Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Peach Is Underrated

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1 She isn't weak

So many people say things like "Daisy hit Bowser out of the sky! Peach does nothing! " when Peach is actually really strong. Peach has heart powers, healing powers, can control her emotions to use them against her enemies, she can levitate, pull turnips out of nowhere, air smack people with her umbrella and so on. - RosalinaX

Guess what, Daisy's Punch was a reflex, not a purposely done attack like Peach's strike. - Qryzx

2 Receives Untrue or Dumb Bashing from Tons of Mario Fans

Or, simply Nintendo Fans. - Qryzx

Koopalings need more hate
peach doesn't

I know right,and they have the stupidest reasons to match. Like for example, "Peach is so girly and blonde." When has appearance ever influenced a character? - RosalinaX

Blonde hair, liking pink, 'ugly,' etc... are all STUPID reasons to hate peach.

She also is not rude, bossy, violent, etc...

All this comes from fans ALL OVER THE F-ING INTERNET! Not just here, but on yt, tumblr, the, Mario chat sites, etc... I'm sure that says more than critics who proably count MAYBE about 10% of all Mario fans.

3 She Is Not Bossy

When was she ever bossy? - RosalinaX

Got any proof that she's bossy?

Why everybody keeps saying she's bossy? I don't see anything bossy from her. - Chaotixhero

Asking for help is not bossy? I don't get where people think she's bossy...

4 She Had A Game Of Her Own
5 There's Nothing Wrong With Being 'Girly'/Feminine

Why does everybody hate peach for being girly? there's nothing wrong with being a girly girl

Ya, I like pink but that doesn't mean I'm weak or retarded. - RosalinaX

You must remenmber your childhood, TeenTitansGoSucks.

6 Her Voice Is Not That Bad

A voice has nothing to do with her character. End of story. - RosalinaX

This and the Rosalina haters lists are the worst list I have EVER seen. I like Rosalina and Daisy, but I HATE peach. Everything on this list is untrue because peach is an idiot! She deserves more hate not less! Rosalina and daisy deserve less hate! I am infuriated with this pathetic list

Lots of people say her voice ruins the games. It never bothers me. - nintendofan126

In Super Smash Bros Brawl, yeah it's annoying to be from the quote "Ah did I win? ". Other then that, I don't have a problem with her voice at all. - Chaotixhero

7 She Gives Mario Cake

What's wrong with cake? - RosalinaX

These are just stupid reasons.

Okay, Gives Me One Reason Why Princess Peach Giving Mario Cake Isn't A Nice Thing To Do?

Yeah I almost died to s fire breathing turtle/dragon in space TWICE and all I get is cake? Fine, as long it's fudge cake then I'm fine with it. - Chaotixhero

8 There's Nothing Wrong With Liking Pink

"She's too annoying and cruel! "

How the f is she cruel? She stopped a fight with tea, befriended and saved Mimi despite Mimi being rude to her, stayed focused on saving tippi and went out to save the world because she wanted to help Mario's friends with their troubles =/


Yes, I can agree, that Teen Titans Go sucks, but why is Princess Peach your favourite character?! She's too annoying and cruel! Name some characters that you like better than Princess Peach.

How is she cruel? She stopped a fight with tea in Brawl Subspace Emissary. The only character I like more than Princess Peach is Amy Rose from Sonic, because I could actually relate to her. - Qryzx

9 Her Hair Color Is Not Bad

Just because someone has blonde hair doesn't make them good or bad. - RosalinaX

This is a stupid reason!

Having blonde hair doesn't make someone a Barbie like gosh -.- - Qryzx

This list is STUPID!

10 She Tries to See the Good In Everybody

Princess Peach + Steven Universe = Rose Quartz

And thus she fails because her IQ is even lower than that of an elephant.

Still higher than Pauline's, though. Pauline can't even jump off an open platform even though she could have escaped if careful enough. - Qryzx

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11 She Is Good In the Video Games Where She Is Actually Playable

Useless? OK good luck going around rpg without healing, and let's ignore her gliding ablities in the other games.

12 Does Not Enjoy Being Kidnapped by Bowser

She tries to excape him in 3dl, and has gave Mario info and items to help him reach Bowser!

13 She a tramp
14 She Tries to Escape from Bowser In Super Mario 3dland

Princess Rapunzel is another badass character with sexy/thick/feminine thighs with such long yellow hair.

