Top 10 Reasons Why Gen 1 Nostalgia Pandering in the Newer Pokemon Games Gets Annoying

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1 Takes away from having an entirely new experience
2 Genwunners will ignore that it happened because it's not their desired Gen 1 remake
3 Most people who still play the newer Pokemon games want an entirely experience that doesn't depend on nostalgia pandering
4 People (Genwunners) that do get dragged into the new Pokemon Games only love the said games because of the Gen 1 Pokemon and not other stuff
5 Gives overrated gen 1 Pokemon special treatment for no reason at all except for fan service

Both the reason and the response are perhaps the most distorted, illogical, warped, and tortured set of reasoning ever, and about a topic that matters exactly zero.

6 It doesn't really need to happen
7 New Pokemon games need to stand on their own as a new experience for everyone and not throwbacks to gen 1 most of the time
8 Kalos ended up not being much of a entirely new region like it was supposed to be in the XY games
9 May cause Pokemon Sun and Moon to have a pandering/fan service crisis like XY that could lower the quality of the games

They are trying to make sure this doesn't happen by revamping the Pokemon by giving them more forms and potential and not just megas, but I'm still concerned if they will do it too much. All of the Pokemon that have alolan forms so far are gen 1 Pokemon. They better have a reason to be there like "Alola having a special connection with the Kanto region in the Pokemon lore" and not unexplained fan service that only happens to be there for no other reason than just that. - Ruee

10 It was nice at first, but now it's getting aggravating.

Like having some is alright but having so much throwbacks and fan service doesn't really need to happen. Not everyone is phased by nostalgia. Even those who started with Gen 1. They are most likely still playing Pokemon for new experiences, not constant nostalgia pandering. - Ruee

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11 Alola Wound Up Being Kanto V2
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