Top Ten Reasons School Lists Are Dumb


The Top Ten

1 It's a form of bullying

Let's say someone made a 'top ten prettiest girls in _____ middle school' the list being:
1. Neveah
2. Angela
3. Sarah
4. Jessica
5. Amber
6. ever
7. Mia
8. Amy
9. Elizabeth
10. Mary

Neveah is probably feeling quite happy, but what about Mary, at the bottom of the list? And Angela is probably wondering why a majority of her peers find Neveah more attractive. Amy could be wondering why she has less comments. And what about all the girls who didn't even get in the top tens? Or even added? - AzaleanGirl

2 Not everyone could participate

If you don't know who they are, how can you vote? - AzaleanGirl

3 People used to spam the website with these lists
4 99% of users don't care

If you wanna talk about that stuff, keep it in your classroom - AzaleanGirl

5 They could be trolls just adding random names

Think about it. Who names their school "whaterviewlake" - AzaleanGirl

6 It was mainly Rockland Middle School

Ok rockland middle school, you like rating people. - AzaleanGirl

7 It could cause offline drama

Say Billy makes a best athlete list. John at the top. But the star quarter back, Simon, could get mad that he isn't on the list, and be fighting with Billy - AzaleanGirl

8 That isn't what the website is for

Oh really well I got no where else to go anonymously and talk about how much I hate school so I guess you gotta deal with it.

9 It could lower people's confidence

Think how you would feel if you were looking through your school's lists, and noticed:
Top ten nicest:
1. Emily

Top ten coolest:
1. Emily

Top ten best singers:
1. Emily

Top ten funniest:
1. Emily

So on. - AzaleanGirl

10 It could be annoying
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