So she does not have repunzel syndrome

15 She Is Funny

Yes, she is. She is cheesy, in fact. Yeah, she can be hilarious when her thick, feminine and long thighs and large, feminine bum are being messed!

16 Not Cowardly

Toad is the coward because he always runs and hides from Bowser's minions which is why she gets captured all the time so if you want to hate on anybody for that hate on Toad not Peach.

Again, Toad is not a coward. He cares for the Princess a lot and even helps Mario in games like New Super Mario Bros even though he doesn't have crazy powers and such. - RosalinaX

Getting kidnapped a lot=/=coward. She has jumped into action plenty of times even against Bowser like in spp, she was going to rush in to save Mario without perry. It was toadsworth who forced the umbrella on her.

17 She dances beautifully

I would love to see her do the hula too. - PrincessPeachFangirl2002

Honestly, I would want a scene of Princess Peach doing a Hawaiian hula dance in the Super Mario movie that Illumination is making because I think it would suit her. I've seen some pictures of her as a hula dancer on DeviantArt.

18 She Doesn't Stalk Anyone

Stop confusing her with Amy Rose people =/

This is exactly why I used to call Princess Peach a stalker! Because she is SEGA's Amy Rose! Scratchpad is not the most trustworthy source out there.

What are you talking about? Peach was made before Amy Rose, so does that mean Amy Rose is Nintendo's Princess Peach? - Qryzx

19 She is Clever

In Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story she holds a meeting and invites the star sprites and the bros to work out how to cure the blorbs. Also, she stands up to Bowser, telling him he is not welcome and he must leave.

20 Shows Even Girls Can Do Anything

Be aa "lawyer", a leader, anything, even fight your nemesis. - Qryzx

Yas. - RosalinaX

I feel like this is more of a daisy reason not peach.

While more focus on the other girls would be nice, she's shown even when she's a sweet innocent girly-girl who gets kidnapped all the time can be a race kart driver, fighter, play sports, and save the world/the hero along with the rest

21 She Is Not Violent

This list... the reasons are just stupid like this one.

I find it funny people hate peach for always getting kidnapped but then turn around with this bs

22 Makes Super Mario games fun and entertaining

Peach is SO OP in Mario 3D World. I wouldn't be lying if she was the best character in the game. Try using Peach's float, the and the slow decent of the Tanooki Leaf. Heck, Peach has more air time than Luigi, making her grind 1UPS easier to combo collect and when I would be close to dying, I could have Peach wall jump to safety. Champion's road was a total joke to her floating. I recommend people try her. So Peach is useless huh? Well... NO.

Nintendo makes peach get kidnapped 24/7 so Mario could have something to do. I don't know why people hate her for getting kidnapped I mean it's not her fault

23 She Is Beautiful

Keep that to yourself.

What the heck?!

Only when she is fully naked. Because she has thick, feminine thighs, a huge, circular bum and a large bust size. I swear she's so sexy and edible!

Dude... If I were you, I would keep that phrase to myself, not in front of everybody cause most people on this website are not comfortable with sexual phrases. - yamionthetrap

24 She Is a Hero

I wouldn't call her a hero but more of a ally in justice. She really more of a princess who "gets kidnapped 24/7". - Chaotixhero

Luigi is more of a hero than any Mario characters! He the greatest hero ever!

Even when kidnapped, she still helps out Mario! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I wouldn't say this, but Peach does get to much hate. - RalphBob

Well, most other characters don't adventure as much as Peach either. - Qryzx

25 She Isn't Mean

She cares about everyone and always wants to help people

She tries to see the good in people! - HeavyDonkeyKong

26 She is Always Joyful
27 Likes to Have Fun

That's why she's in all the sports, party, and kart games nothing wrong with not caring if she wins. She is just enjoying the sport/game like your suppose to. Just because she's fine with losing doesn't mean she hates to win.

28 Not Lazy

Actually for a princess, she does quite a lot. She is not there to look pretty, she has gone out to help people, helped her people solve problems, get Mario info or items while kidnapped, and at least one time tried to excape from Bowser and his minions.

29 She stopped a fight with tea and most females would not do that
30 She is a good role model

Peach is a good role model for girls, she has good sportsmanship and is overall kind

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