Top Ten Reasons Why Christian Religions are Evil

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1 Their God Created Satan and Evil

Yahweh created Lucifer, but Yahweh never created evil. Lucifer betrayed Yahweh, changed his name to Satan, and created evil. Check your facts please before you start barking blasphemy. It truly disgust me how you lie about your own creator. When you tell these wicked lies, people believe them, and your lies are bringing people to hell. Just know this: You are going with them. You have spiritual blood on your hands. If you do not know what you are talking about, then please stop talking before another innocent soul is hurt. This is very dangerous stuff you are playing with.

1. If God exists the Bible is more likely to be man-made and God would laugh at it.
2. But June Brown who is a Christian in real life and is a Christian when she plays Dot Cotton in Eastenders. In real life is 92 years old born 16 February 1927 and has been smoking cigarettes for over 70 years.
3. Even though God has never appeared on earth and then praying, think of the movie Bruce Almighty all those prayers hard work.

He created evil to see if we choose that? Is his creation a game of something? If he is allmighty, why didn't he create a world without conflicts, evil etc... And don't tell me that he did create the world like it is just to watch us if we choose him or not, because that would be pervert and immoral.

Actually us humans created evil. God specifically told us not to sin. You hypocrites sin and blame God, the one who did not sin. This is like enslaving someone and then blaming Abraham Lincoln.

2 Promotes Slavery

Christianity has never supported slavery. Islam does. If you do not know what you are talking about, then shut up!

You are confusing Christianity with Islam; many Middle Eastern and sub-Saharan Islamic countries still allow slavery to this day.

You may beat your slave so badly they die after a day or two and you shall not be punished, for they are only property. - Exodus 21:20-21

Timothy 2:12 is taken out of context. It is talking about a women who is shouting during church.

3 Sends People to Hell

No. Christianity brings people to heaven. Other religions bring people to hell. Do not start yelling at me calling me "Islamophobic" and stuff like that. This is the truth and there is nothing you or I can do about it.

Christianity does not send people to hell! You got any proof it does? I didn't think so.

God does not send you to hell. You send yourself to hell. God is trying to save you.

Hell is a myth

4 Some Believe Victims of Rapists Go to Hell

It does not matter what some people believe. What matters is what the Bible says. The Bible does not say this. True Christians follow the Bible, and anyone who believes this is not a true christian

Not all victims of rapists go to hell. That depends on the victim.

I'm revising this comment. The victim? Where'd you hear this from?

Which as a Christian I know isn't true!

5 It Says God Made Bad People So They Can Go to Hell

The Bible never said that. Sin corrupted bad people, and people were not innately bad. Get your facts straight.

No it doesn't. Check yo facts

It never said that liars!

6 It's a Lie

No j in Latin, Iesus is son of Zeus.
The Bible describes eastern Europe, not the desert of Palestine. There is no historical evidence that Jews were ever in Egypt.

Disprove? You can only disprove something if there's something to prove. A verification of facts. You can not make verifications of a fact that is based on principles of blind faith.

How is this not number one? Religion and the existence of a creator god that knows everything about you from the moment you were conceived has ALWAYS been a lie!

Try to disprove it first before saying it's a "lie". Or else you are being a hypocrite since you're lying to us.

7 It Says God Killed His Son

No! it does not say that! Clearly you have never read the Bible! It Truly disgusts me that you choose to blaspheme Christianity without checking the facts.

Um...Where does it say that?! It never said that. Shut up if you do not know what you are talking about!

8 It Was Created by the People Who Killed and Enslaved

Think this is referring to the Romans who forced it into acceptance throughout Europe to further their own agenda. Jesus would of had to of been real to enslave and kill. Wake up.

THAT IS A LIE! Jesus and his disciples never killed or enslaved people. In fact they were killed and enslaved.

The Bible is a dark age fraud, embellished in the Medieval Era, to empower Royalty and the rich.

No it was not it was created by people who opposed killing and enslaving

9 They Think Other Religions Worship Satan

Westborough Baptist are the only region besides Satanism that warship Satan screw this and I dislike anti Christians.

Other religions do worship satan!

10 Westboro Baptist Church

This is one of the reasons why Christians give a bad name. They say God hates everything but they don't have evidence for that. I searched that they're are seven things that God hates. Innocent Christian people are been ruined by this group. Screw this group.

Not all christians are this psychotic. Westboro baptist is not real christianity and they are likely going to hell with you

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11 They Eat Their God by Consuming His Blood and Flesh

I'm a theistic satanist, and you saying that it sounds like something I would do is VERY insulting. Damn you.

12 They Defend Pedophilia
13 They Hate People Who are Different
14 They Condemn Others in the Faith
15 They're Homophobes
16 God Loves Incest

God is all powerful but chooses incest as his preferred method of population multiple times. Adam and Eve, Noah and his daughters, God even impregnates his own mother to give birth to himself (Jesus)

17 It Says People Who Commit Suicide Go to Hell
18 They Want Rape Victims to Marry Their Rapists
19 It Has Caused the Murders of Millions of Muslims
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