Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Peach Is Better Than Princess Daisy

The Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Peach Is Better Than Princess Daisy

1 She has a better role in the Super Mari franchise

Daisy is just an extra. There's really no point of her existence in Super Mario.

If it weren't for Peach, Super Mario games wouldn't be any fun. I don't understand how people like Daisy, after all she never did anything interesting.

Lol peach is in sports and party games too. And in smash. And has helped Mario stop someone in a couple games, as well as saved Mario.

Yeah, as a stereotypical objectified blonde that gets kindapped every Saturday, hell, even appearing in mostly spinoffs is a better role - DaisyandRosalina

1. You are basically hating her because she is blond.
2. Being kidnapped is completely out of her control. Daisy got kidnapped by Bowser in Super Mario Run.
3. Peach appeared in every spin-off Daisy has, so Peach still has a better role.
4. Just because Daisy is not stereotypical, does not make her a good character.
5. No, appearing in mostly spin-offs is not a better role at all. - LittleAwesomeApple

2 She actually tries to fight Bowser sometimes

At least she did more than just calling it a day after doing it ONCE. Peach has appeared in Super Mario Bros 2 (don't give me the bullcrap it was a dream, besides Peach still has other sources), Super Princess Peach, was going to appear in New Super Mario Bros Wii, and Super Mario 3d World, in which she was the first to run into the clear pipe that the beginning of the game. If Daisy's slap counts, this can too. Daisy slapped Bowser once and never had a fight with him again, and don't say it's because he's "scared" of her because in Super Princess Peach, Peach powered through Bowser' s army and sent him miles away and yet she is still kidnapped. - K1l

Yeah, and fails, unless you play her own game where she is STILL stereotyped, Daisy slapped him into oblivion - DaisyandRosalina

Helped by perry and after fighting him. Daisy did that with her bare hands - DaisyandRosalina

Like in RPG. Daisy never really did anything in any of the Mario games. - RosalinaX

Daisy hasn't even really fought Bowser, just slapped Bowser in reaction because he walked up to her.
Peach has fought Bowser in certain occasions like 3D World and Super Princess Peach, and INTENTIONALLY knocked Bowser into the sky (not sure if she did into space). - Qryzx

3 Peach is hotter

Does it really matter? I'm not hating on Peach or Daisy but it's personality that counts

I think that Daisy is hotter too, but I think that Peach is the hottest of them all! Next to Rosalina, of course!

Daisy's rack is smaller than Peach's =/

Peach is very hot, she even tops Rosalina!

4 She is in better games

Super Princess Peach, which is underrated for me, but not the best for me! Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 64, Suer Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Sunshine, etc.

Whatever. Daisy is way better - RockStarr

Lol Daisy's just in spinoffs nowadays even Nintendo dislikes her

Great you ruined the joke. I was laughing until I read your reply. - DCfnaf

Now Rosalina and peach is underrated because daisy fans took their ass all around the world so everyone hates the two better princesses

5 She is in Super Smash bros

Daisy is in Super Smash Bros... As an Echo Fighter, meaning she basically shares Peach's moveset. Plus Peach is still superior in terms of quotes and taunts, "HI, I'm Daisy! " it would make Daisy worse rather than better. - K1l

When the direct when Super Smash Bros Ultimate came out, this point is now FAKE! - Videogamesgal

'Oh no! Daisy isn't in an overrated crossover! And now? -_-'

No characters are 'overrated crossovers'? Really all you are doing is making excuses. Spinoff + Nintendo character = smash. Party games, kart games, any sports games, they ARE NOT canon. Why would peach, Mario and all them would play with Bowser, his minions, Etc...? Daisy would not be out of place there, but go ahead and keep making excuses. If she was a tomboy, then she should've appeared in smash at least once.

Daisy is in Smash Bros now so that is an invalid reason. Plus, what does being in Smash have to do with anything? - RosalinaX

6 She does not have a bad temper

Lol in the strikers games everybody had a bad temper, even yoshi

In strikers everyone has a bad temper. Oh daisy fans trying to push us to like her.

She may not have a bad temper... But her voice is annoying! Ugh!

Daisy always has an awful one. Just shut up Daisy.

