Top 10 Reasons Why Religions Should Coexist

Some of you may disagree with this or find it impossible but it's honestly one of the only ways to keep religion alive. I mean seriously people! If we all just accepted that all religions are correct it would get a lot easier for us.

The Top Ten

1 So That We Wouldn't Have Wars or Arguments Over Which Religion is Right

That is a reason for terrorism. - PhoenixAura81

2 All Religions Should Be Treated Equally

Even paganism and atheism. - PhoenixAura81

3 So That We Wouldn't Be Wrong About Certain Religions
4 So That We Could All Live in Peace
5 So That We Could Respect Everyone's Beliefs a Lot More
6 So That We Wouldn't Have to Worry About Suffering For Having the Wrong Beliefs
7 So That We Wouldn't Judge Others For Having Different Beliefs
8 It Would Be a Lot Easier For Religious People
9 We Wouldn't Have to Be So Ignorant Towards Different Religions
10 We Wouldn't Make All Other Religions Feel Inferior

The Contenders

11 Because All Religions Encourage Helping One Another
12 The Golden Rule Is Almost Universal, Throughout World Religions
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