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Roblox roblox roblox

It sure is the best! BOII! - andrewteel

Get this man some money, so we can have our tix back. So we don't get bullied because of not having ROUX. Like bro.

He is a cool dude I would friend him and follow him I think he is the most awesome dude in roblox

2 Shedletsky

This is "Telamon"s account that he acctually uses. I sent a friend request to him :D

Shedletsky yay! I hope there's any chicken on the list for him

Yup! Shedletsky for the win. He's my third favorite administrator (my second is Matt Dusek and first is Noob007). And they weren't on here so... yeah Shedletsky. Lol, why am I writing again? I also want to be his friend on ROBLOX really badly, lol!

Very cool! I love this character. If you are admin on a game, use him for a char.

3 stickmasterluke

I want his dominus

That guy is awesome! I love Natural Survival Disaster -Nqolo

He is so cool me makes games that everyone loves and he is never a jerk he accepts any friend requests (including mine :D) so I would put him at the top of the list.

Stickmasterluke is my favourite. Sometimes I see him online and he created my favourite game called natural disaster survival as some of you may know his most popular game and I really really want him to be my friend

4 John Doe

To whoever say's he's a hacker. he and Jane Doe are both Test Accounts, Not Hackers - Kambochia12



John Doe may be a load of cancer but he is probably the best character in Roblox and he's not a hacker.

5 FFJosh

His is the best

6 o0OXxIIxXO0o

go to hell

I don't know I d0nt know this guy

7 DanTDM

DanTDM is a good guy I like his Minecraft videos better because of Grim. Grim is so cute

Itas not because I love his videos I love his character with his AWESOME GOLD SUIT

He deserves the top 10 because he makes awesome videos that almost everyone watched and he is so col!

Dan tdm I'm a big hugeee fan please add me my roblox user name is ballonboy12112

8 Vetexgaming

Why is vetex up here lol

9 Jane Doe

CAn you Love me Jane Doe And Sex me

Um she the best, love ya Jane

10 Builderman

Dear bulderman can I have pormisshen to messege you from your friend lovecuteylovefox

He has to make the rule but I don't know if he'd created ROBLOX and if you have a roblox account you have to listen to his rules or ROBLOX's rules or you might get banded or in the higher level if your account (even you don't have one) is good enough, they'll keep you in. - Joshuakhang123

I think that if Builderman actually deleted his account then the whole of the Roblox wouldn't work. Interesting theory, anybody?

Builderman is awesome! I see videos about him also they are so funny


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11 iMajesticGalaxy

He's amazing -3-

He is famous for his Awesome group and game Club Strobe and his many other games that are really fun to play! He also has a YouTube channel where he post random content on. And even a Twitter! I think he deserves a spot on this list. He is an awesome player on Roblox that I know will make it to the Front page one day. And if your reading this iMajesticGalaxy its me PewdsiePie2000 I like your games a lot dude!

I've seen this guy before in a game, he seems pretty cool I have not played his games before but I'll check them out.

This is Sooo Good

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12 funboy12456

He has a yt called Warhead Gaming

Sadly he doesn't play much more


Should easily be top 10

13 Games

He's created all of the Halloween games, and Easter egg hunts for ROBLOX.

Creates ROBLOX Battle, an amazing game.

The staff shares this account and makes awesome games.

ROBLOX Battle. Need I say more?

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14 matthewho4970


Hi matthewho4970


Who is that o_o

15 Dued1

He's not famous on ROBLOX but he created my favourite game

Dued1 made an awesome game it's work at a pizza place he is awesome and he even accepted my friend request

Who doesn't know Dued1? He created Pizza Place! Its been popular for months I think year

Dued1 is awesome all of his games are rad

16 HollowWater

My acc is 10 days older then his, but other then that he's cool!

17 Alberts

You guys know that the person who putted this on the list meant albert old account and not mrflimflam right?

It’s Mrflimflam not Alberts lol

Watch one of his videos and you will die laughing

He is so funny

18 Otem9898

He's 1 of my favourite friends on ROBLOX but sadly, he really never gets to see me :(

He sounds like a good guy

19 EthanGamerTv

Ethan Bryant trinh goes to my school - Oliversky

He is very funny and a super cool British kid! His videos are awesome!

He is the best at doing Roblox video,He is very awesome at age 8.He will always be awesome he will get even awesome.I think he needs to be one of the top 5at least.


20 Telamon

The best sword fighter. Since this profile is not actually his anymore, he's down here.

Why is Telamon here? He used to be nice, but now he's so greedy, its his fault Everything is about because now. He's also a jerk who cusses in front of kids to look cool. He even acts rude to other players, and Hates The NBC members. He's an ass!

