Worst Things About Roblox in 2017

Sometimes Roblox knows how to piss me off in different ways...
The Top Ten
1 Online Daters

They crush so many people dreams, bully anyone that is new or like in RHS if you RP they make fun of you.

2 Bad Updates

Sorry for the language but it bothers me I haven't any good updates this year.

3 The Logo

I actually like the new logo.

4 More Minecraft YouTubers are Joining Roblox

I hate this since their everywhere on Roblox since Minecraft is dying.

No. Minecraft sucks.

5 Spammers

I hate the spamming it ruins Roblox for me; seeing everywhere it's annoying as hell.

6 Scams and Lies
7 Bad Games
8 Fake Hackers
9 Roblox is Still Money Hungry

I'm hungry, I want to eat money

10 Clickbait
The Contenders
11 Tix are Still Gone

The dumbest move Roblox has made..

12 The Horrible New Look for Guests

Well I actually like it. Also, guests are much better than bacon hairs.

I can't stand it any more...

13 Exploiters
14 Tags

I’m going to do something about that IT PISSES ME OFF!

15 The Amount of Unneeded Censoring
16 Bad Events
17 Trolling

The worst. never got trolled, but I feel others horrible experiences,

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