Mini Review - Seraph Of The End

Hi guys, how are you all doing? School’s started for me and I’m going to be busy, but I’ve decided to make a post anyway.

I’m gonna review an anime, Seraph Of The End. You’re dense so you’ve obviously never heard of it. So let’s begin. I don’t do anime reviews much so this is a first.

In the year 2012, vampires take over the world after a deadly disease spreads killing all the adults on planet earth. The remaining people, children, are allowed to live given that they supply blood to vampires on a regular basis. A boy named Yuichiro Hyakuya is one of these children, and hates it. His best friend Mikaela Hyakuya hatches a plan to escape, but dies along with the rest of their family, only leaving Yu alive. 4 years later, Yuichiro swears to get revenge on them.

Yuichiro is discovered by Guren Ichinose, who takes him in. He works his way up to the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, an army made for fighting the vampires.

Later, it’s revealed that Mikaela was turned into a vampire by Krul Tepes. Him and Yu are the only Hyakuya orphans left alive.

Why is the anime called Seraph Of The End? Because, you see, that’s the main reason the vampires are there and all. The Seraph Of The End was a forbidden taboo that could revive the dead, and had been awakened, which resulted in the world’s genocide.

Interested yet? Oooh, I bet you are.

The anime was released in 2015, based on the manga written by Takaya Kagami that came out in 2012. Fun Fact: the studio that made this also made Attack On Titan. Seasons 1and 2 comprise of 12 episodes so you can binge watch it in 8 hours. It’s also known as Owari no Serafu.

Let’s review the characters:

Yuichiro Hyakuya: The main character. In the first few episodes he seems annoying and getting mad at petty things, but later he improves. He’s actually pretty awesome. His birth name is Yuichiro Amane, and came into the orphanage when he was 8 years old because his parents went crazy and thought he was a demon, and doused their house on fire in a failed attempt to kill him. His best friend is Mikaela, and is re-united with him at the end of Season 2. Holder of the seraph gene.

Mikaela Hyakuya: Half Russian from his dad’s side and half Japanese from his mom’s side, but full vampire, and Yu’s best friend. He was sired by Krul Tepes. He is desperate to find Yu after being separated and blames himself for the orphans’ death. He came into the orphanage when he was 8 as well, because his mother went crazy after joining a cult and his dad blamed him from it. They threw him out of a moving car and died when the car crashed later. Holder of the seraph gene.

Shinoa Hiragi: The main female protagonist. She hails from the prestigious Hiragi family, though they do not support her. She is Yu’s fellow comrade in the JIDA and has a crush on him. Her elder sister was part of the Hyakuya sect, where they performed experiments on the Hyakuya orphans.

Yoichi Saotome: The nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He is kind and calm, and Yu’s first male friend after he was discovered by Guren. Swears to kill the vampires for killing his sister, also holds the Seraph gene.

Shiho Kumizuki: Opposite of Yoichi, but deep down he’s nice too. Also holds the Seraph gene, and joined the JIDA to pay for his sister Mirai’s medical expenses. Like him, Mirai is also a holder of the Seraph gene, and was awakened in the S2 finale.

Mitsuba Sangu: Hails from the prestigious Sangu family which serves the Hiragis. A tsundere, who is obsessed with following the rules, but because she saw her old comrades die and can’t stand a toe out of line.

Guren Ichinose: The guy who took Yu in. He was the one who awakened the Seraph Of The End to revive his dead friends, though nobody knows this, not even his resurrected pals. He aims to overthrow the Hiragis (Shinoa may support him on this).

The Hiragis: The most powerful family in Japan, and want to awaken the Seraph for unknown reasons. Led by Kureto Hiragi, Shinoa’s half brother.

- Kureto Hiragi: An *sshole
- Shinya Hiragi: A nice guy
- Mahiru Hiragi: Was involved with the Hyakuya sect, now is a demon

Krul Tepes: Killer loli. She made Mikaela a vampire by kissing him, and wants to Seraph Of The End too. I think she wants it so she can resurrect her demon brother Ashera Tepes back.

Ferid Balthory: Ronald McDonald becomes a vampire.

I LOVED this anime. It was so funny and heartbreaking, and every episode made me want more. I recommend it to Attack On Titan fans and Edward Cullen haters. Have fun watching it :3.


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I love this anime so much! Cannot believe I am starting to like this. It is like a mix of Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Fire Emblem with a touch of Final Fantasy. Krul Tepes is like a mix of Bellatrix LeStrange and Drusilla. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

I love her too! - TwilightKitsune