Top Ten Reasons Why Mario Is Better Than Luigi


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1 Mario saved the video game industry

This list is true. Besides, I always liked Mario better. - nintendofan126

It was Mario, not luigi. - Therandom

Truth - Randomator

agreed - YOSHIA2121

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2 Mario always saves the day while Luigi just helps


3 Luigi is a coward

Lol, where is danteem ranting? Anyway, Luigi's biggest role in player #2 and when he's actually a character he just screams and runs away while Mario does all the work. - ToptenPizza

The fact that he still saves the day when he is a coward makes him courageous. Mario's like a cardboard box. No personality

@ visitor oh shut up! Have you ever played the Mario and Luigi series? Mario shows plenty of personality there. - nintendofan126

4 Luigi is overrated

Very Overrated.

This should be number 1. He is the most overrated character I have ever seen. Or one of them.

Yes but overrated doesn't mean he's bad - ParkerFang

Yeah that's true - Gametheorysucks

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5 Luigi started off as player two

Yeah I agree - Gametheorysucks

What a stupid reason. 2 is better than 1 anyway.

6 Mario cares for everyone

He shows no emotion.

Ever played Mario and Luigi games. When Luigi is in trouble Mario rescues him and he's panicked. - Therandom

Luigi always does what he can when he has to. So much ignorance.

7 Without Mario there would be no Wario

Wario is an awesome character. - Therandom

Wario is a terrible character so this is a very poor point for Mario.

8 Mario won't run away unlike Luigi

Mario faces them head on; Luigi just runs away from his enemies.

Oh really? Then I guess you've never had friends playing the original NES and SNES games. - DJCosmic

This has never happened. Factually wrong.

9 Luigi has the same abilities Mario does

Luigi can't flutter jump Yoshi can. He jumps higher and has worse traction than his bro.

Luigi can jump higher in most games. For people who voted for this DO YOU EVEN KNOW MARIO?!?!?!

Mario does NOT have a flutter jump. You're so ignorant.

Does Mario flutter jump? I didn't think so.

10 Mario is physically stronger

Has anyone ever played smash bros or Mario 64. Mario is stronger in both. - Therandom

Nope. Simply incorrect. I suggest doing some research.

Dante; Nope Luigi is this list sucks.

This list sucks and Luigi can rip off Mario's head!

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11 Luigi is too fast

That makes him better idiot

12 Luigi is ugly

Looks don't matter - ParkerFang

what?! - DJCosmic

13 Mario Always Saves Peach, Toad and Yoshi
14 Luigi has fewer games

I'll admit that this is a dumb reason - Drawbox

15 Mario is the main character
16 Mario is optimistic while Luigi is pessimistic.

Luigi doesn't have that charm Mario has. Do I think Luigi is overrated? No. Do I think Mario is underrated? Way too much.

17 Mario is stronger and faster
18 Mario is nice to Luigi but Luigi is nasty

In new super mario bros u Luigi gets invited but in new super Luigi u mario deosnt

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1. Mario saved the video game industry
2. Mario always saves the day while Luigi just helps
3. Mario cares for everyone
1. Mario saved the video game industry
2. Luigi started off as player two
3. Luigi is a coward



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