Top Ten Reasons Why Mechanical Pencils are Better Than Wood Pencils

The Top Ten
1 Wooden Pencils Will Eventually Run Out, but Mechanical Pencils are Reusable

Indeed all you gotta do is get new lead opposed to having to replace a pencil altogether.

I love mechanical pencil! Never spend time to sharpen wooden pencil!

I have to disagree with this list because every time I use mechanical pencils, they break, it's very annoying

The lead helps a lot!

2 Mechanical Pencils Make a Satisfying 'Click!' Sound

This may be a weird reason, but trust me, better ones will come.

3 Wooden Pencils Tend to Be More Expensive
4 Wooden Pencils Have Messy Shavings

It's so annoying to have to go to the trash can to throw away your pencil shavings in the middle of doing something!

5 Mechanical Pencils are More Technologically Advanced Than Wooden Pencils

True! Even the word 'mechanical' at the front should tell you it's better.

This is the best reason. I love technology.

6 Cheap Wooden Pencils Don't Work Well, but Cheap Mechanical Pencils Do

I hate it when you get that one decorative pencil, but it is just wood with plastic wrapped around it. Then when you try to sharpen it, it just keeps breaking and breaking, until finally you end up with a stub.

My wooden pencils always break. Mechanical pencils are reliable.

7 Mechanical Pencils Make Writing and Drawing Easier

Especially if you're a lefty and wood pencils make everything smear all over the place. (I speak from personal experience.)

8 You Don't Need to Sharpen Mechanical Pencils

Indeed I find it easier to refill my pencil with new lead opposed to having to sharpen it (while making sure I sharpened it correctly).

This is the best part. I especially hate if I'm hand-writing a paragraph and you can clearly see where I've sharpened my pencil because it just gets continuously messy...

Assuming mechanical pencils are the same thing as pens, I agree. I hate having to not only sharpen pencils, but also the fact they can get extremely tiny.

When you run out of lead, you can refill it. With wooden pencils, the tip can easily break, and eventually it'll get shorter to the point where you cannot use it.

9 Mechanical Pencils Have Different Types of Lead

If you're one of those people that write too hard, then get lead (and a mechanical pencil) with more thickness.

Different widths of lead.

10 You Don't Kill Trees with Mechanical Pencils

Plastic mechanical pencils can easily be sharpened. Why bother killing trees?

Well, that's true. Also, paper is made of trees though so I don't need to waste.

Obviously most of them are plastic and some are metal.

You don't kill trees, the manufacturers do.

The Contenders
11 When You Buy Mechanical Pencils They Come With Free Grippers

Yeah, this makes it way more comfortable to write.

12 Mechanical Pencils Can Store Multiple Pieces of Graphite, Wooden Pencils Can't Do That

Wooden pencils only have one long piece of graphite through the wood but, the skinny pieces of graphite inside the mechanical pencil would end up having more graphite in it.

True, true very true

13 Mechanical Pencils Make You Look Fancy
14 Mechanical Pencils Produce More Professional Looking Writing
15 Wooden Pencils Smear All Over the Paper, but Mechanical Pencils Rarely Do
16 Mechanical Pencils Have a Sharper Point for Detailed Work

No, mechanical pencils have a boring flat point, while wooden pencils can be very sharp.

17 Mechanical Pencils Don't Make Your Hands Hurt

Not really any kind of writing utensil hurts my hand.

All pencils do

18 Mechanical Pencils Make Sketching Easier
19 Mechanical Pencils Can Have Different Sized Leads
20 Mechanical Pencil Grippers Work as Erasers
21 Mechanical Pencils are Special
22 Mechanical Pencils are Tiny So They are Very Easy to Carry Everywhere
23 You Can Get Pen Licence with Electric Pencils Quicker
24 Mechanical Pencils Have Replaceable Erasers
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