Scariest Animatronics In Five Night's at Freddy's


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61 Sparky the Dog

Seriously!? He's not even real!

Who the fudge is sparky the dog? He is your husband isn't he you poor bastard

No, he ain't real. He is made up, the creator of him even said was fan made

Guys he's fake

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62 Cupcake V 2 Comments
63 BB (Balloon Boy)

I hate balloon boy. His laughing makes my ears fall off.

Any toy that looks at you like that with his creepy, eyes and his smile. /shivers so scary!

He's so trucking annoying! - CuriousKitten555

I hate bb because he is just so f@$&ing creepy.I like what markiplier said,"I would like to punch you in the face bb 20 times more than usual! "

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64 Toy Freddy Toy Freddy

They tried to tickle my neck. So I removed it. - DubstepLover

He is really fat.

Toy Freddy I really don't find that scary at all. But his obesity poses as a threat.

He's not scary he's fat

Fredbear did the bite of 87

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