Top Ten Reasons Why People Should Stop Making Sexist Lists or Add Sexist Items to Lists

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It is offensive to both boys and girls

Not only boys and girls,but homosexuality also offended by some people.
Sprites for example are either both have genders or not.
If you hate a boy or a girl this means you are nothing but an alien yourself.

Imagine you're born to a world where males and females are seperated in which they're no new humans.
Without lovelife this you're not born.
Cupids are no longer existed.
And you are born to a sprite.
Do you want to live in a world like this?
It was your decision.
If you are sexist, you will live in the world for all eternity.
If your not, you may live with us where love and cupids still exist.

If you want to make this happened...
Stop making those list!

Been pokin' round this site for a couple years. Haven't seen any evidence that this is a remarkable problem, here.

Yeah. Sexist reasons all count in.

No gender is better than the other, we are all equal

Both male and female are equal. Enough said.-Vestalis

Learn this, sexists.


Boys and girls have differences, but people do not need to be rude

Maybe. But sometimes, when confronted with annoying foolishness, you just need to say what's on your mind. If speaking truth is "rude," so be it.

What I mean by this is when people talk about boys and girls's differences, and say that this gender is better because of the difference.

Why do people complain about populwr girls and not popular boys.

Being a boy or girl does not make you bad, your personality is what either makes you good or bad
Some people just make stuff up to make the male gender or the female gender look good
If there are more sexist lists or items, TheTopTens will just become worse

TheTopTens shouldn't be approving these lists. They should at least improve the system so that you can report individual comments etc. - EmilyCesaire

No it wont get worse! it will get better! - RBF989

And then the website will shut down.😥😥

People should stop underestimating the male gender or the female gender
TheTopTens will improve if we stop adding those items to lists or make lists about that, we would become nicer

Exactly, it would

People do not deserve to be hated because of their genders
Not all men are rapists
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Both boys and girls should be treated fairly
It's childish
It's creepy
We are All Equal
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