Top 10 Worst Things About Windows Update

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1 The updates don't provide much protection for your computer

Pretty much all of the updates Windows provides are security updates or cumulative updates. These would update stuff like Windows Defender, which according to many people, isn't that effective against online attacks.

2 The updates consume space on your main drive

Pro tip for everyone: Make sure that after an update, you go to Disk Cleanup and select "Clean System Files" as well as "Windows Update Cleanup." That way, your computer will have less hard drive space taken up.

3 The updates require a computer restart

Today, I wanted to turn off my laptop after quickly using it to vote for something on TheTopTens. However, I had to reset my computer to update it. It was so annoying, and I couldn't skip the update either.

While you're off playing, or just as you're about to shut off for the day, these things tell you to restart your computer to finish the updates. The process takes longer than expected.

Sometimes when I'm done using my laptop, I want to turn it off, but it has an Update and Restart option. So, I choose that instead to update my laptop.

4 The updates cause multiple computer restarts

I could never understand this in particular. You're told to restart to finish updates, but then all of a sudden, you see it finishing installing one update and then it just restarts again?

I've had updates that restarted my laptop multiple times. I remember it kept restarting.

5 Update installations reset settings

This is an odd phenomenon that I've only seen on Windows 10, but it would fit regardless. Sometimes, the update stalls at the 100% installed mark and doesn't do anything. Then, it decides to redo the whole installation process from 0% all over again.

6 Windows sets updates to install automatically by default

You can, of course, change this setting, but it's a hassle for those who don't even realize that updates were being installed without their permission.

7 Updates sometimes fail near the end of installation

Speaks for itself.

8 Update installations stall at certain percentages

So annoying. I was just updating my laptop, and it was updating for like 30 minutes or so, and it still said Preparing to Update. It was so annoying that it was doing that. Then, after I turned it off during the update, my laptop took forever to turn on and off. It did this four times until another update installed and fixed the problem. So, next time this update tries to install, I will click Shutdown instead, since it lets me turn it off without updating. That way, this problem won't happen again. It happened to me a few weeks ago as well when my laptop tried to install this same update.

I remember once, a few months after I got a laptop, my Windows update was stuck at 0% for maybe 30 minutes until I turned it off. I thought my laptop was the problem, but I saw posts online that it was a bug with Windows Update. At least it let me turn off my laptop without installing that update; otherwise, it would have been stuck at 0% indefinitely.

9 The new features in some updates are not useful

Yeah, apparently, a new update shows weather and news headlines on my taskbar, as if I really wanted that.

10 Updates cannot be paused indefinitely

So, I've paused Windows Update for as long as possible. When it gets to the point where it resumes, guess what happens? It tells me, "Windows is missing critical updates, and you cannot pause it further." Well, none of the updates I was forced to install seemed critical to me. So, I'm critical of Windows Update just for that!

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11 Updates waste your time
12 Updates remove useful features

I hate that Windows 10 removed the Microsoft David desktop text-to-speech voice. One day, I got an update and discovered that it was removed. It made me upset.

13 Updates stall during the restart phase without apparent activity

It's actually different from some of the items here because I am talking about the actual restarting phase, which you confirm with your computer. A recent example of this is my mom's old laptop. It sits at a certain percentage, and you don't see any actual movement in the small light or the beeps that indicate it's moving.

I stayed home while my parents were gone for seven hours and noticed that the updates stalled at 20% on the restart screen since the first hour. I also noticed that the spin icon on the base of the laptop wasn't flashing at all. My parents both returned, and the thing never got past 20% in the last six hours.

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