Top Ten Reasons Why Hell is So Bad

The Top Ten
1 You are separated from Jesus Christ for eternity
2 You regret every sin you committed
3 It lasts for eternity
4 You feel hopeless forever
5 You are tormented by demons 24/7
6 You burn in flames forever
7 There is no mercy
8 There is no love

For some people, it wouldn't be much different from the real world...

9 There is no water

If God is hating not loving make sure you ask for a bottle of water in your coffin.

10 There is no escape
The Contenders
11 You do not have Mary as your Mother
12 They have horrible or no food
13 You cannot communicate with other people
14 It smells horrible
15 You remain impenitent in your own sinfulness
16 You are with terrible people
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