Top Ten Reasons Why Power Puff Girls Z Sucks


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1 It's stupid

I hate this list, why hating on a good show. Whoever made this list is the meanest person I ever met. I personally love this show and it's not stupid.

This is the best anime ever and is the anime closest to western animation( both anime and western animation combined) makes this show the best show ever because it brings both animations together and it is interesting and super funny.

Wait... It's in anime too?! I hate anything PowerPuff, and I hate anime, so now I'm sure there's someone out there that does it to spite me!

The worst thing I ever saww

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2 It's a Dragon Ball Z ripoff

How is it ripping off DBZ, it's about the Powerpuff girls. - Poptropica

This is not a rip off dbz. If it was, then the battles would be punching to death but I don't see that in ppgz.

What the #%*# is Dragon Ball Z?

3 Mojo Jojo thinks candy will help him take over the world

Sure, if he eats too much of it...same with Red Bull. They say it gives you wings because if you drink 8 cans, you think you can fly!

Ok that part is just to funny

4 Buttercup's hairstyle

Better than Donald Trumps fake hair.

I agree on this one.


5 It isn't funny

This is hilarious! Probably whoever put this on the list doesn't even know the show.

Whoever put this doesn't know what real comedy is and likes sanjay and craig humor.

It's the total opposite of this, it's so funny.

True that!

6 It's a Sonic ripoff

Are serious a sonic ripoff bullcrap

7 Boring transformations

The transformations are awesome! Why do people hate this show.

8 They aren't sisters

Either way, they stink.

9 Overall boring

How is it boring? This show is way too interesting for me to stop watching it. Besides I'm here to save these girls and convince that this show is not terrible. So stop hating it. about no?

10 Bad reviews

The reviews speak the truth!

One episode has 2 million views!

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11 Different voice actors who are not from the original cartoon

Just a bunch of Barbie 2.0 voice actors.

Just a bunch of anime and MLP voice actors.

Just a bunch of 3D anime and Barbie 2.0 voice actors.

12 Bubbles's hairstyle

Better than Rapunzel's fake hairstyle.

13 It's a My Little Pony G3 rip-off

Um excuse me one more thing the person that made the ppg is the same person who design the mlp.

14 Too many OCs

Like Ken and Casey, for example.

Like Mia and Yuki, for example.

15 It's sketchy

Like the episode titles for example.

16 It's a Sailor Moon rip-off
17 Blossom's hairstyle

Better than Ariel's fake hair

18 The villains are lame
19 Body switching
20 Poor 3D animation
21 Annoying voices
22 Anime feet
23 Anime expressions
24 It's too cheesy
25 It's too silly



26 It's too annoying
27 Big boobs
28 It's creepy
29 It's a dumbed down version of Ojamajo Doremi

Goodbye Ojamajo Doremi. I’ll miss you.

30 Barbie 2.0 voice actors
31 It's sounds like Barbie 2.0
32 It's too girly
33 It's not safe for kids
34 They have hands
35 It's too childish

I saw this when I was younger.

36 It's disgusting
37 It's scary

No way Jose!

38 It's too insane
39 It's yucky
40 It's messy
41 It's a Barbie rip-off
42 It's a Pretty Cure rip-off
43 It's a Yummi Land rip-off
44 It's a Disney Princess rip-off
45 Sounds like Bella Dancerella
46 It's a Bella Dancerella rip-off
47 Boring attacks
48 Different music
49 It's old

Just a bunch of 3D anime and MLP G3 voice actors

50 It's fast
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1. It's stupid
2. It's a Dragon Ball Z ripoff
3. It isn't funny
1. It's stupid
2. It's a Dragon Ball Z ripoff
3. Mojo Jojo thinks candy will help him take over the world


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