7 She tries to help out Mario even when she is kidnapped

There is one thing @DaisyandRosalina has forgotten about... Daisy doesn't help. At all. And in Super Mario Bros 3 she sends P Wings. - K1l

Maybe because she was kindapped only once? And lmao Peach's letters are literally useless (1ups? In 3D Mario Games? Girl, no), do you know what she needs to do if she really wants to be useful? Not getting kindapped at all - DaisyandRosalina

1. It is the thought that counts. At least Peach actually tries.
2. Kidnapping is out of Peach's control.
3. Daisy got kidnapped in Super Mario Run. - LittleAwesomeApple

Peach did absolutely nothing when kidnapped in her first game don't think you can judge this since daisy was only in one game and peach had a lot of experience being kidnapped and decided to do something about it.

The only time Daisy was kidnapped was the only time she appeared canonically. - Qryzx

Yeah, Daisy just sits on her a$$ all day long, waiting for Mario. While Peach, on the other hand, gives Mario information, and gives him items. Daisy? No, she does not even give even a single item...

8 Nothing is wrong with being girly/feminine

Exactly! Kyle Broflovski is the same way as Princess Peach, which makes them both my favorite characters.

It's annoying when people act like if you are girly instead of a tomboy, you automatically are the devil. - K1l

Except Peach does that at the point she becomes a stereotype - DaisyandRosalina

No. There is nothing wrong with being feminine; even when you are a stereotype, that is just who you are. - LittleAwesomeApple

"Princess Peach is a tomboy, although not a real tomboy like Rosalina"

I'd actually like to hear this. What do you mean by this, and how is rosalina the 'real tomboy' when her main thing is that she's caring and motherly.

9 Peach is dating Mario

The stereotyped hero dates the stereotyped blonde... And she constantly friend zoned him - DaisyandRosalina

Daisy herself is technically a stereotype. She is just the opposite of Peach. Sure, she is a tomboy, but that is it. She is a stereotypical tomboy and there is nothing wrong with that. - LittleAwesomeApple

Ok, in my opinion, I like Peach better than Daisy. But just because Mario and Peach might be dating doesn't make her better than Daisy. It doesn't matter that she's in love with the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Even if Daisy dated him I would still like Peach more. Mario has nothing to do with this. And its not even been confirmed if they are actually dating anyways.

To be honest, is it even official on Peach and Mario dating? I'm sure Mario likes Princess Peach since he tried to win her heart in the ending. However, even if they are dating it doesn't change anything. - Qryzx

They're defiantly interested in each other or at least Mario is interested in Peach. It's not official on if they're dating yet or not.

10 Peach is adorable

Nintendo made Daisy's amiibo figure look evil, which by the way she is

She is so cute and bubbly, no wonder Mario saves her every time she gets kidnapped. - RosalinaX

I think Peach is the prettiest princess of the three Rosalina seems to be a classy princess While Daisy is by far the cutest. But I can agree with adorable I kind of consider all three princesses adorable.

She is adorable. Her actions, thoughts, quotes, and all she does is adorable

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11 She does not replace other characters

Rosalina never replaced Daisy, Daisy never replaced anyone else. At least their main series characters unlike Pink Gold Peach! - RosalinaX

I'm confused who does daisy replace?

I so agree. I hate the fact that Rosalina replaced Daisy, so that's why I HATE Rosalina.

She replaced Pauline

12 She has star powers/wish powers

'Daisy has flower power (which is actually powerful) and she can control crystals! Peach is nothing without her stupid powers, daisy is strong without her powers anyway. Shut your mouths daisy haters because your arguments are invalid! '

She's so strong, yet she never goes out to save the world/anyone? Yeah right. And a stupid crystal power she only had in a stupid soccer game big whoop. She can only use it on a short rang we to daze things or to punch harder. Still nothing spectacular and like I said it was a one time thing. So maybe, the place where they where at had crystals at her disposal where most places wont. And rea, ly? What does her flower powers do besides make everything pretty before she makes her move? Yeah...that's what I thought.

Daisy has flower powers which are useless as F. Actually, who even knows if she has ANY powers.

Daisy has flower power (which is actually powerful) and she can control crystals! Peach is nothing without her stupid powers, daisy is strong without her powers anyway. Shut your mouths daisy haters because your arguments are invalid!

The thing that annoys me about Peach is that she never uses them.

13 Her fanbase isn't sadistic

One of Daisy's fans on this site go all caps talking about her "awesomeness". - K1l

I've never liked the idea of Daisy being playable in Super Smash Bros., but the fact that one of her fans threatened to bomb Nintendo if she wasn't a fighter makes me like her even less.

They are perverts however - DaisyandRosalina

And I didn't really like the idea of Rosalina in smash, resulting in the fact some rosa pervs are handling her like a hot and sexy goddess makes me dislike rosa even more.Also I'm not jealous.

