Top Ten Reasons You Should Respect Your Teacher


The Top Ten

1 They teach you stuff

And you get to learn stuff. Even though it's boring. Also, turn off your caps lock, dude. - RiverClanRocks

2 They have access to your grades
3 If you're mean to them they will give you a referral or something

No way. This is not a good reason at all.

4 They help you with the real world

Not in special ed, they don't. Like seriously, how does kindergarten math help us pay bills?

No they don’t. How is finding x going to help you “in the real world”? - 3DG20

5 They help you go to collage

No, you’re the one getting good grades so you can get into a good college. - 3DG20

6 They make sure youu won't be a bum on the street
7 They're fun

Nope. Some are boring.

Most of them aren’t. - 3DG20

There are also some crummy teachers out there too. - RiverClanRocks

One of my teachers make fun of students. My type of guy.
For example:
A really tall kid who sounds and looks 35: little penguin! (a kid walks like a penguin)
Teacher: Shrek, calm down! - Therandom

8 They're with you a long time

I wish they weren’t. - 3DG20

9 Gives your parents breaks from you
10 They work extremely hard

Nope. Some are lazy.

Teachers are some of the most underpaid and under-respected professions out there. They shape the future of our nation by shaping the youth, and the impact good teachers have on me, and bad teachers alike is irrefutable. - keycha1n

Teachers aren't gonna help me with military training, are they? - Therandom

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