Top Ten Reasons Why Mario is Better Than Luigi

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1 Mario saved the video game industry

This list is true. Besides, I always liked Mario better. - nintendofan126

It was Mario, not luigi. - Therandom

Mario is better by ar

Mario is better lol

2 Mario always saves the day while Luigi just helps

In every Mario game that happens

3 Mario cares for everyone

He even cares for Bowser, Bowser Jr, Wario, and Waluigi. Do you think Luigi is like that?! - ZachMandoGames

4 Luigi is a coward

Mario faces them head on; Luigi just runs away from his enemies.

Oh really? Then I guess you've never had friends playing the original NES and SNES games. - DJCosmic

Lol, where is danteem ranting? Anyway, Luigi's biggest role in player #2 and when he's actually a character he just screams and runs away while Mario does all the work. - ToptenPizza

The fact that he still saves the day when he is a coward makes him courageous. Mario's like a cardboard box. No personality

Luigi is still a scaredy coward. - ZachMandoGames

5 Luigi is overrated

Very Overrated.

This should be number 1. He is the most overrated character I have ever seen. Or one of them.

Yes but overrated doesn't mean he's bad - ParkerFang

Extremely overrated

6 Mario is physically stronger

Has anyone ever played smash bros or Mario 64. Mario is stronger in both. - Therandom

it is true

7 Luigi started off as player two

Yeah I agree

8 Without Mario there would be no Wario

Wario is an awesome character. - Therandom

Without Mario there wouldn’t be a Mario franchise so Without Mario there wouldn’t be a Luigi - Randomator

9 Luigi is ugly

Yes yes he is

10 Luigi is too fast

Which means he actually takes longer to stop in the games - Randomator

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11 Mario always saves Peach, Toad and Yoshi

I agree completely thanks for hlp on essay by the way

12 Mario is nice to Luigi but Luigi is nasty

Luigi jumped on him in super Mario bros 3 and super smash bros melee

13 Mario is the main character

True without Mario Luigi wouldn’t exist - Randomator

14 Mario has better traction
15 Mario is better because he does most of the stuff
16 Mario has better Smash Moveset than Luigi’s in Smash 64 and Smash 4
17 Mario is a better person

Mario is kind, courageous, resourceful, and always puts himself before others
Luigi is a sniveling coward who would rather stay in his comfort zone than do things for the good of humanity

18 Mario has a better color red when Luigi has a terrible color green


19 Luigi has fewer games

Because he’s not the main character - Randomator

20 Mario is optimistic while Luigi is pessimistic

Luigi doesn't have that charm Mario has. Do I think Luigi is overrated? No. Do I think Mario is underrated? Way too much.

21 Mario has more friends

He had more friends, until Game Theory ruined him. - ZachMandoGames

22 Luigi is boring

In most animations about mario, luigi always wins if you always win your boring

23 Mario is a symbol of hope and optimism

Mario isn't crippled by fear or frustration

24 Mario has inspired kids across the globe
25 Luigi is clumsy
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