Top Ten Saddest YouTube Videos

This is a list of the top ten saddest videos that you can find on YouTube.

The Top Ten

1 The Amanda Todd Story

WARNING: This video contains real events in Amanda Todd's life of her bullying story - Thundercape

2 A True Love Story With a Sad Tragedy

Personally I would recommend watching this because it is based on a true story about a tragedy of a loved one that has made its way to Oprah Winfrey's show OWN and Ellen DeGeneres has even had this on her show - Thundercape

3 Very Sad Love Story
4 Another Sad Story : (
5 Help One Another
6 Tell Your Parents You Love Them No Matter What
7 A Sad Video of a Father and a Son
8 Heart Touching Video About a Perfect Father

This is one that should have you crying by the end - Thundercape

9 Inspirational Short Film
10 Inspirational

The Contenders

11 Kiwi!

That's how ninja kiwi was made

12 Sonic Epilogue
13 Boogie2988 - Draw my Life
14 A New Chapter

Jesse and Jeana's breakup video. One of the saddest videos I have ever witnessed, so much crying they could barely even talk. Now that they have broken up they barely even post, one of the saddest breakups ever... :(

15 Jacksepticeye - That Dragon, Cancer
16 Sometimes it gets too much - Zoella
17 Life of Tom - Bad news
18 Draw My Life - Markiplier
19 Teens React to Bullying
20 Zero
21 The Power of Forgiveness - Gary Ridgway
22 Llamas With Hats 12
23 Zootopia Toys In Jail (DisneyCarToys)

They should've added a sign at the beginning that says "Turn This Off Now If Seeing One of Your Favorite Characters Get Arrested Offends You"

24 My Abuse Story
25 Caleb, Gone but Never Forgotten
26 Faze Adapt - Why We Broke Up
27 Markiplier - Lost a Friend
28 Pewdiepie - Walking Dead Season 1 Finale
29 Markiplier - Draw My Life
30 Markiplier - Reaction to 8 Million Subscribers
31 Amanda Todd Bully Story
32 Matthew Santoro - My Abuse Story
33 Jenna Marbles - Draw My Life
34 Tomska - My friend died
35 FaZe Rug - The whole situation
36 Shane - Lost my friend
37 Psychocolleen - Life Update
38 FaZe Rain - Why we broke up
39 Syndicate - Bad news
40 Skydoesminecraft - Draw my life (No drawings)
41 Say Something
42 Reuben dies
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1. A New Chapter
2. Sometimes it gets too much - Zoella
3. Life of Tom - Bad news
1. A True Love Story With a Sad Tragedy
2. The Amanda Todd Story
3. Very Sad Love Story
1. Sonic Epilogue
2. Kiwi!
3. Inspirational

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