Top Ten Reasons Why the Justin Bieber Joke Is Getting Old

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1 If We Forget Him He Will Eventually Retire

Then why are YOU complaining about it and keeping the joke relevant? - Puga

No, there are those Beliebers who won't forget him even when he retires.

2 It's Overused

Get over it people! - Therandom

3 It's Annoying
4 It's On Practically Every Worst List

I'm gonna keep it that way.

5 It's Not Funny

Well, only funny when intended as a joke, which is ONLY on the list of Worst Female Singers and Most Evil People in History.

6 Baby Is Always No.1 On Worst Songs Lists

There are way worse songs than Baby.

7 They Made a List About Killing Him

That's just meaner than everything Justin did - Neonco31

And that's also a joke.

8 He Is In the Top Ten of Every "Worst Things That Could Happen" List

There are much worse things to find in your home than Justin. - Minecraftcrazy530

9 He Is Usually Added Really Quickly After a List Is Created

This has been happening even at the start of my career on TTT. - PositronWildhawk

Well some users (and new ones) think it's necessary to join in and be part of "the group". Also, once traditions are established, custom almost demands that somebody has to do it. 😉 - Billyv

10 It Isn't Totally Fair for Justin Bieber

It isn't "fair"? He has all the money and arrogance, so I wouldn't call that unfair.

The Contenders

11 It Makes TheTopTens Seem Like an Anti-Bieber Site

It already is. - PageEmperor

Well, it already is, considering the number of users hating him.

12 They Just Post Anything About Justin Bieber Thinking It's Funny
13 It Spoils a Good List
14 It is Similar to Bullying

If one person in the world alive right now deserved some bullying it would probably be him

Jokes aren't similar to bullying.

15 It’s not 2010

It all started in that year because he released "Baby" at the time. It's almost the 2020's right now. It's nearly a decade old.

16 People who make these jokes are about as annoying as his own fans.
17 Nobody Cares About Him Anymore
18 It Seems to Encourage Trolls

Then let them act like lowlifes who don't make other contributions.

19 At least 80% of his fame nowadays is from the haters
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