Top Ten Reasons Why Nowadays is Getting Annoying

Sometimes people were great back then and now it sucks

The Top Ten

1 Everyone is talking about Five Nights at Freddy's

not - Hummingbirdf

2 People swear too much

It seems normal nowadays so. I swear too sometimes. - Userguy44

3 People are whining

WAAAH! Everything sucks nowadays! Me want the 90s back! - 3DG20

Because they want everything from the past back.

4 People talk about scary things to scare innocent kids
5 People watch porn

And make porn and fetish content - Hummingbirdf

6 People are bullying so much

This needs to stop. - Userguy44

7 A lot of girls want to look pretty

Ah yeah. Girly girls. - Userguy44

8 People get angry so much

That just happens in life. I can be very angry too. - Userguy44

9 People are talking about farts now

And? - Userguy44

10 Lies

The Contenders

11 Way too many terrorist attacks/school shootings
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