Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Should Get Paid to Go to School


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21 With Money Kids Can Buy Food In School

And no, I'm not going to spam the vending machine for Doritos. (I hate them) I'm gonna use it to buy a real lunch, and occasionally a cookie. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Hopefully it's good food. The food at my school SUCKS. The apples are always rotten, the rolls are as hard as a rock, the rice is undercooked, the pizza tastes like rubber, the hamburgers taste like wet sponges, etc.

It would be easier for a kid to buy lunch at school if they could not pack one.


22 Would Benefit the School

Yes it would help the school to be a friendly place

23 You Would Be Happy to Go to School
24 Teachers Do Nothing and Students Do All the Work

It depends what teacher, I got some really good teachers and some teachers that would give a book and a piece of paper and you do the work by yourself silently while they go online shopping

NOOO. My mom is a teacher, and I've seen what she has to put up with behind the scenes. Also, in-school, my 5th grade teacher has to put up with ungrateful brats who don't realize how much work is put into setting up the activity. I want to punch them in the face

The truth.

25 Some Kids Who are Poor Need that Cash
26 Kids Might Want to Get Smarter
27 We Do All the Dirty Work

They get paid for us to do their work... Their lazy people!

I know right!

28 It Can Teach Us How to Finance Early

Why don't we learn this in school? It's WAY more important functions or knowing what's inside of a cell or the other we learn instead. - 906389

If you don't know how to finance and are alone as an adult, let's face it, YOUR SCREWED

29 Schools Are Basically Full-Time Careers For Children

School is basically a full-time career for children, so I think they should get paid.


30 Students Do Everything While The Teachers Go Online Shopping

When the students are working, the teachers go online shopping, and they swap it to something else when a student looks at their computer screen. Teachers literally get paid for going online shopping when the students are not looking. So students should be paid.

31 Can Teach Us Skills Later in Life
32 It Keeps Them from Dropping Out

They will have to stay in school for the year.

Yeah stay in school, keep raking in the money

33 Would Motivate Kids to Work Hard

its TRUE

34 Teaching Kids How to Save Money
35 Some People Don't Have Money

People at school should get paid money at school because some people may not have money and the schools could help them have money

36 Kids Will Pay Attention in School
37 There Should Be Some Type of Reward
38 It Would Lessen Behavior Problems Due to Getting Paid for Good Behavior
39 Students Will Be Able to Pay for More Things Themselves

I.e. - lunch, supplies, clothes, sports, college, etc.

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