Top 10 Reasons Why Dumb People Are Better Than Smart People

This is not to bother anybody, just did it because it was my decision and it was the truth

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1 They Have More Friends

So, apparently, smart people deserve to be left out just because they are smart. - Pony

My dad says that be kind to the smart kids or you might have to work for them one day - lbelle0527

Why does this list exist?

Those friends are almost as dumb as the dummy. - Puga

2 Dumb People Are Funnier

This is about the most stereotypical list that I've seen in a while. - Minecraftcrazy530

When a person makes very stupid comments every day you know they are dumb. I saw a 5th grade get out smarter by a 4th grader I was funny with her smart comeback - lbelle0527

Such a stupid list. Please, stop with the stereotypes.

Patrick Star and Peter Griffin, season 6 and onwards = hole in your argument. - Puga

3 Dumb People Always Find A Billionaire Career

What about Bill Gates huh he is smart! And not always well they my end up being a comedian and we need those people to lift up our spirits.

Donald Trump is a millionaire to I guess sometimes they do. - Skullkid755

Who else bets a troll made this list?

Um, no they haven't - Pony

4 Dumb People Always Succeed In Life

Well, since Hawking has declared "something can come out of nothing," and that he can "prove" it with mathematics, perhaps it's time to recognize that, like so many "experts in theory" who can prove nearly nothing they assert as fact, he just might be a tad cognitively "challenged."

Dumb people won't get into a good university then won't get a good job that's pays u lots of money Smart people will get into a good university and will get a good job that gets u lots of money Yeah totally dumb people will succeed (sarcasm)

You call living under a bridge success and owning a company leading in solving a cure for cancer not - lbelle0527

I hate this list. - Skullkid755

5 Smart People Get Bullied Too Much

What Do You Mean! I'm the smartest kid in my class and I have friends. Popular friends. I never get bullied.

I'm smart, I never get bullied; If I do, they might go home with a few broken parts... at least an aching arm.

I'm somewhat smart, but I unfortunately get picked on by popular kids. They're lucky it's school, or they'd come home with a broken leg or two.

What kind of idiot would make a list like this... - Garythesnail

6 Dumb People Can Sing

That doesn't make Justin Bieber better than Albert Einstein!

Like Elsa and Anna from frozen - LoboMaloso

Hey guess what?! Scientists found out YEARS AGO that smart people are most likely able to sing better then dumb people because smart people probably have more knowledge on music. Hope u liked my newsflash idiot.

Well IT means that I'm dumb because I can sing

7 Some of The Most Iconic Characters In Pop Culture Are Dumb

Hardcore proof that the world is dominated by idiots! - PositronWildhawk

Wow, so what does this statement prove? - Kiteretsunu

Your point is?


8 Some Smart People Are Ugly

This list is crap! So stereotypical. - RalphBob

So is the person who made this list! Not all smart people dress like nerds.

You people are jerks... - Garythesnail

I object at this list! - Delgia2k

9 Ignorance is Bliss
10 Some Smart People are Arrogant

Everyone who is angry at this question is obviously someone with a 97 GPA and their snowflake feelings got hurt.

Dumb people are more arrogant because they're so dumb they think they're smart. - WitheredBonnie

It's not just smart people. Dumb people can be arrogant too. *Cough* *Cough* whoever made this list.

I know people Who are Smart and the are not arrogant ok?

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11 Smart people act like they are better than others

This is the only thing on the list I agree with. Of course not all smart people are like this, but there are some know-it-all’s that brag about being in higher classes, answer every question from the teacher, and if any non-know-it-all says they don’t know even just one thing, they’re automatically the dumbest person ever. - 3DG20

12 Dumb people get more females
13 Smart people have more chance to succeed in life
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