Top Ten Reasons the World Today Sucks

It is self-explanatory, please do not bring celebrities into this either.

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1 War

This has been a very horrible issue ever since ancient times and still keeps going on today. - JoeBoi

This leads to a giant amount of deaths. What makes this worse is that there are still conflicts going on in Syria, Somalia, and Korea. - JoeBoi

I Mean:Same Thing With The Media

Something With The Media

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2 Corrupt Leaders

The world leaders and the secret societies their greed and there stupid way of thinking.then going against God Jesus and the holy spirit by far how dumb are they? They are controlled by Satan and his demons they are the aliens wake up people they are keeping us from seeing the truth. Divide us.

I wonder why this is a problem cough Democrats cough Obama cough Lyndon b johnson

Especially in Brazil...i hope Bolsonaro will be a good president...

People such as George Bush lie to the citizens and go ahead with dumb plans to create war. - Serperior77

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3 Racism

Isn't it ironic that white kids are getting racism upon them?

4 Immature Children

At school, kids under 10 talk about drugs and other subjects, but in an immature way. - Serperior77

This is why schools need to be better. Of course it’s annoying when you have to cope with a screaming child at a restaurant, but kids are kids, they’re immature. - JoeBoi

5 Bad Music

Music should go back to the way it was in the 1930s and 1940s the era of proper music.

And things like electronic dance "music" should be banned as it is not music

All pop is trying to be trendy with the techno vibe. I miss the upbeat voice with background music. Now Pop is more about the background and elements then it is about the actual voice.

I used to love rap and pop and then it went downhill in the late 2000s. More and more bad singers came in. Hardly any good singers. :'( From Ralph the Pizza,

That is more a matter of opinion. Maybe the problem isn't the problem but your attitude towards the problem

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6 Manmade Disasters

Yep. Wars, Terrorism, Shootings, Genocides, etc. - JoeBoi

Chemical Wars Incoming.Get Yourself a bunker
-Gaurav Foujdar


7 People Are Too Politically Correct

To the person that disagrees...try having a civil exchange with 'millennial female activist' types in San Francisco or California. Then talk to me again.

Disagree - people have no civility any longer. Being PC is not bad, being unable to have rational discourse now is the problem. Be civil to one another for a change, you will be surprised by the results.

People are pussies now a days

SJWs: "Everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is homophobic & I have to point it all out! "

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8 Hate

Yep. Just look above for an example, people believing political correctness, that's to say, feminists, anti-racists and anti-homophobic, is bad have put that issue to number 4 while hatred is number 7.
Makes no sense to me

This is probably the best answer. Racism, "immature children", man made disasters, corrupt leaders and WAR ESPECIALLY have been around for a long, long time. And "no family time :(" is a fantasy; it's entirely possible to talk to your family if you make an effort to do so, plus lots of extra family time has been created as wars diminish. (And yes, they have diminished.) But most of those have just been blind nationalism, and a lack of understanding. They just think everyone else is inferior and misguided. Which, of course, is probably worse than hate. But hate is new, and it's a huge problem. People have started to hate, bully and insult each other a lot more than they used to, and it can't stop, because there's the obstacle of free speech. Which is probably also a good thing; hating people is natural and even healthy a lot of the time, I'm referring to the times when it's not. This, nevertheless, deserves to be higher on this list. - Pikachion

Hate is the root of all problems. Wish I could delete hate from this world.

People hate everyone and everything. We should be brothers, not hate each other. - Manoplay

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9 Global Warming

On the bright side, humanity will probably die out because of this. - keycha1n

Nothing is being done

Our way of life is unsustainable. Simple as that

10 No Family Time


Yeah, I missed the old world. People is playing pc or iPad... Nobody goes outside... No family times...

But... what if you don't like your family?

The internet has taken away all of our family time... - Serperior77

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The Newcomers

? Poverty Poverty

It's a shame it still exists, as Maany parts of this world abunds in money, resources, but people today only care about him/herself

The Contenders

11 Humans

No humans, no problems

Every problem goes back to a human behavior

Stupid humans. I'm an alien now

Humans are responsible for all other items on this list

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12 Feminism

Feminism isn't about equality, its about having more rights than men. Society has shown and proven this. Once equality was achieved, people had to have more. This applies to other equality issues as well such as immigration.

Gone to far and lies about it's past. Like the Jews!

Women are not cool anymore.

