Top Ten Reasons Christ Is Greater Than Muhammad

The Top Ten
1 Christ is the son of God. Muhammad is only a prophet.

Jesus Christ was sent by God the father to be the savior of the world from sins. If the person doesn't believe in Jesus Christ the redeemer, how can a person be redeemed from his/her sins? That is why, Jesus suffered from the cross to show that God the father knows how to sacrifices everything just to save the people from being doomed from sins. He proves that, not only we humans are capable of suffering and sacrificing everything, God the father can also do the same for us. In order for us to be redeemed from sins is to change ourselves by avoiding committing sins and accept Jesus as our redeemer. Change ourselves into responsible people and follow God's commandments, that should be the best thing to do. Since, you are not the only person in this world, you should also consider the other people in this world.

God the father is the creator. God the son is the redeemer. God the holy spirit is the sanctifying grace. Three persons in one God. That is why they are called the blessed trinity. Just like a computer, house, and other things that you see everyday. Computer is composed of monitor, keyboard, mouse, and CPU. The house is composed of roof, windows, doors, walls, floors, and ceilings. So, Jesus Christ is the son of God, that is why he is God too. Whether you like it or not. No offense, people.

Jesus would be mad if he saw what his misguided people are doing today, he never called himself the son of god, he was one of the four great prophets-Moses, David, Jesus, Muhammed (peace be upon them all), who were given the great holy books, The Hebrew Bible (got corrupted by the Jewish leaders), The Psalms (Lost in time), The Bible (again got corrupted mostly by Christian leaders), and the last book vowed to be protected by god almighty himself The Holy Quran.

Christ is not the son of god, if Christ is the son of god this mean that there are two gods; I am a man because my father is a man, elephant is an elephant because his father is an elephant. To Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Muslim, and other non-Christians did not believed that Christ is the son of god. Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is the best, the greatest, fateful man that ever live on the surface of the earth.

2 Christ died for the sins of humanity. Muhammad did not.

Jesus never died, if the Christians really did love him they wouldn't want to insist on him being dead, technically we Muslims love Jesus more than the Christians. Your sins are your sins don't try to pin it all on Jesus.

Jesus Christ is the King of kings.

Who is telling you these things

Jesus is the lamb of God

3 Christ rose from the dead. After Muhammad died, he remained dead.

Jesus never really died and he will return, as told my Prophet Muhamed (PBUH), his predecessor will return to vanquish evil and to bring his misguided people back on track.

4 Jesus was sinless. Muhammed committed many.

Jesus was a sinless Lord who never promoted violence. HE loved and never killed or hated.

5 Christ will return at the end of time to be our just judge. Muhammad will not.

That's cause Christ was never given a chance to complete his mission, when the crucifixion took place God took away Jesus and put the criminal in his place, Jesus never died. And prophet Muhammed (PBUH) himself said that Jesus will return to get his misguided followers back on track.

6 Muhammad was born naturally, whereas Christ was born of a virgin.

No argument there, but that shows the power of God and it does not mean, that Jesus was the son of God, Neither God nor Jesus ever said that he was the son of God.

If you say about that the jesus Son of god because he not father Adam better jesus he not father and mother

You are a foolish bastard

7 Christ is literally present in the bread and wine at mass. Muhammad is not present in any food.

That's just a rubbish myth made up food is food a blessing from God and, Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon them both) are a different type of mercy from god.

This is stupid satanic dogma made by the Catholic Church, BABYLON

Mohamod is false propet,but JESUS is the Son of God,the Lord of Lords,the King of Kings,he dead for people all over the world, he rose after three days and night,now he is sat with side of his Father,and he will coming soon to judge the world.

8 Christ did not have an army that killed people; Muhammad did.

Whoever made this list is a racist. Muslims were forced to make war to live. And anyway Christians did have an army.

9 Christ gave his apostles the power to forgive sins of any. Muhammad did not.

The damned fake apostles of Jesus gave themselves the fake power, Prophet Muhammed's followers were not liers and backstabbers, Only god himself can forgive sins, neither Prophet Jesus nor Prophet Muhammed can, they can only pray for you, you can't pray to them.

10 Christ is both human and divine. Muhammad is only human.

Christians believed in Jesus as the Son of God and Redeemer for centuries before Islam began. In the Bible, God and Jesus are indeed Father and Son.

Neither Jesus nor god ever called him a son of god, the Christian backstabbing leaders corrupted his story to gain power and create awe, Both Jesus and Muhammed (Peace be upon them both) were human prophets of God, Jesus was born through the power of god not sired by god, he was a servant of god almighty.

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11 Christ raised people from the dead. Muhammad did not.

Both were given special powers by god, Muhammed (PBUH) split the moon into two pieces, with the entire world as witness while Jesus did not. Technically both of these great events were done by the power of God himself.

Yes he raised people from dead, glory be to God, Jesus is the best option, no prophet talk about Muhammad, but about the messiah (JESUS) and his name is powerful, halleluyah

How does splitting the moon help anyone?

12 Muhammad permitted polygamy in marriage. Christ only allowed marriage between one man and one woman.

Jesus never prohibitted polygamy, If you look at the world as of today the number of girls keeps on increasing when compared to the number of boys, so polygamy can become really necessary Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) knew about this from God almighty, that is why women are not allowed to have more than one husband at the same time. And almost all Muslims have only one wife, Polygamy is not common at all.

There is no any statement that Christ allowed only marriage between one man and one woman, if a man married 1 wife or 1000 wives is allowed in Christianity.

I voted to say Muhammad didn't permit polygamy. It was already common that time.

13 Muhammad was a pedophile
14 Christ has a cooler name
15 Christ went to heaven, Muhammad did not
16 Muhammad was sexist
17 People who followed Muhammad caused 9/11, people who believe in Christ did not.
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