Top 10 Reasons Why Abortion Should Be Legal

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1 The girl could have been raped

I don’t care if someone got pregnant unwanted even from a traumatic thing, she should just give birth whenever she is ready to do so and immediately put it up for adoption, because abortion is murder.

I completely agree. It is murder. How to scientists track life? With a heartbeat. And when they make sure the baby is gone, how do they check? If it has a heartbeat.

And if she's very young, she's probably not in the right mental state to have a baby.

It doesn't matter if the person is young or old, abortion should be legal.

I agree that abortion should be allowed because of this

2 Another woman's body is none of your business

Randomator is correct. The baby is not part of the woman's body. The reason for the placenta between the mother and the unborn child, is to keep the mother's body from rejecting the genetically separate human being.

Well guess what? That baby is not the woman’s body! No living person has 4 eyes, 2 mouths, 4 arms and legs 20 fingers and toes, and 2 sets of DNA.
Also try telling that to the people who decided Roe vs Wade

NOBODY has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body.. Abortion should be legalized period.

If the man and woman aren't in a relationship then the man has no say whether the woman should or should not abort the child, the child will be living off her body for 9 months

Abortion Clinics are not gas chambers.
You had Christians that bombed them.

3 Sometimes giving birth could kill the woman

It's extremely rare nowadays, though many women suffer health problems that arise with time, but all in all, the mothers survive and death during pregnancy's extremely rare, 1 in 100,000.

This and number 1 are the only good reasons.

I don't wanna imagine that

It’s pretty rare nowadays

4 Life starts at birth not at conception

You can take it back even further than conception, or even fertilization.
Life began with a cell. A singular cell over a billion years ago. The cell created more cells and created more and more life from then on. You can’t have living organisms without organ systems, you can’t have organ systems without organs, you can’t have organs without tissue, you can’t have tissue without, you guessed it, cells.

Nope it begins at conception that’s the way it works for every animal on earth and humans are no different. This is simple biology. Go back to biology class

You didn't understand the comparison, you said that it was living therefore it is murder, which means anything that is living would also be murder, by your definition and plants are not primarily used for food sources, they are primarily used to ensure that animals could survive on this planet by sucking up the carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Animals just take advantage of the fact that plants aren't mobile which makes for easy prey

Wrong! It starts at conception. The heart starts to beat within 3 weeks.

Do you have any proof of that?

5 Abortion is a right

NO it's not. It's wrong and sick and evil. No one should kill off their own babies, because more likely than not, they're gonna grow up as beautiful angels and humans are more important than you think.

I'm not saying I disagree, but why is this on here, this argument is circular and wouldn't convince anyone.

About as much a right as honour killing is.

Should of thought about that before also again is really that bad giving a baby a chance

Well yes of course.

6 Religion shouldn't affect the law

We need to start praising God more, because we've come too far in ignoring him and Jesus, plus we've hurt so many of each other and driven ourselves to death with our evil foolish acts, such as abortion.

Actually, it already DOES affect the Law.

That is why murder (which is exactly what abortion is) the worst punishable offense, & why stealing is also a highly punishable offense.

You say we originally learn morality from religion, but actually religion asserted some things as moral and some things as immoral, and then after the fact we assessed for our selves what is moral, and religion got some things right about what is moral (ex. Murder is immoral) and some things wrong about what is moral (ex. Slavery is moral). Don't know how you can possibly say religion is the source of morality when it abdicated for slavery.

We should get along more and praise the lord, because he made us and didn't make us to kill each other, even though we have free will.

I agree but that has nothing to do with abortion here other than fundamentalists being against it.

7 The fetus won't feel any pain

@ThatIntrovertedEmo: You say "Evolution has also been proven, but religious people keep denying it." Therefore: "The fetus feeling pain has been proven, but ThatIntrovertedEmo keeps denying it."

When did I say I denied it I'm just saying you shouldn't tell be to believe the facts when you're denying it yourself.

Who cares if it doesn't feel any pain, because living as a human is more important than pain, and abortion's wrong and evil.

Abortion should be legal, but only before 20 weeks because then the fetus won't feel pain.

We don't rob a fetus of a life they haven't started.

8 Making it illegal only makes abortions unsafe

This is the main reason that abortion should remain legal, by making abortion illegal you are promoting unsafe and unsanity abortions. The only thing that is accomplished by making it illegal is getting a feel good feeling about making it illegal
At least with it being legal it is safe, the mother is talked to about the consequences of her actions, and the possible steps she could take before going ahead with the procedure

9 The family might not be able to afford a living for the baby

That may be despair, but abortion is killing and that's worse than not affording a place to live.

