Top Ten Reasons Why Pink Sheep is Not Awesome


The Top Ten

1 He makes fun of Purple Shep
2 He uses the word "Swag" in his sentences
3 He doesn't accept defeat
4 He can't count up to 43
5 He keeps talking about his mustache
6 He calls a lot of people "haters"
7 There are too many pink sheep
8 He eats too many Doritos and Mountain Dew
9 He's a liar

I really hate his excuses, what I mean is, when he fails at something, he makes a dumb excuse like saying his mustache was distracted by something, his elbow hairs not being trimmed, or something dumb like that. And when someone tells him that, he lies again by saying he DOES tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And when he says he was at or in something, he just takes a photo and slaps his face on a character. I like him, but I just can't stand his lies.

Nice guy. But I hate it when he lies. He pretends to be in an event and he just photoshops his face onto things. When he loses something (a game probably) he says his moustache was distracted. And he says that his moustache is smart. Moustaches do not have a life. Nice + Lies + Everything else = PinkSheep.

10 He uses clickbait

The Contenders

11 He only likes Minecraft builds if they look like him or his mustache
12 He has a robot voice
13 He's in the Villains Wiki
14 He's not quite funny

His Pink Sheep funny moments aren't even funny. He also thinks he's "very MLG" or a "pro" or the like even when he fails a game.

15 His fan base is rabid

NEVER EVER EVER go onto Creative Blue.

16 He left the Ender Dragon for Crystal Sheep
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