Top 10 Reasons Why Ojamajo Doremi is Better Than Puella Puella Madoka Magica

I love Ojamajo Doremi!!!!!I know it's an anime .But there are reasons why it's better than MADOKA!!!!! I just don't get why everyone likes it.If you are one of those people, not trying to offend you,It's just from me,okay,so please don't take this the wrong way.

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1 Madoka Magica is Highly Overrated

Okay, here are two of my biggest problems with this list. One, this list is just another run-of-the-mill generic and stupid comparison list between two things. Two, using overrated as a reason to hate a show is a completely invalid reason to hate a show. Just because something is overrated doesn't mean it's bad. Learn to tell the difference between overrated and bad. For example, Attack on Titan is overrated, but it's also good. See? By the way, the reason people love Puella Magi Madoka Magica is because it's a deconstruction of the magical girl genre. KEY WORD: Deconstruction (You know, like Neon Genesis Evangelion? ) It's not supposed to be your average generic magical girl anime. It's supposed to take the elements of most magical girl anime and then apply real life to them in order to show what it would be like if magical girl anime were realistic and not all "we're gonna beat this enemy and make it out of this unharmed, Sailor Moon-style! Grr! " Gen Urobuchi does a good ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Did I say Ojamajo Doremi was bad? No. Here's what I really said: "Ojamajo Doremi just looks like another run-of-the-mill magical girl anime." What I meant by that is that it looks like every average magical girl anime. I did not mean it was a bad anime, and I understand why people like it. I was trying to say Puella Magi Madoka Magica was loved by a lot of people because it was a deconstruction of the magical girl genre and that it stood out from most magical girl anime with it's dark tone and tragedy that most magical girl anime don't have. Understand? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Wait a second, I just realized the creator of this list misspelled Puella Magi Madoka Magica with "Puella Puella Madoka Magica". Well, looks like someone needs to stop making crappy comparison lists. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Honestly, you wouldn't be getting too much hate if you stopped making comparison lists. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If it’s really that overrated, how come I’ve never heard of it? - Not_A_Weeaboo

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2 Ojamajo Doremi's Jokes are Funnier

Madoka Magica is a psychological horror/dark magical girl anime, not a comedy. - Rue

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is not supposed to be a comedy anime. This reason is just as bad as the other ones on this list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Nope. Just. Nope. Doremi (the main character) should be called "Dummy Bee".-Vestalis

What the heck? PMMM isn't even a comedy. And the jokes on Ojamojo Doremi were cheesy and boring. - MLPFan

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3 Madoka is a More Pointless Protagonist Than Doremi

Doremi may be stupid at times but she's really funny! Madoka is NOT funny, at all.And Doremi is NOT the only one that shines, either! - Dragontree102

Madoka was meant to be more psychological darkness and not supposed to be comedic. - SelfDestruct

4 Majo Rika is at Least a More Reasonable Guide Than Kyubey

As much as I kinda hate Majo Rika, at least she has a reason to always scream. Now I have to admit, Kyubey was WORSE! - Dragontree102

Majo Rika is freaky, even though Kyubey makes the Magis suffer a painful death. Just, no, Majo Rika is freaky as hell and so are the other main characters.-Vestalis

5 The Animation in Madoka is Lazy

I actually liked Ojamajo Doremi's animation. It's that special European style. - Carsrule300

Doremi's the one with lazy animation. Even for an anime made back in the early 2000s, it still looks like absolute trash. - MysteriousGalaxy

The Ojamojo doremi characters look creepy and they look like sausages that wear costumes. Madoka is a SHAFT anime, geez! - MLPFan

Actually, the animation in Madoka is actually well done. I think YOU have to explain why, DragonTree102.-Vestalis

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6 Only Madoka Shines in the Show

I hate to say it. I'm neutral with this list because I like Ojamajo Doremi. I didn't like Madoka Magica that much because I think only Madoka and Homura shine. - Carsrule300

This is false. All the characters shined at some point. And if you want me to be honest, I felt like Sayaka and Homura shined more than Madoka in the anime series as she couldn't do anything major until the very end. - Rue

It is true, she becomes a god at the end and no one remembers her.At least in Ojamajo Doremi, ALL of the characters shine and each character even has their OWN story! True that Ojamajo Doremi is a great show that has a crappy light novel spin-off sequel, but at least it's honest and it knows how to help people get reminders of childhood memories! - Dragontree102

Everyone in Madoka Magica shines in the show. It's because lf the creator's dark and tragoc writing.-Vestalis

7 Ojamajo Doremi Has More Episodes

So quantity is more important than quality to you? Spongebob has 10 seasons and it's been trash from Season 4 - Season 9. The Fairly Oddparents had 10 seasons and it was trash from Season 9 onward. I'm not a fan of anime and even I can tell you how ridiculous your list is. - DCfnaf

Usually things with a lot of episodes tend to be worse than those that don't. Especially when they are dragged on for the sake of dragging on. The writers to PMMM had a set goal and they stuck to it...well until they wanted to make more money with Rebellion and giving it an ending that will lead to another movie, but you get the point. - Rue

