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41 Phone Guy

Phone Guy is NOT Purple Guy for heavens sake. The theory is not true, the thing Purple Guy has in his hand is NOT a phone. It doesn't even have a cord attached to dial buttons.

The thing in Purple Guy's hand could be a taser, because in the mini game when you make contact with him, the screen turns blue, and you shut down. Probably because the shock from the taser does it.

And Purple Guy is a police man, so he can carry the taser around with him. Phone Guy probably would not have a one. If you don't believe me, you should search YouTube for the theory.

The man we all trust could be leading us to our doom and we don't even know it. Never trust someone you can't see.

He murdered the Marionette when it was a kid. The phone guy is the purple guy

He gets annoying when he's like wow you made it this far!

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42 Nightmare Balloon Boy Nightmare Balloon Boy

Oh my god he is terrifying I mean None of these characters are too scary (for me) and this did not give me nightmares but he is still the creepiest

...Mommy? Daddy? Somebody?

His Hands Are Creepy

He's the least terrifying, I'm afraid.

Even the original BB is scarier. - KennyRulz244444

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43 Muffin

Who in the hell of it is the muffin?!? Do you mean the cupcake because there is no muffin.

The hell is the muffin?!? There is no DAMN ASS MUFFIN. There is a cupcake no MUFFIN! Who put muffin on here is an A-HOLE IDIOT!

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44 Ghost Freddy V 1 Comment
45 Balloon Girl Balloon Girl

What the Dark Forest? Of course, she DOES kick butt on the Hunger Games simulator for some odd reason.

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46 Phantom Mangle

I added phantom mangle and some people still get scared

His noise freaks me out.

The only animatronic to give me nightmares

Seriously! Lol the Phantoms do NOT get enough credit. She doesn't attack you, but just stares at you with those little white eyes from the outside of the office. And than the sound she makes and then her hanging from the ceiling, just staring.

She just freaks me out! Search her up, I dare you. Maybe you'll think a little different... - TheAlbinoWolf

47 Mike Schmidt Mike Schmidt

Who the heck added him to the list?! You can't even see him!

Why is this even here? - GentleTrouter



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48 Jeremy Fitzgerald Jeremy Fitzgerald

Again, he is a night guard, and you can't see his body.

Who the hell is that guy?!

Not a animatronic

again what

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49 Fan

The fan is pure evil! It is the one that uses up your power!

I hate the fan he talks to me between nights he is just so scary

He Is So Scary I Screamed When I Saw Him In All 4 Games!

I got Jumpscared bye It was Like LOL and WHAT THE F@$# at the same time.

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50 Withered Mangle V 1 Comment
51 Freddles

Those teeth though

The Nightmare Cubs (Freddles) aren't that scary, they are cute, little, harmness cubs.

He's my man

Devon why

52 Bidybab Bidybab
53 Bon-Bon Bon-Bon

I love him he's so cute! I mean so I thought BonBon was a girl Isn't the girl Verizon of toy or bonny

54 Endoskeleton 1
55 Phantom Bonnie
56 Shadow Freddy Shadow Freddy

Welp,I have to say THIS GUY IS CREEPY! - coolgamert

57 Toy Freddy Toy Freddy

They tried to tickle my neck. So I removed it. - DubstepLover

He is really fat.

Toy Freddy I really don't find that scary at all. But his obesity poses as a threat.

He's not scary he's fat

Fredbear did the bite of 87

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58 BB (Balloon Boy)

I hate balloon boy. His laughing makes my ears fall off.

Any toy that looks at you like that with his creepy, eyes and his smile. /shivers so scary!

He's so trucking annoying! - CuriousKitten555

I hate bb because he is just so f@$&ing creepy.I like what markiplier said,"I would like to punch you in the face bb 20 times more than usual! "

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59 Toy Chica Toy Chica

I think its toy chica cause just look at her the outside of her pupils go black and when her beak is off jeez

Oh yea toy chica the frightening lil bastard

Bonnie must have been jacking off so hard when he first saw her


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60 Sparky the Dog

Seriously!? He's not even real!

Who the fudge is sparky the dog? He is your husband isn't he you poor bastard

No, he ain't real. He is made up, the creator of him even said was fan made

Guys he's fake

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