Originally, this was his profile and used to be nice but now he's a stupid n00b and he hates no builders club users.

KFC for the win. Enough said.

21 Guests

They are funny.

It is sad that people let go of them. Why roblox, why? isn't making millions of money a year giid enough?

Love them. Their extremely annoying yet hilariously crazy antics bring back fond memories and these little guys will always have a place in my heart. Forever. Even if they are annoying to most, Guests are deep to me. (I both hate and love guests). - Lunala

22 DrTrayblox

I like you dan

He is Dantdm's roblox Avatar and I love his videos

Iike his videos ITS DANTDMS AVITAR
he's NICE

23 brandonr15

VERY NICE GUY! He makes videos on YouTube, he's kind to me, I talked to him on skype one time, he's so funny. His new YouTube account is The Green Gamer. This guy is just amazing. He deserves #1.

One of the best robloxians. He probably isn't very famous, but indeed a very kind person. He made 2 YouTube accounts. 1. Malleo220(Malleo220 is now cancelled). He now has a 2nd account which is called The Green Gamer. He uploads daily Minecraft videos, and other things. He is a really cool guy to hang out with. I talk to him on skype. Good luck on YouTube, and with your life!

Great guy! He is cool to hang with.

He cancelled both channels, but I never watched them before :P v

24 Coolgoldboy15

Oh man, his hunger games

25 funbrayden12

Okay, I've known funbrayden12 on ROBLOX for over a year, and he is easily one of the best users. Funny, sweet, kind, just brightens up my day. Oh, and if you're reading this funbrayden12, I'm BuzzyBeeAteMyPotato. - Wolftail

Hey hey hey! I've known brayden for like.. 1 year and a half? He is awesome :P and he deserves to be in the top ten :P -AllyWafflez

26 koolbud556

No you should not you jerk that wants to be famous. To be on this list you need to be a good scripter and builder. Noob

I think I deserve to be in here

This guy is really kind, his one of the most friendly robloxian's he even joined my friend's group (Charizardstar25)

27 Snakechill4

He Has Over 2000 Friends, Nice Guy, Finally. Never Gets Banned For Talking Dirty Online. Just Wonderful!

He helped me build a giant city but he swears a lot... Who cares though right?

I deserve here, great swearer :D, great builder :D, lifetime because, :D, half famous kinda, :D, Tdi and be champion! :D

28 chavez157

He liked everybody on Roblox.

Because its cool

29 xXWalglesXx
30 sonicisbest123

Come on look at him and you will notice how awesome he is.

When getting builder's club, he mostly gets obc but sometimes he gets tbc.

31 Dogon

He's a total jerk! Ever since mid-2014, he became obsessed with fame and memes and made less Paper Mario stuff in his games and more stuff out of the series, and he shoots down everyone else who makes Paper Mario games!

He's cool, but ever since new-er paper Mario rp he got kind of boring and unoriginal

32 ImNOTaN00BneverXD

His account was hacked his new account is called IveyIvarest - RPD6478

33 Nikilis

Mm2 is fun and when you make mm3

I like your game murder mystery

34 PoohBear53
35 BashFan2
36 Airbourne20

He's always the best

37 Kohl123123

he's great

Famous made my favorite game and my favorite group called The First Empire

38 Amina70720

Who put me here? I don't know how to make good games, but thanks anyway. - MorganChambz

39 W1Ethepivotman

He quit I think... I never saw him online since then. 9/24/14. I checked one of his alts and same. Is he hacked? Or he quit? He is one my buddies!

40 FlareBast

One of the 38 characters of league of ROBLOX

I don't know just have cool name XDS

41 TheTrollerIsBack001
42 GPR3
43 1dev3
44 Shooterking18

He sucks - funboy12456

He makes some games fun. He make others he plays with have a challenge.
When he plays phantom forces he tries not to make to much of a challenge to most people. But for him it is hard thus the name "shooterking18 "

45 RubixHero
46 thegamer101
47 SoccerUnited09
48 Erik Cassel

R.I.P Erik you changed roblox so much and you passed away. JuliusColeV2 made a video making fun you almost made me cry. Erik if your reading this from the heavens I love you same for the admins, bye.

R.I.P December 16th, 1967 �" February 11th, 2013 - Kambochia12

! He should be the most famous for his dedication for ROBLOX. He was the co-founder of ROBLOX and without him, we might not even have a thing called roblox. Sadly, though, he died because of cancer. R.I.P. mr Cassel

49 AnnaTheAmazing

This was the name of my old character on ROBLOX

This girl is amazing x3

50 guineayoshi88
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