Then put it up for adoption or just don't have unprotected sex

In that case put the baby up for adoption or I don’t know think about the consequences before having sex?

Put it up for adoption and subject it to a life of pain not knowing who its parents are?

10 Even animals abort their babies

So? Weak reason.

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? Nobody should have the right to use somebody else's body without their consent

People, stop using whatever argument you're using and start using this one, it's the only one that matters. This argument is a direct response to the "it's the murder of an innocent human being" argument from the pro life side. The correct course of action when encountered with that argument is to point out to them that a two year is a human in every sense of the word so personhood is taken out of the equation and if a mother had a two year old and that two year old needed an organ transplant in order to live and the mother is the only one that can deliver that organ she isn't legally forced to deliver that organ. Ask them why the fetus is allowed to have the rights of using the mother's body regardless of the mothers say, but the two year old doesn't have this right? What you will find is various excuses such as "because the mother put the fetus there in the first place" or whatever, none of which are satisfactory. I think the only reason people have such a ...more

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11 The mother might die if she doesn't have an abortion.

That's SO unlikely, that's 1 in 1,000,000,000. Almost EVERY mother has survived and people are likely to die sooner if they have a disease from living an unhealthy life, or if they were KILLED, which is what abortion's about.

One of the only cases where it is acceptable but these cases are rare.

12 The baby might make the mother's life harder

Doesn't matter, mothers give their lives to their children and risk so much. All for their babies. because children are more important for parents than anything else on Earth aside from God.

That poor mother again has anyone ever heard of putting the baby up for adoption

Well in that case keep the baby the mother should of thought about the consequences saying it will make your life harder is a very very weak excuse wait did you actually give a respectful reply are you the same person who was computer screaming at me?

Well should’ve thought about consequences before having sex. Weak reason

How cute calling someone ignorant because someone has a different opinion then you

13 The baby could come out with physical or mental defects

Still, humans are precious and we must not use each other the wrong way.
Killing is hurtful and not only hurts ourselves, but others as well.

That is arguing from a eugenics point of view, & very insulting to people with disabilities.

Like you are to people who are factually correct about abortion?

I'm pro choice, but this shouldn't be a reason, that's rude.

14 Preventative measures don’t always work

May be true, but that doesn't mean there's a right to kill babies.

15 The pregnant girl could be very young

Whether young or old, abortion is wrong and an example of muder.

Only if the pregnant girl was raped or having unprotected sex.

Rape is the only time it’s acceptable even though only 1% of abortions are because of rape.

Why are you asking for proof, if your talking the issue as simply as abortion right or wrong you are arguing on opinion, as for his one percent statement, it might be wrong but it isn't like he is far off of the right statistical number

16 Overpopulation

We're causing overpopulation with science experiments and drugs, causing chaos.
Whatever happened to the good old days where there was a balance and everyone decided to respect each other and not cause chaos.

This is a great reason, but mandatory sterilization of everyone not tested to be intelligent enough would be a better solution.

Sex education and social services would be useful to educate people and prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

Really there are many solutions to that without abortion

Kid? Dude your 14 with a mind of a 11 year old and before you respond I know what your going to say something about my spelling and my response is we are human we all make spelling mistakes

We could colonize the moon.

17 Unwanted children are likely to receive a poor upbringing

However that's rare.

18 The baby could be evil

Only if he/she's raised that way, but many mothers raise their children and keep them motivated, so they don't grow up evil.

I'm pro-choice but how is this a good reason?

Chances are, they would be more likely to be a person more known for something good, rather than something bad.

We don't need a Hitler Jr

To be fair I'm pretty sure this was a satirical item, unless he is saying he invented a time machine and is planing to Deadpool Hitler

19 Some of us are just too lazy to take care of a baby

Mothers aren't lazy, taking care of a baby's hard and stressful. More so that you'll ever think. but it's also valuable because the child's precious and lives a life as a human being, and we have no right to kill precious people. - LinkKate1

Some people throw their babies in garbage cans. Get your facts right

We don't need more lazy mothers

20 Because some people hate babies

That's the dumbest reason ever to make abortion legal. If you hate babies, it's your own damn problem.

That's their opinion, but hating is wrong.

21 9 months of pregnancy is hard
22 The woman may not be in the right mental state to have a baby
23 If a baby was put up for adoption, it might suffer even more

If I were a mother who was pregnant with an unwanted baby, I'd rather the baby be aborted than have a possibility that it'll suffer in foster care the majority of it's life.

24 Pro-life is outdated
25 We are born when we come out of the womb

If you were holding a petri dish containing an embryo and a baby, and you had to drop one, which one would you drop?
If they were the same thing, this would be an impossible question.

Birth certificate?

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