14 Peach is not a poser

Neither is Daisy. Peach goes on multiple adventures and serves her Kingdom, while Daisy is just doing what she does best. While I do find Daisy overrated, it's because people have expectations so high they reach the clouds, when very little footage is actually built off of that. - Qryzx

Peach plays sports too, AS WELL AS goes out and saves people/the world with Mario, saves Mario, and fights. Daisy on the other hand, doesn't give a f about her 'bff' and cousin getting kidnapped, don't care about helping save Mario with luigi or peach, and never gave a f about helping Mario at all.

Daisy does AIR KISSES, screamed at Bowser when she first saw him (like a prissy girl), used a petty excuse 'he was in my way' when she slapped him, throws temper tantrums when she loses, and does other girlish poses. Peach doesn't proclam herself as a tomboy, yet even though she wears pink and dislikes fighting, she's more tomboy than princess poser (aka daisy, the self proclaimed tomboy).

This is why this list suck.
Daisy is a tomboy, she love the sports, Peach doesn't love the sports, she's strong and not so girly.
Her air kisses are a way to say thank you, some people make them too and she wear a dress because the princesses wears a dress, all the princesses wears a dress in super Mario, oh and she's childish? Not too much, I mean, look at Waluigi...
Stop with these stupid top tens on the best princess because Peach and Daisy are both cool. Don't send an answer, this is over for me.

Nintendo never slaped on a personality for Rosalina like they did Daisy, nor any other character for that matter. We know about Rosalina being kind because SHE DID KIND THINGS AKA TAKING IN TONS OF LUMAS & TAKING CARE OF THEM WHEN NOT HER RESPONSIBILITY. Daisy has never shown to be tomboy ignoring her interest in sports in which girly girl peach has too

15 Peach has better people crushing on her

A d-bag star, and unknown alien, ugly dumb wario & Luigi clone... Well it makes sense Daisy would get these kind of people attracted to her.

While Peach has a brave and heroic sweet man and an awesome fire breathing dragon turtle king crushing on her. Man way better.

It's true Bowser has a crush on peach. In Mario power tennis he wants peach to kiss him and in super paper Mario Bowser wants to MARRY Peach So that's my proof

'Bowser doesn't even like peach! He just wants her kingdom/power! Mario is a fat stinky plumber! Luigi is kind, trustworthy, funny, and much more athletic. Tatanga and Bowser are equal (at least tatanga actually liked daisy) and waluigi actually looks better than ugly Mario.'
Uh yeah Bowser does. Someone needs to look at the paper Mario series again.

LOL A MISFORMED ANOREXIC DUMBASS looks better than Mario? Yeah right. And your shallow and care about looks while I was taking about PERSONALITY.

Mario is all what you said about luigi too. And no, the stupid alien gave up on daisy after one ass whooping by Mario he sucks.

I like Waluigi but I bet they are only saying Waluigi looks better than Mario because they like Daisy. - LittleAwesomeApple

No one ever canonized that Luigi and Daisy were a thing. Luigi clearly likes Peach and kisses her in multiple games. So yeah, Peach does have better people crushing on her! - DCfnaf

16 She has her own game

Where she trades her stereotypical role for another stereotypical role - DaisyandRosalina

Being the main character is stereotypical now? And no, there is nothing wrong with being the damsel in distress. - LittleAwesomeApple

Super Princess Peach for the Nintendo DS, that's so true. This also proves why she was the hero for once and has saved Mario before.

Princess Daisy should really have her own game, it will be fun!

The game was horrible

17 Peach is actually useful sometimes

In Super Mario RPG, Peach heals people! Very useful, if you ask me.

Um do you have any proof that Daisy is dependant on everyone?

You are right. And Princess Daisy depends on everyone to do things for her.

Any proof Daisy depends on evryone to do things for her?

To be honest there is no real proof. Technically both can do things, but Peach actually shows it (there's no proof Daisy is dependent, and it wouldn't make sense considering the type of person Daisy is). - Qryzx

18 How Deanna Mustard voiced Princess Daisy is even worse than how Jen Taylor/Nicole Mills voiced Princess Peach

Deanna gave Daisy better emotions and realism than most of the Mario cast, including Peach's high pitched voice - DaisyandRosalina

There is nothing wrong with having a feminine high pitched voice. - LittleAwesomeApple

Take that, Princess Daisy, your face sucks!

