Top Ten Religions Evolved from Hinduism


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1 Buddhism

That's funny how no one likes hinduism

No explanation needed, Buddhism was the best which grew in Hinduism. It illustrates the messages of peace in Hinduism very beautifuly - vivek0305

Ahhh wow so that's how Buddhists learnt to rape and pillage?

2 Sikhism

Sikhism is top of the world

I m proud to be a Sikh..


Sikhism is a unique religion whose religious Sri Guru Granth Sahib has been compiled by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji and it is a living Guru. Guru Govind Singh Ji ordered all Sikhs to accept this Granth as Guru "sab Sikhaun to hukam hai Guru Manho Granth.

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3 Sanatana Dharma

Hinduism's name is Sanatana - vivek0305

4 Shaivism
5 Arya
6 Vaishnavism
8 Durga
9 Romani
10 Jainism

Best religion is Jain

Best in religion

0nly dharama preaches and follows "jio aur jine do".
Is the only fully scientific dharma in which its written how one should,starting from getting up from your bed to again go back to sleep.
Even in today's world the Guru's are the real icon who "practice what they preach",show us the way to etarnal peace of a SOUL.
These are very some Of the details of the "Simple way of life "which can make a soul rest in true PEACE (no rebirth) "MOKSHA".

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11 Swaminarayan
12 Sindhi
13 Brahma Kumaris

This is eye opening experience for me and I will vote this is the best and real
And I learned about myself and about God

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