Top Ten Reasons Why Power Puff Girls Z Sucks


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1 It's stupid

I hate this list, why hating on a good show. Whoever made this list is the meanest person I ever met. I personally love this show and it's not stupid.

This is the best anime ever and is the anime closest to western animation( both anime and western animation combined) makes this show the best show ever because it brings both animations together and it is interesting and super funny.

Wait... It's in anime too?! I hate anything PowerPuff, and I hate anime, so now I'm sure there's someone out there that does it to spite me!


2 It's a Dragon Ball Z ripoff

How is it ripping off DBZ, it's about the Powerpuff girls. - Poptropica

This is not a rip off dbz. If it was, then the battles would be punching to death but I don't see that in ppgz.

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3 Mojo Jojo thinks candy will help him take over the world

Sure, if he eats too much of it...same with Red Bull. They say it gives you wings because if you drink 8 cans, you think you can fly!

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4 Buttercup's hairstyle

Better than Donald Trumps fake hair.

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5 It isn't funny

This is hilarious! Probably whoever put this on the list doesn't even know the show.

Whoever put this doesn't know what real comedy is and likes sanjay and craig humor.

It's the total opposite of this, it's so funny.

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6 It's a Sonic ripoff V 1 Comment
7 Boring transformations

The transformations are awesome! Why do people hate this show.

8 They aren't sisters V 1 Comment
9 Overall Boring

How is it boring? This show is way too interesting for me to stop watching it. Besides I'm here to save these girls and convince that this show is not terrible. So stop hating it.

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10 Bad reviews V 2 Comments
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1. It's stupid
2. It's a Dragon Ball Z ripoff
3. Mojo Jojo thinks candy will help him take over the world
1. It's stupid
2. It's a Dragon Ball Z ripoff
3. It isn't funny



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