Reasons Why the List"Why Guys are Better Than Girls" Must Be Taken Down!

I am a female and after I saw that list,I was offended and angry!

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1 It's offensive

I'm a boy and I hate sexism. - Ultron123

That list was crap!

Agree! - GirlyAnimeLover

2 It thinks guys are better when they're not

But we are the other gender only gets protected because of their look and their pussies

3 It's sexist

This is true. I'm a girl, and that list upset me a lot. Girls and boys are equal. End of story.

I agree with this. But the girls are better than boys is the same.. - GirlyAnimeLover

That list is a load of crap.

Also there is a list called "Reasons why Girls are better than Boys". That list has the same reasons.-Vestalis

4 It's ignorant
5 It's stupid
6 No one likes that list
7 It's hurtful
8 It's bad
9 It tries to give females a bad reputation

Yeah, as if men do all of the work women do at home (And most women have career too! ) - GirlyAnimeLover

10 The creator does not care what he's doing

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11 Both genders are the same
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