Poisonous ideology made by big money eaters.

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13 Greed

People who give become victims of those who take. And those who take defend their possessions, with any means necessary. It's what this world knows and attempts to change become shot down. History repeats itself. The intellect and lack of heart is the culprit. The natural state of the soul is servitude to others.

14 Destructive Overpopulation

This one makes sense, the world will die out because of overpopulation. - Serperior77

If we could only convince everybody to have two or less children..

In 1960 the population was 3 bil, now 7.5. There's just not enough to go around for everyone to have a decent life.

15 Stressful Environment
16 Infidelity

Morals and values are out the window, we learn early that money is success.

17 Homophobia

I believe that everyone should be treated the same, no matter who they fall in love with

Personally, I hate gays


18 Prejudice
19 Clinical Depression

Too much stress and.depression

20 Lack of Motivation to Complete Things

Everybody, nowadays, just sits around and hops on their computer, phone, or tablet. Seriously, nothing gets done.

21 Abortion

Maybe, but so is letting a child grow up unwanted and unloved in an environment that may be harmful. And it's killed much before any development of major brain function or anything so its not a baby barley a fetus.

I don't agree

Wow killing your own baby. Pretty cruel.

22 Invasive Government

Imperfect rules, made by imperfect people and being upheld by imperfect people causings distress worldwide. More rules made by demonic people only causes increased chaos in the mind.

23 The DEA

The fact that people think that your body is their business when you're not doing anything to anyone is a terrible thing. We spend trillions locking people away like animals because god forbid they mind their own business. The DEA treats adults like children.

Not the drug enforcement agency but the drug protection agency

24 People's Attitudes

People just are mean

25 Animal Abuse

The animals help us so we shouldn't abuse them

26 Kids Don't Do Anything

They don't do anything because their parents give them EVERYTHING.

They don't do anything because their IQ is lower.

27 Technology

Technology will save us all...if there's time left on the clock, tic tic tic tic...

28 Terrorism

One largest Terrorist group that already can;t be destroyed by those countries who are Considered superpowers I mean come on states from EU and countries like Japan, UK,US, China, India,France,Germany,etc can't get enough troops to land on Syria and Iraq and together Wipe out ISIS...

And actually by 2020 is it predictd that Actually ISIS will take some territories from Africa and Europe and mostly by 22nd Century Almost half of the world and no one will get ability to stop them Because we are so Brainless Humans!

29 Cancer

Well, I heard there’s a cure for this disease. - JoeBoi

30 Empathy
31 Celebrities

Well, just some. - JoeBoi

32 Cell Phones

Have you even eaten lunch in a room with 35 employees? If so, then you must notice the lack of conversation because everyone is on a cell phone.

33 Communism

Not as much communism as the 20th century.

Supresses individual activity to achieve things like inventions. Creates jealousy.

I can’t believe that a few communist countries still exist today. - JoeBoi

34 Social Media Social Media
35 Bad Sex

Maybe you're just bad at sex

More like obsessive sex


36 People Are Obsessed With Vlog Videos/Reality T.V

This is like 98% of the media today, it really makes me mad that actual entertainment seems to be fading away and being replaced with this, and that fact that so many people watch these things is just sad

37 Crappy Medical Coverage
38 Drugs

The thing that ruins many people's lives, and whole communities

39 Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
40 Not Preparing Children for the Real World

Its like everyone is a winner, everyone gets a trophy; kids don't realize that once you get into the real world you don't always win you have to work to for everything. It would also be nice if in highschool they prepared kids for their jobs more, so many kids know what they want to be by 9th grade, but the schools still forces them to take the "important" classes, like the English classes that teach the same thing every year but with a different book, why don't they offer to teach kids important things like engineering and other fields they know they want to be in and can get an early start.

41 Lack of positivity
42 Society Has Impossible Expectations
43 People Not Understanding the Importance of Wearing Clothing

I'm not against people being nudists but a lot of people nowadays don't understand why clothes are important because there are many reasons why we need to wear clothes. They keep dirt off of us, they keep us warm in the winter, they can even protect our private parts from bug bites or sunburn because think about it would you really want to be spraying bug spray or sunscreen on that area. It can also keep you from getting scratched by thorns and it even keeps germs off of us. - Cbailey21

44 People are Endangering Others
45 Rule 34
46 Video Games
47 Bullies Bullies
48 Too many murders
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