Peach is worse!

Don't take that, Princess Daisy, your face rocks!

19 Peach is kind

Stopping a fight with tea, saving someone who picked on her,

Yes! Finally Someone Who Agrees With Me On This.

Peach is really kind! She even tries to help when she's captured!

She actually stopped a fight with TEA. - Qryzx

20 Pink is better than Orange

Peach is hot, Daisy is awesome, and Rosalina just plain stinks.

21 She probably smells better

Whoever added this is making the Princess Peach fandom look bad. - LittleAwesomeApple

I laughed for a good minute looking at this. Still, no proof of this (then again, you said probably). - Qryzx

You guys are acting like Daisy fans now.

What? Daisy does not smell bad!

22 Peach is nicer than Daisy

Peach is less annoying and way nicer than daisy. people who say that peach is cruel are idiots

Daisy is a big bragger and a bitch

23 She's prettier

Yeah because she has a bright smile that will brighten up any ones day - mariofan3345

I love Peach and hate Daisy but this is a bit rude. - LittleAwesomeApple

Peach is prettier than daisy.


24 She is more sexy

Why do people say this crap? Am I seriously the only on to notice that all three princess have the exact same bust size, figure, eyes, crown shape, heck, they all even wear they're jewelry in the same way. The only thing different about them is they're hair, and faces... And even though I like Peach way more, I think Daisy looks better. Peach and Roslina's hair looks spikey.

I hate Daisy but this reason ruins the Peach fanbase. - LittleAwesomeApple

You guys are acting like Rosalina fans now. - yunafreya648

25 Princess Peach is stronger than Daisy.

Okay, so Daisy sent Bowser into space. Well, so? She only did that once, and over a decade ago.
Peach has a bunch of magic spells, Toad's for shields/counters, the Ability to Float, Slaps (,) Kicks (,) her Crown (,) and Peach Bomber, as well as four useful emotions. She also has more battle experience. - Qryzx

26 Daisy does nothing to save her cousin (Peach) while kidnapped
27 Princess Daisy's rivalry with Blaze the Cat is too cringeworthy and unfair

They have no rivalry do they? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Does Daisy actually have an "official" rivalry? - Qryzx

28 Peach can be wise

Peach can snack around to get Mario items and information he needs to defeat Bowser. Daisy with that useless alien? Nope too stupid to be able to do that lol

I agree that peach can be wise, unlike Rosalina.

29 Peach does things for her own kingdom

While Peach does all of these parties, go-kart racings, and sporting events for her kingdom, Daisy does not even live in Sarassaland anymore. She was said to live in the Mushroom Kingdom now. - LittleAwesomeApple

Hosts events, tries to solve peoples problems, goes out to help people in need, and partispates in her sporting events. When can u say ANY of that for daisy? I can say ALL of them for peach.

30 Princess Peach is a hero

Kinda a hero in 3 games!

Princess peach has her own game Super princess peach ;) and she saves Mario and along Mario and his bro and toad peach saves more then just her friends but whosoever is in troble ;D

31 Peach is sexy

I love Peach and hate Daisy but I have to disagree with this. - LittleAwesomeApple

Peach is not sexy.

I agree. Rosalina is not sexy, by the way.

She's bleh - ParkerFang

32 She doesn’t scream all the time

Although I like Daisy, her voice can get annoying sometimes

33 Peach does everything Daisy does and more
34 How Leslie Swan/Asako Kozuki voiced her

Come on Nintendo! Stop it with the stupid high pithed voices, and bring back Leslie Swan!

Leslienswans performance in super Mariob64 lacked emotion but wasntnas high pitched in my opinion! Her performance in super princessnpeach was exactly the same as peaches high pitched voices in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

35 Peach is courageous

In Rpg she choose by herself to go with Mario and co. To help them even when the toads told her it was dangerous. Also in spp, she was going to save Mario by herself till toadsworth shoved perry in her face. When has daisy should any courage? Oh right, she just screamed the first time she saw Bowser lol.

36 She's strong

Ok, she might not be physically strong, but she's really strong in character

37 Her voice isn't annoying
38 Daisy has a nasty personality

She always brags that she will win like "YOU KNOW I'm GONNA WIN" just shut up b*tch!

39 Peach makes games interesting
40 Daisy Copies Peach

She copied peach's moves in smash ultimate

41 Peach helps her toads and she protects them

She gets kidnapped and tries not to let her toads die

42 Daisy doesn't care about Luigi like Peach does
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