Top Ten Roblox Jailbreak General Vehicles

The 2020 March Update of Roblox Jailbreak has just been released and it's a pretty large update with a wide variety of additions and changes, such as remodeling weapons, three new weapons, weapon skins, vehicle interiors and the Bugatti Chiron as a new vehicle. Due to the addition of the Chiron, I thought I'd rank the Jailbreak General vehicles.
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1 Model 3

Either this, or the Pick-Up Truck is the first vehicle people buy in Jailbreak. Well I bought the latter first, but the Model 3, while twice as expensive at 16,000 cash, is a lot more efficient to buy and use. As a tesla vehicle, it has decent acceleration and very good speed when upgraded with a LvL 5 engine. Like the Roadster though, it flings off the map when bumped into an object but for what it's worth it's recommended.

Ok so this is the best cheap car yet in this game and well like when I used to use it I was like oh my this is the best car I have and it probably faster than volt but boy was I wrong

The best choice if u wanna get a cheap car. Also faster than a few cars which are more expensive. Good handling as well

Its one of the fastest for its price so I recommend it for any beginners

2 Military Jeep

The Military Jeep is one of three free vehicles along with the Heli and the Camaro. It's the most recent, added with the Military Base as recently as 2019 but it's crazy good for a free vehicle! It has a very decent top speed, great handling and off-roading, and decent acceleration. Keep in mind there are way mroe expensive vehicles such as the Porche which gives a much lesser performance in proportion to its price. Did I also mention it seats 4 players and look awesome? You can even turn on the roof for it! Sure a great car!

Jeep is decently fast, even faster than Lamborghini with level 3,4 or 5 engine.

3 Mini-Cooper

One of the cheapest vehicles in the game at only 25,000 cash. Unfortunately it's also a now un-obtainable vehicle as it retired in the March Update along with the Mustang, and Bugatti Veyron. Compared to the Mustang, it's slightly better I think because while it's slower, it has fast acceleration and its design is pretty cool, as it's one of those small cars with only two seats, while the Mustang houses the same but it much bigger and more clickbaity.

4 Patrol

The Patrol Bike was added in the Map Expansion Update and is an upraded Dirtbike in speed and almost all categories, the only downside is the one seat. While it's pretty fast, it has weird controls and handling, because when you enter it, instead of facing the direction the vehicle is, it will instead face the direction your character was facing before entering the vehicle. I also don't like how you can't jump off ramps that well but it's decent for what it is and its price.

High rating acceleration, low speed, leading to 5150 cash in power plant robberies.

Best acceleration ever almost as fast as

Ok great thing but not better than jet pack lol

5 Mustang

The Mustang retired in the March 2019 Update along with its partner the Mini-Cooper and Bugatti, but in some ways is an opposite of the Mini-Cooper, in that's it's slightly faster, slower acceleration and is a lot wider. I personally prefer the former due to this being twice as expensive, but this vehicle is still pretty nice in my opinion. It will be missed like the other two vehicles.

6 Pickup Truck

This is the cheapest vehicle disregarding the free ones, at 9K cash, which is crazy cheap. It's essentially an upgraded camaro with slightly better speed and two additional seats, for the two new ones it's easier to shoot out from. It spawns at the Gas Station and is a great getaway vehicle when both robbing that or/and the Cargo Train. Overall pretty decent.


Buying this vehicle is such a waste of money. It has the speed of a Camaro, but costs 50K like the Classic and while it holds 4 people, it's very clickbaity because from the design it looks like it could hold a few more people, as it looks like a mini-bus. Yeah it's faster than Classic but that looks better while this is boring. One of the worst, In my opinion.

yes it sucks

8 Volt

The ultimate vehicles. (Little Bird for cargo ship).

glitchy, yes
speedy, yes
stupid, NO

op yes

stupid and dumb hell what the ####

ME VERY BAD AND STUPID bruh shut up this is the like best bike yet

9 Black Hawk Helicopter

ssssssssssooooooooooo good but it could be less and only helicopter in the game that has missiles so yeh should be 800,000

10 Cybertruck

Rlly good. Has 6 seats, even tho it’s much slower than the flop vehicles it’s still faster than half other cars, the engine sound is my favorite

Great car for its. Price but bounces a lot on lower end devices

Ok so pretty good but should be like tbh a lil bit faster and a lil bit more expensive

It is the best for off roading experience

The Contenders
11 Roadster

The best car in the game of jailbreak

This is pretty good for a god damn Tesla tbh

dis right here buy rn or da gods are coming 4 u

12 Camaro

The classic camaro, the most likely first vehicle touched by players as it's a free vehicle and it's the most frequent car found, such as a getaway vehicle at the prison and certain robberies. It has a basic look and feel to it and relatively poor speed and stats, but for what it is, it's a completely neutral opinion on this thing. No real opinion, just a simple five out of ten.

The camaro goes well with a level 4 or 3 engine. It is the perfect getaway for cops chasin ya and is 100 free. one of the bad things is that to make the car a camaro, you'll need to upgrage the engine, or else it is PAINFULLY SLOW!

Default car can be faster than a NON UPGRADED MODEL3? (with engine 5)

13 Lamborghini Automobili Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese and tractors Lamborghini Trattori in Pieve di Cento, Italy.

Because of a mistake in its price, it is one of the bests. Meant to be 4 300k lol. Rlly fast

Ok so this is the only car I use buy yes
Stupid? HELL NO

Ok so I only use dis car that's all I gots

well worth it's price.

14 Chiron

kinda bad but its okay

crap crap crap

why you bring in this crap when you delleted the bugetti

great acceleration and top speed.

15 Bugatti

Ok so Asimo why u delete dis? And ya bring in da dumbest crap in the game the Chiron?

Ok first of all Asimo WHY U DELETE DIS AND BRING IN CRAP? that's all I gots lol

asimo this guy said ok so asimo why u delte dis?and ya bring in da dumbest crap in the game the chiron . give him 1000 only

16 Fighter Jet

soooooo cool but it spins too much

better than army heli.

17 Little Bird Helicopter

could be better and could be in a lower place

Uhhhhhhhh I only use this when I’m at bank and someone stole mah lambo oh yeah lambo spawns at bank me being a dumbass

18 Ferrari

oh come on it should look like a ferrari

I don’t know we’re it is but I think it’s 300k good waste of money. 💵

19 Classic

This vehicle is pretty disappointing as its 50K cash to buy but its stats are some of the worst the game has to offer. Yeah, it's the best handled car, surprisingly but the top speed is among the worst ever, only better than Stunt, ATV and Dirtbike which is sad. It also only seats one player and the only reason it's not the worst in my book is because it looks cool but that's really all.

20 Torpedo
21 Surus

It’s fast has four seats and can go of road

Ok very fast yes :)
faster than Shiba inu hell no

22 Monster Truck

so wide do not buy this thing you can't even fit through a brige

flips over too much

23 Challenger
24 Ray
25 R8
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