They HAD to make Twilight that stupid, purple mary-sue that saved the day, and had to make Aria Blaze a bad guy. Twilight needs to die sometime soon...

I actually don't like it that much especially the horrible love scenes between flash and twilight but overall ok.

TrinitYinYangDeviantArt Equestria Girls is Awesome. I hope that that dude is an Animator.

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7 The plots

Agreed The Plots Are Always Great

The plots are very heavy and they can lead to some interesting things
People analyzed all of the plot

Most of the items are incorrect in this list, while the items in the opposite list are correct. Your arguments are invalid you stupid pony lovers.

You bronies are all stupid. Check out the opposite version of this list, Reasons to hate MLP: FiM.

8 It's so funny

Exactly. Why would a show that is targeted towards the innocent minds of sweet children, have ponies that shriek (For Whom The Sweetie Belle Tolls) and go full Psycho (Lesson Zero) in the first place.

Explain yourselves (To clever bronies who have a point why this argument is incorrect).

A note to Imbecilic Fools: Insults will not be taken seriously and are a proof that my argument is won and right.

It really is! Pinkie Pie is so random and she makes everybody laugh, Twilight is hilarious when she goes insane over small things, and Rarity always freaks out when something bad happens. And come on people, "she's an evil enchantress, she does evil dances, if you look deep in her eye, she'll put you in trances. Then what will she do? She'll mix up an evil brew, then she'll gobble you up in a big tasty stew! So...WATCH OUT! " - Discord

Totally agree, I used to think it was stupid, and I did the chant and stuff, u know, (my little pony, is a big phony, stepped on a wire, fell in a fire,) but once watching the show I was immediately addicted.

Stupid not funny at all.

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9 Fluttershy Fluttershy Fluttershy is a female pegasus pony from the 2010 animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a kind pegasus and is very timid and shy. She takes care of the animals.

If you don't like Fluttershy, she will MAKE you love her. - Discord

Fluttershy is one of 2 reasons why I watched this show. The other reason is that my little sister watches this show 2 hours a day!

I agree. Fluttershy is SO CUTE!

Fluttershy, more like Fluttercry, sucks!

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10 The writers

Meghan McCarthy is one of them! She's awesome! Lauren Faust is too!

Lauren Faust is known for Atrocities like Power Puff Girls

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11 Memes

This one belong to 'Reason to hate Powerpuff Girls Reboot' list. - ad48

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12 The toys and all things seen in stores

I love them toys. Toys rock. There are all kinds of them toys. My favourite ones are the glow in the dark ones. They are the best.

They should make My Little Pony Action Figures (For Dudes.)

I can't wait 'til my birthday on November 16th! My aunt is hopefully getting me the Dazzling dolls!

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13 Fan Art

'I've seen some very beautiful and dramatic fan art. - Discord

I only like the fan art that's not disturbing - Discord1

Not all fan art is a good as you think...

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14 Internet vids
15 The drama

You mean the drama anger issues.

16 It's on Discovery Family V 1 Comment
17 The lessons
18 The voice actors

They are really awesome

19 Apps

Sometimes they're crappy and foreign, but the ones in English are really fun!

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20 The humor
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