More episodes doesn't mean better. Madoka only has 12 episodes because the story only needed 12 because if it has too many, It will end up having pointless filler episodes - MLPFan

For dragontree102, the reason Madoka only had 12 episodes because the anime's story ends in the 12th episode. If It had many episodes, It will end up having more filler episodes and I don't want to see them pulling out something like a school festival or a sleep over in Madoka Magica! Not because It was cancelled, you manchild 😑 - MLPFan

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8 Onpu is Prettier Than Homura

What are you talking about!? They're BOTH pretty. - Carsrule300

Actually, Homura is prettier. Onpu looks freaky.-Vestalis

When I look into Onpu's eyes, she is so cute and pretty,outside and inside. Homura is just another uninteresting and pointless character. - Dragontree102

Onpu is nightmare fuel, and you clearly haven't finished the series. - Absolite

9 Hana-Chan is Cuter Than Sayaka

Sayaka is cute than Hana-Chan. Hana and the protagonists lost like nightmares spat out from the sewer.-Vestalis

I kinda agree with this one. - Carsrule300

10 The 6 Main Characters from Ojamajo Doremi Look Like Nightmares.

Actually, they look cute. - Carsrule300


I had to apologize to the other comments I made and I added the nightmare thing. Here are some reasons:
-The style looks ok, but the eyes look distracting to my view.
-Another average run of the mill of the magical girl genre. People love Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica because of its deconstruction. Like Fate/Zero, PMMM is a deconstruction.
-I don't actually hate it. I think it's ok.-Vestalis

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11 Ojamajo Doremi is Dumb While Madoka Magica is Awesome

Actually, that is not true. - Carsrule300

Dragontree102, you are a disgrace to this website.

12 Ojamajo Doremi Has More Beautiful Emotion

Actually, PMMM has more emotion than Doremi.-Vestalis

13 Ojamajo Doremi Has a Cuter Intro

There is one intro for every season and they are really catchy! - Carsrule300

The first one was made in 1999 - Carsrule300

Other then the 2nd Nichijou OP, the Hello Kiniro Mosaic! OP, the Alice&Zoroku ED, and the K-On OP/EDs, I don't really like cute Openings/Ending songs. Sorry - MLPFan

14 Madoka Magica Has Unlikable and Overrated Characters

The characters are very pointless and obnoxious! And guess what many people like these characters.But why? - Dragontree102

If the characters are overrated, that means many people like them. So no, they are NOT unlikable.

15 Kyoko Can't Control Herself

Doremi can't control themselves with their ugliness. - DoritosAreLife

Someone better bring a burn heal, because Ojamajo Doremi just got roasted. - Absolite

Kyoko CAN control herself. Have you seen all 12 episodes? -Vestalis

Well,Kyoko is pretty annoying. - Carsrule300

16 Homura Always Has an Attitude

Yeah she only smiled ONCE! - Carsrule300

She has PTSD. - Rue

17 Madoka Magica is Meanspirited

If Madoka Magica is mean spirited to you, what about more violent shows like Elfen Lied? T - MLPFan

18 Madoka Magica is Meanspirited

Madoka Magica is probably the most mean spirited magical girl anime. - Carsrule300

It is meanspirited because literally all of the main characters DIE except for Homura! - Dragontree102

19 Madoka is Annoying
20 Madoka Magica is Boring

If It's boring, why is it 2nd on best magic anime based on ratings In My anime list? And Ojamajo Doremi isn't in It! - MLPFan

21 Aiko is Stronger Than Kyoko

Aiko is freakier.-Vestalis

22 Momoko is Better Than Mami

Momoko is the best character of the show. And she first appears in season 3(when it should be season 1 in the first place). - Carsrule300

23 Madoka Magica Tries Too Hard to Be Emotional

This one is so true. - Carsrule300

Madoka Magica is one of the very few Magical Girl animes that did well with the emotional/psychological aspect. I think you are mixing Madoka Magica with something like Daybreak Illusion. (Which that anime is actual ****, not Madoka Magica.) - Rue

24 Madoka Won't Shut Up!

I think DragonTree needs to shut up. - DoritosAreLife

25 Sayaka is Annoying

Sayaka Miki isn't. Sayaka MAIZONO Is :v - MLPFan

26 Doremi is Sweeter Than Madoka
27 The Preteen Girls in Ojamajo Doremi are Cuter
28 Cute 3D Animation
29 Hazuki is Lovely Than Hitomi
30 Cute Colors
31 Cute Faces
32 Cute Feet
33 Madoka Yells
34 Madoka is Bad
35 Pop is Happier Than Kyubey
36 Different Voice Actors
37 Body Switching
38 Mami is Creepy
39 Momoko is Nicer
40 Ojamajo Doremi is Cuter
41 Madoka Magica is Creepier
42 The Maho-Do Girls Can Sing Better and Have Better Songs
43 The Maho-Do Girls are Cuter
44 Madoka is a Crybaby
45 Made by Alias Wavefront Maya 3.0
46 Madoka Magica is Evil
47 The Maho-Do Girls are Creepy
48 Sounds Like Barbie 2.0
49 Sounds Like Sailor Moon
50 Sounds Like My Little Pony G3

Just a bunch of anime and MLP voice actors

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