Why I'm pro-furry - Furry support post (Short)

When I first started being on the internet about five years ago, I was completely unaware of furries. People would just say "oh being a furry is so gay/zoophile-like" and I'd band-wagon, careless of the situation. It wasn't until 2014, where I had become more aware of the internet, when I found out about what being a furry was. Once again, I didn't really know about the situation, but I decided to bandwagon once again, claiming that being a furry was what a pervert or bestiality supporter will do. Eventually, I finally had come to my senses in early 2016, where I started to draw (choppy) anthropomorphic characters, mainly dragons. I was afraid people were going to be calling me a "yiff" or "bestality supporter" or "zoophile", so I actually dug more into the furry topic... and this is where I started defending furries. Of course, people are always going to be jerks to a certain fandom or the like, but when it comes to the furry fandom people are ape-crap over it. It's time to go through what I've seen about furries on this site, and use my viewpoints to defend them.

" It's nasty. Why would you turn beautiful animals into ugly humanoid monstrosities? "

First of all, not every animal is beautiful. Take mole-rats, blobfish, aye-ayes or the like into play. Also, your concept of people turning "beautiful animals" into "ugly humanoid monstrosities" has been around for years, it's not "nasty". If you guys actually took a moment to search up safe-for-work furry art, you'll see that not every person in the furry fandom is either a person who wants to have their way with any animal, or a person who thinks of animals as humanoid ***-toys. Gosh, I wonder if people actually try to think furries out instead of thinking "oh it's people who give breasts to an animal and make it two-legged, that's so hot....". Moving on...

"My God, The Furry Fandom is pretty much another version of Zoophilia. Furries are freaks!"

Zoophilia, for anyone who doesn't know, is a fetish where people want to hate intercourse with a furry. Of course, this person clearly didn't do their research, and decided to say "all furries are into making out", which is biased and ignorant. This is why you should research your targets before you're going to bash them, because it's obvious people haven't taken that into mind when it comes to furries. Anyway, to the people who think being a "furry" is just some modern trend that started after the 2000s, once again, you're incorrect; This is a thing that's been around possibly even before the writing of Alice Through The Looking Glass. It's sad to see people deciding not to do their research when they're bashing their targets, because it's obvious that it doesn't get them anywhere. Basically, all I'm saying is; I'm pro furry. Why? People treat these people like Ebola, all because they can't stand an animal they like having the same anatomy as that of the human. When I think of it, it's pretty sad, honestly. It's even more stupid when people use "gay" or "homosexual" to describe it. Haven't we learned sexuality as an insult is pretty stupid as of now?

So, in laconic - Not all furries are awful people. You have the right to not like it, but insulting the people behind it is a pretty stupid idea. To any fellow furries, ignore the haters. Don't be convinced that your hobby is "sick and perverted" and that it supports bestiality (when it doesn't), keep being one.



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Furries are people who enjoy anthropomorphic animals (or animals with human traits). they can turn said anthropomorphic animals into a sexual fetish, but it all depends on who you're talking to. - Teravolt1422

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