Top Ten Things Fake Best Friends Do

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1 They leak your secrets

True, in 5th grade during Valentine's Day, I had my first kiss and this 1 idiot took a picture of it and sent it to my mom and I got my ass whooped so that's why I never trust a snitch.

Told the girl who I thought was my best friend about my crush, then 5 minutes later everyone finds out.

In 5th grade, I told my closest group of friends who I had a crush on (it was like 4 girls) and the next day, everyone knows about it. AARRRGGHHH

2 They talk behind your back with your enemies

I'm sorry all of this happened KianaLexi. Almost all of my "friends" have been nothing but fake. Some have even talked behind my back and it led me to not wanting to trust anyone at my school anymore as well. It's sad how it's so hard to find a genuine friend.

I had did some scary things to myself and I told her that but then my teacher was all up in my damn face telling me "A group of friends told me that you did that..." I was thinking to myself, "Who? I only told her..." I pretty much have no other friends and no one saw them but her. My guessing is that that bitch told her FRIENDS, not mine that I did that to myself. Now people stare at me funny looking... Screw her and everyone else..

3 They don't listen

I think This one is the worst you friends are your pillars, your rocks your meant to support one another! They could at least try so they are in your favour.

4 They leave you alone when you are in need
5 They feel jealous of your achievements
6 They never agree with you
7 They seem to be with you for their own benefits

My brother's "friends" used to do this. When they were mad or he did something they didn't like, they treated him like crap and wanted nothing to do with him. But as soon as they needed/wanted a favor from him, then they wanted to talk. Thankfully, he doesn't talk to them anymore.

This is something that will definitely get on your nerves.

8 They go out with your ex

Especially for guys you can't do that.

9 They are quick at turning you down

Once I had this Spanish class and when I was there I made a friend. I don't remember much about him though. But on the last day on the class we played some games. I think the game was bingo. And if you won the game then you got a prize. So I didn't win one time and then I took another bingo card and won a calculator. But my friend didn't win anything. Then a couple days later I got an email from him. He said that he wasn't going to be my friend anymore because I cheated at the bingo game. I didn't even cheat but he thought I did! And all I won was a dumb calculator anyway! What a jerk! I'm glad that I'm not his friend anymore.

10 They are friends with you alone, but not friends with you when someone else is nearby

She invited me to sit at her table with her "friends" but they were all talking to each other and not including me. I told her by text, I feel alone... She does absolutely nothing, she doesn't introduce me to people, they all seem like they hate me anyway. One day, I walked away and she didn't do anything, she didn't ask why I left...

You can be friends when you're alone, but not when others are around? That's bull crap!

How can you call yourself someone's "friend" if you're not going to act like it?

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11 They humiliate you in front of people

My fake best friend would mock me with false stories about me to everyone. She said that I'm in an engagement with a Vocaloid, which is already obviously fake, told everyone I have 15 husbands (I meant 15 anime crushes. I know it sounds weird, but she's worse because she told me that she's married to an anime guy who's way older than her and would draw pictures of her and the anime guy's "wedding", which is way creepier.

Besides, I was joking with the 15 husband thing, and she called me autistic just because I didn't let her use my phone for her own benefits like taking selfies of herself, acting like she owns it, and so on. I'm not a stingy person, I'm just the kind of person who doesn't like people touching my items and acting as if they own them.

12 They expect you to drop everything you're doing so you can cater their needs

Now this is something that will cause a lot of rage.

13 They drive a wedge between you and your real friends
14 They make you feel guilty for not being with them

There is this fake friend who tries to sulk around me when I don't hang out with him. He only does it when no one is around him.

15 They replace you with someone else without saying anything
16 They steal your friends
17 They make promises they never keep
18 They flirt with your crush/partner
19 They fake laugh at your jokes

Maybe they just have a silent laugh so they fake it so they could breathe

20 They only speak to you if you have food
21 They spread lies about you

The fake friend of mine has always been like this. She would tell people lies about me so she can take everyone away from me. I honestly hate her with a burning passion

22 They make you eat stuff you don't want to
23 They threaten to kill you
24 They look happier with others
25 They snitch on you
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